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By juegoadmin | iPhone Game Development | May 21st, 2021

Technologies that Reshaped the iOS Game Development Industry

The iOS game development industry is part of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware. This operating system powers Apple’s iPhone series and includes iPad as well as iPod Touch. With their ever-increasing popularity, the iOS games market has also been growing simultaneously. Games constitute one of the most sought-after apps on the App store.

Top 6 Technologies to Reshape the iOS Game Development Industry:

Some technologies are behind the growth and transformation of the iOS game development industry. They have been listed out below.

  1. Cloud Integration:

Cloud computing in general and the iCloud platform, in particular, helps to organize as well as store a huge load of information which had limitations in the past. Apart from enabling the storage of data for iOS-based gaming apps, the iCloud platform effectively manages complex tasks for them as well. The cloud-based gaming apps in the iOS ecosystem have increased productivity as well as effectiveness. The need for constant upgrades as well as updates, reduced cost. The high level of security is an additional feature that will see the iCloud platform play an important part in iOS game development.

  1. iOS Game Development and IoT:

The Internet of things or the IoT enables the creation of networks that encompass computing devices, digital gadgets, and mechanical devices which have the ability to transmit large quantities of data instantaneously across the network sans any human to human or human to computer interaction. IoT will further revolutionize the way online gaming is played. It can help bridge the physical gap separating the player and platform. Internet of Things is one of the most noteworthy iOS game development technologies trends.

Information interchange via the IoT will become the standard way to exchange information due to the increasing use of smart devices. Anticipating this Apple Inc. released an online multiplayer social gaming network called Game Center in 2010.

The way gamers react, interact and play a game in the iOS ecosystem can be captured through IoT. This enables game developers to use the Game Center platform to design, tweak and modify games as per the feedback received. Free-to-play games like Alternoidz, Atoms GO!, Shadow Frog, etc are different from the traditional gaming platforms online.

They are among the highest-earning games on the App store of Apple Inc. Such games available in the App Store always focus on the engagement of players when it comes to the usage of in-app purchases as well as virtual currencies. This is enabled by the IoT.

  1. Augmented Reality:

The world has witnessed the popularity of Augmented Reality based games such as Dino Trek and Pokemon Go. Other than these popular game options, companies like IKEA have launched apps like IKEA Place which offer a better experience for consumers. Beyond 2021, AR applications will become all-pervasive as their capabilities will be employed by many industries which includes gaming as well.

The iOS game development ecosystem offers game developers a great platform to create AR-based games through their ARKIT3 software, RealityKit Framework, and Reality Composer. Hot Lava, The Machines, and Zombie Gunship Revenant are some of the popular AR-based games available on the iOS platform now.

  1. No Compromise on Security:

The security system in the iOS game development ecosystem is dependable and renowned for living up to its intended purpose without any slip-ups. Things ranging from piracy, unauthorized installations, malware, and memory hacking need to be prevented. The sanctity of the user’s personal data, in-game purchases, security of the device, etc has to be upheld at any cost.

Post the release of iOS 13 opportunities have increased for securing information. The availability of ATS or AppTransportSecurity means that developers can integrate it into their applications to offer a higher and better security level. This will ensure the increased integrity of data and the privacy of the user when connections between web services and iOS applications are established.

  1. iBeacon:

iBeacon employs Bluetooth technology which is low-energy to transfer wireless signals to the devices nearby. With the help of Bluetooth, a unique signal is sent by the beacon which is read by another smartphone. The app which employs beacons present in the user’s phone recognizes the signal and the user ends up getting a notification.

The location-based details of the user can be known easily making it simple to create games based on iBeacon in the gaming industry. With iBeacons, proximity-based games which enable gamers to locate their enemies faster can be created. Laser tag games can get more engaging if the vests are embedded with iBeacon. Users will get game-related notifications about deals that are exciting as well as goods that are preferred by them through iBeacon. Even though limited to apps such as At the Ballpark, Mingleton, Proximitask, and Be Here, iBeacon will surely revolutionize the gaming industry going forward. This is regarded as the trump card which Apple Inc. holds when it comes to gaming.

  1. Wearables:

As of now, iOS mobile apps can utilize a variety of sensors in the iPhones and iPads like pressure and touch sensors, accelerometers, cameras to gather information and report about the experience of the user. Wearables like Apple watches and Airpods track the health and activity of the user. These wearables interact with iPhones and iPads as well.

Games that help focus on activity and fitness in the iOS gaming ecosystem can be recommended to the user as a consequence of the synergy between wearables and other apple devices. With the anticipated growth of apps that combine games with fitness in the next decade, wearables are expected to be one of the major factors which will guide the iOS game development industry. The presence of push notifications and connectivity with social media are advantages. Games better than Zombies, Run!, The Walk, and Walkathon+ can be created in the future.


From the above, it is clear that the iOS game development industry has been transformed and can further be reshaped by the above breakthroughs. Going forward, the focus of iOS game developers must be on improving the security, user experience, and entertainment quotient with emphasis on futuristic devices rolling out of the iOS stable.

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