Game Prototyping in Game Development

By juegoadmin | Game Development | June 8th, 2021

Reasons Behind The Significance Of Rapid Game Prototyping in Game Development

So, you have a great idea in mind and want to build a game. But are you really convinced whether the app is worth the money and time you put in? Well, you may wonder whether it is possible even before starting the game development.

Well, knowing the potential of your game is possible before beginning. And this is possible with game prototyping. If you’re curious to know about game prototyping and its importance, read along. You’ll find detailed insights regarding prototyping, so let’s get started.

What is Game Prototyping, and Why is it Necessary?

Game prototyping is the process where you draw a rough plan of your game. It covers all the aspects like gameplay, design, characters, etc. The motive is to search for potential complications and solutions that you might confront. It helps the developers understand the early stages of game development.

Also, prototype development helps developers add creative elements. And the most important aspect is also revealed: it tells whether you should invest money in the game or not.

In a nutshell game prototype is a physical form of your idea. While you view a prototype of your game, you can explore new ideas and find alternatives. It is not limited to find how viable the idea is; it also helps improve the overall game.

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What can a Game Prototype Tell you About your Game?

In this section, we’ll discuss what aspect you can discover about your game via prototyping. A game prototype can tell you: –

1. Whether your game idea is worth spending time on:

Everyone can claim to have a great idea about a game. How many of them are sure enough of the game’s success? Well, most of them. But how many actually succeed. A handful of them, right? It’s because very few people feel the need to develop a game prototype.

Many developers and designers blindly believe in their idea and end up failing. However, a prototype can act as a reality check for your game idea. As the game prototype is the live version of your idea, you can check whether it’s looking like it was meant to be.

2. Whether there are any logical errors:

Sometimes what looks cool as a plan is a blunder in reality. When you develop a game prototype, you can run various test cases. It’ll help you find logical flaws, if any. Let’s say if you find some issues, you can work on a solution there and then.

It’ll help you save time after you complete the game development. It’s because you most probably won’t face the same issue once the game’s completed.

Is developing a game prototype too hard & does it consume more time?

No. It doesn’t have to be the full game itself. It won’t consume your precious time. A basic prototype will take anywhere between 1-2 days.

It should be playable with normal gameplay and basic functionalities. And when you develop a prototype, you can ask for feedback from others. This way, you can discover problems and possible solutions. It’ll also help you determine the viability of your game idea.

How can you Develop a Game Prototype?

Here are some steps that’ll help you develop a game prototype: –

Step 1: Start with a brainstorming session with your team and define your goals.

Step 2: Consider not more than 2-3 functionalities at the beginning.

Step 3: Give your idea a physical form by drawing the plan on paper.

Step 4: Share the details with managers, stakeholders, and test users. Ask for appropriate feedback whenever required.

Step 5: Modify your prototype design based on what feedback you receive from the other party. It’ll help you redefine your idea and take a better form.

Step 6: Now, you need to convert the paper form of design to a virtual form. You can find various tools or software that’ll aid you in prototype development.

Steps 7: Discuss points with the designated parties and ask for feedback. If there’s any important feedback, make the required changes.

Step 8: If 2 or 3 features you chose behaved as expected, add more features. This way, you can test your entire game plan.

Step 9: Prepare documentation at every step. This step is important and continuous during the process of development.

The above steps contain the basic information you need to develop a prototype. However, it can vary with different organizations. If you have the time and resources, you can follow the above steps. Otherwise, check the below subhead.

Can you Outsource Game Prototyping?

Definitely. If you don’t have ample experience or time, outsourcing is a great choice to make. Here are some benefits of outsourcing game prototyping: –

  • You can save a lot of time as well as money.
  • You won’t have to allocate your resources.
  • The results will be more precise.

The above benefits are only possible if you hire an expert like the Juego Studios. Juego Studios has been in the game industry for over ten years. And over the years, we’ve helped companies-built apps from scratch, let alone prototyping.

Our professionals, before beginning, always cross-check the idea with a game prototype. This helps us discover any possible issues beforehand. After all, it’s quite important for a game to be flawless and captivating.

We’ve converted various ideas into captivating games. Here are a few examples: –

You can also check our portfolio here.

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Wrapping up:

Believe it or not, rapid game prototyping is crucial to ensure your game’s success. It checks whether your game idea is feasible or not. Furthermore, you can search various features of the game you created, including logical errors if any.

During the process, you can add or remove functionalities based on feedback. All in all, prototyping lets you know if the app will look as you expected. So, make sure you create a prototype whenever you develop a game. If you want a head start, contact Juego Studios and let the experts manage it for you.

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