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By juegoadmin | Mobile Game Development | May 4th, 2021

Reasons Behind the Triumph of Mobile Gaming Over Console Gaming

Console gaming and mobile gaming are two paramount milestones of the gaming industry representing the evolution of technology as well as the market for gaming over the years. Console gaming showed up a few years after the beginning of gaming in the 1980s. The console gaming pie today is worth around £80 billion and is still expanding.

Mobiles + Gaming = A Winning Combination.

But mobile gaming has come of age. From being a bystander, mobile gaming has clasped greater than 50% of the market share in the previous ten years. The potential of mobile gaming over console gaming is just being tapped and it is touted to overtake consoles.

10 Reasons Behind the Triumph of Mobile Gaming Over Console Gaming:

1. The Ubiquitous Smartphone:

It is estimated that Sony has managed to sell more than 53 million gaming consoles of Playstation 4. This confirms the presence of similar consoles like Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Wii across many homes. But smartphones have far more penetration than gaming consoles. This is because mobiles will easily feature, across the world, in anybody’s list of things that they cannot live without. Gaming consoles haven’t achieved that status yet.

2. The Affordability Quotient:

An average household in the United States has not less than one phone per person. Smartphones are affordable luxuries owned by everyone. They act as an essential personal assistant. Each person has the freedom to play games whenever and wherever they choose to, unlike gaming consoles which are exorbitant and sedentary. That is a massive advantage of smartphones over consoles. Because smartphones are affordable, any working person can own it. Since a large number of games can be downloaded freely across app stores mobile gaming is cheaper than console gaming.

3. The Microtransaction Magic:

The mobile gaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds from the days of Candy Crush and Angry Birds. Mobile Game Developers are churning out one new game title after the other and casual mobile phone gamers are spoilt for choice. The boom in titles has culminated in the humongous growth in microtransactions. A lion’s share of revenue earned by a smartphone game title is derived from micro-transactions. These micro-transactions are anticipated to reach stratospheric proportions when terrific in-depth game titles are released on smartphones.

4. Can’t Look Away from Mobiles:

An average human being spends greater than five hours a day on a smartphone. Since the time spent on smartphones will increase in the future significantly, even novice smartphone users too will start playing games. The speed at which new games are downloaded from app stores is getting reduced as days pass by. Due to the constant presence of social media, an unknown game can transform into a viral game within minutes via a smartphone.

5. Quashing the Couch-Potato Image:

The derogatory image associated with gaming which was believed to promote obesity and violence especially in high-income societies is slowly waning. Various games like Zombies, Run! and Ingress Prime have popularized mobility and work-outs over the years. Pokemon Go came with a map that was GPS-enabled to promote walking in the real world. In the forthcoming years, smartphone games will bring more enthusiastic gamers out of their houses through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality based games than consoles.

6. Pouring Resources into Mobile Gaming:

Mobile games are loaded with cutting-edge graphics and highly engaging gameplay today. The investment is increasing as the smartphone screens get bigger and the processors support high performance. Companies like Microsoft, Bethesda, Sony, Sega, Nintendo, and many other startups have recognized the importance of creating smartphone games that adhere to high quality. All the online casinos today offer full optimization for Android and iOS devices. Blizzard which is a game developer for consoles announced a version of its famous Xbox game Diablo exclusively for iOS and Android mobile platforms shifting its priorities towards the latter.

7. The Data Plan Choices:

The costly data plan which was a limitation is disappearing. Playing games on the wing was impossible. Games that utilized data or required uninterrupted access to the internet added to the worries. This adverse scenario is vanishing because of the advent of unlimited data plans offered by various mobile service providers. This enables streaming, playing, and browsing without any limits. Affordable data plans when 5 G-based lightning internet connection becomes the norm means the addition of more players who could bring in more revenue through mobile gaming.

8. More Powerful than Consoles in the Future?

Of late the capacity of the hardware and software of smartphones have increased considerably. With the creation of 7-nanometer processors, System On Chips manufacturers has unlocked the secret to attaining higher levels of performance. The A12 BIONIC, Kirin 980 and Snapdragon 8150, etc have capabilities in graphics and processing that match some 7th generation consoles. With all these and more possibilities in the future, a smartphone more powerful than the latest version of Playstation or Xbox gaming consoles is a possibility.

9. Winning the Portability Race:

Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and iPhone X are great devices to play MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games such as Black Desert Online and Rangers of Oblivion that is immersive. Console manufacturers are facing the portability barrier head-on by creating consoles that are movable such as the Playstation Vita and Nintendo Switch. The reaction from the intended audience was mixed. Meanwhile, tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Samsung are improving the gaming landscape of smartphones through the inclusion of console port games and brand-new games like Elder Scrolls: Blades. Signs are stronger that the portability of smartphones will eventually force console makers to quit the race in the future.

10. The Cloud Future:

Google Stadia, NVIDIA’s GeForce Now, Project xCloud, and Amazon Luna are all based on futuristic cloud platforms. With a high-speed 5G internet connection, a gamer can play any complex game at full pace with enhanced resolution sans any hardware acceleration or unnecessary downloads through these cloud-based gaming services of the future. No special hardware like gaming consoles is necessary. Instead, one can use a smartphone to play games across platforms with minimal latency. This could be the final nail in the coffin of consoles.


As we go ahead, mobile phones will improve their high-performance capabilities by notches but shrink in size. Mobile gaming will rule and gaming consoles will get relegated unless some miracle happens. If you want to create popular mobile games like Adventure Quest Battle Gems, Pro Feel Golf, and Pool Game for iOS and Android platforms across all the genres, approach Juego Studios.

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