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By Juegostudio | Unity Game Development | March 18th, 2020

Reasons Why Unity 3D is the Best Game Engine

One of the most popular platforms is Unity 3D game development, Developed in 2005 by Unity Technologies. The cross-platform game designing and development software has upgraded itself to the highest of standards.

If you are looking to create a 2D or 3D game development rendering, or maybe mobile games. Unity 3D is the best choice. It’s premium features involve – cross-platform integration, Unity’s asset store management, superb visual quality, consistent layout, intuitive design, and enthralling gameplay.

The platform is used for creating and developing games for multiple platforms like – desktops, gaming consoles, augmented and virtual reality environments and also mobile devices.

There are two versions to the Unity program – a free version and a pro version with additional advanced features.

The robust engine of Unity 3D makes one the most sought-after game development platforms currently in the market. The engine as noted above comes with a combination of multiple assets, these are –  completely integrated environment, ready-to-use assets, intuitive processes and tools, a helpful community and free video tutorials.

There are many features that make Unity 3D standout, let’s take a look at the top 10 features that make it the best and unmatched game development platform to survive the test of time and competitors.

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Top 10 Features that Unity 3D is the Best Game Engine:

  • Best Multi-Platform Game Engine

Unity 3D allows for multiple projects to be built for multiple platforms. These include PC, Console (PS4 or Xbox), mobile devices, and AR/VR experiences. Unity supports integration across all major platforms. Developers can build and port their games from one platform to another with real ease. Rendering and transferring of assets is also simpler with Unity 3D. Graphics rendering is particularly interesting as many platforms have their system setting but Unity allows for rendering from other engines such as OpenGL, Direct 3D, Adobe and many more.

  • Rich Unity Asset Store

Where will you find a game development software that offers you an inbuilt asset store that is as easily accessible as any other feature? The Unity Asset Store is liked and preferred by game developers because you know, it has so many pre-designed assets. Consider having one click access to pre-designed 3D models, 2D/3D animation renders, tutorials, how-to’s, etc.  Developers and designers can buy assets according to their needs and upgrade the features.

  • Online Tutorials

One of the helpful features of developing a game in Unity 3D is access to online tutorials and learning materials. It really helps an amateur game developer, who is starting out his/her journey in the game development sector to be able to access the tutorials in which he/she is making the game.

Video tutorials are more preferred that live/online courses because the user has a chance to go back and forth in the recorded video to properly understand the tools and processes in each and every category without having to rush through each.

Thanks to these tutorials, learning the software has become relatively easier and accessible. The vast array of extensive course materials and helpful materials can help any novice user to learn and master the skills in their own pace and time

The easy and well-documented process and steps are also often quite helpful to make the developers understand tasks and processes that may at first not be easily comprehensible and therefore it becomes of perineal importance to make these resources readily available.

  • Easy to learn and master

The folks at Unity technologies have made it fairly easy and simple for people around the world to be able to adapt and learn the game development platform. Its simple learning curve and access to resources and materials online with multilingual texts and video forums make it a great experience.

  • Code in easy and multiple languages

Unity 3D allows you to use multiple coding languages. The hands-on experience of C#, Javascript and BOO often referred to as Unity Script is straight-forward for any game developer. These can be programmed by developers also fairly easy.

  • Affordable License

Depending on the number of features and pro services one would prefer — the price and cost of game development engines can run into a few million dollars. While multiple players in the market, such as Unity and Unreal have made the competition cut-throat, the companies have been at the price wars. The Unity 3D game engine, despite being one of the most preferred tools remains at an affordable price, as compared to others. The free version has multiple features, but the Pro version is packed with more advanced features that truly make a mark. Available at a subscription rate of $75 per month, the Pro version has two outstanding features that make it a great purchase — The Unity Analytics Pro and The Unity Cloud Builder Pro.

  • Fabulous Graphics Support

The graphics support of Unity3D has always been hailed as one the top in the game development world. Unity offers marvelous graphics with OpenGL API that runs across all platforms.

  • Effective and reliable

According to a report in 2018, Unity Technologies and its flagship gaming engine Unity 3D has over 60% of market share in the Augmented and Virtual Reality Development space with over 40 percent mobile gaming platforms using the platform to develop games. It is effective, reliable and preferred by multiple gamers across the world.

  • Community support throughout

Unity has a thriving community of game developers. The Unity Developer Community is a place for any and all developers to come to share their challenges and suggestions for improving the system. This includes forums, feedback threads, questions & answers, and issue tracker and this makes familiarity with the engine speedy. The developers can share their challenges, knowledge, open & close discussions and spread the word in the online gaming community.

  • Great Visual Experience

Unity 3D is a great visual platform and a great platform for creating visual experiential games. The application is excellent and compared to many other technologies it is less complicated and simple.

Analytics and more

Unity 3D has built-in analytics that any game developer or client can find within the editor. With Unity Analytics you can get, discover and make use of insights about the game. It can give you great insights into developing a better platform and make minor changes for a stupendous experience for the players.

Having said all of the above, Unity 3D’s game engine stands out amongst others. It is a powerful game engine that works across platforms and is highly user-friendly to both experts and beginners.  If you are searching for a game engine that is so advanced that it can render real-world graphics without taking much processing power, Unity 3D is the one.

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Think about this statistics! The top 34 % of free mobile games available on the Play Store and App Store are made by Unity. 45% of games engines market is dominated by unity. Fascinating isn’t it? Unity 3Ds’ gaming platforms help build games that reached over 500+ million gamers worldwide and that number is increasing year-on-year. It is without a hint of doubt one the most preferred game engines in the market.

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