traditional card games development in the mobile gaming industry

By juegoadmin | Game Development | October 11th, 2021

The Reasons Behind the Triumph of Traditional Card Games Development in the Mobile Gaming Industry

The mobile gaming industry has been going through phenomenal transitions and transformations. The gaming freaks and industry analysts are always in wonder about the ever-changing industry. Traveling from desktops to laptops and now to mobile phones, the gaming industry is increasingly getting updated.

Vital Statistics

With the evolution of gaming development, especially through android, the mobile gaming industry has become a trend of sorts after the pandemic. With the emergence of devices backed by android, the number of mobile game players has also increased. Mobile gaming already has 200 million game users from the USA and more than 2.2 billion mobile game users worldwide. According to a study done in March 2021, the revenue generated from the mobile gaming industry is ought to be around $75 million. PUBG is a game that attracted a lot of mobile game users to downloaded games. Almost 20% of games are known to attract 75% of the players.

The Emergence of Traditional Card Games in Mobile Devices

There has been an unexpected response from the audience in RPG-based game development and casual game development. Also, the android game development industry is trying to make a patch with the traditional card development games. The traditional card games which we are so familiar with since childhood, like teen Patti, poker, chess, roulette, rummy, blackjack, and solitaire games, are strongly driving the gaming industry nowadays.

Remember playing these games sitting on your porch with your grandma or grandpa? These games were part of your childhood and have been etched into your sweet memories. Now, when these have been scaled to the mobile device in your hand, the nostalgia is all visible in your eyes! These traditional card games on your mobile device will traverse you back to those wonderful years of your life.

Traditional Card Games are a Success Among Mobile Game Users

These traditional card games offer you a real experience that uses the skills of the players as well as the brain used towards playing such games. These games are such a hit in the card game genre. The android game developing companies are primarily focused on offering classified gaming experiences to their users.

With the increasing demand for such traditional card games, mobile game developers have to stay updated with the intelligence to come up with more exciting ideas to keep the users happy. They are coming up with unique and in-depth research ideas to comprehend the needs of the future. Future expectations of such games are high owing to the emotional attachment of the games with the users.

Reason Behind Successful Traditional Card Game Development in the Mobile Gaming Industry:

So, why are such traditional card games a big hit as part of the mobile gaming sector?

  • Well, we all are extremely attached to card games such as Gin Rummy, Hearts, and Spades as they remind us of the times we have spent with the near and dear ones.
  • The ease of playing the games and the familiarity of every detail of such games add to the success of such conventional card games in the mobile gaming industry.
  • The great attention to detail that you give while playing such card games adds to the already thriving mobile traditional card games.
  • The newer games which are in the market like angry birds, subway surfer, temple run, etc. require you to get familiar with the process and details of such games to play well and win. Only complex card games like Clash Royale, Reigns, Hearthstone need you to understand rules and not classic card games like Solitaire and Spades.
  • Traditional card games are something that is already blended well with your senses. It doesn’t take you to understand the play rules and the processes to win.
  • Traditional card games are a success among mobile game users of different age groups. Even older generations are already aware of such classic cards But they often struggle to grasp the newer games in the market.
  • Most of such games are also free to download and play. This contributes to the success of such conventional card games in either android or iOS backed devices. Players can freely download, install, register, and simply get started.
  • You can have your fellow game partners completely online unlike physically playing the traditional card games. Such online card games are seeded with multiplayer gaming features offering you improved engagement. You don’t have to wait for a fellow player to join you.
  • You can choose your own level for playing the game and thus get a fellow player with similar skills.
  • You now have lightweight card game software which offers you an amazing experience to play without any lag. The seamless experience offered to the players makes it a huge success.
  • The best game developers in the industry are coming up with best-in-class UI/UX, graphics, and card game variants with different modes of playing card games.
  • All the more, the traditional card games are scaled up to new heights using the latest technology making those paper card games look attractive with all new features in your mobile devices now. The very look and feel of such gaming interfaces make them all the more successful.
  • The recent emergence of bitcoin or cryptocurrency has attracted businesses and retail mobile gaming users a lot. Games that use virtual currencies have become an example in the mobile game sector for their heavy usage of the latest technology.

Traditional Card Games are a Success Among Big Businesses as Well

The big brands are now using traditional mobile card games to market and promote their businesses. This is also a good way to leverage the evolving mobile game industry. The big labels in the market are always in the quest for the best card development companies like Blackjack game development company, Rummy game development company, Teen Patti game development company, and many such to invest in.

The success of these traditional card games has gone to such an extent that investing in these games is extremely lucrative. The bigger companies are also using these traditional card games to run their own casino, rummy, or poker game room.


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