Artificial Intelligence in Gaming Industry

By juegoadmin | Video Games | May 6th, 2021

The Revolution in the Gaming Industry Created by A.I. in Video Game Development

Artificial Intelligence was nothing more than fiction around 10-15 years ago. But now A.I. has finally become a reality and is being extensively used by game developers. You can see that in the games like F.E.A.R. or in The Last of Us.

If implemented correctly, A.I. is capable of performing operations as we humans do. Yes, machines can make their own decisions once programmed by a developer. It sounds quite fascinating, right? If you’re curious to know how artificial intelligence in game development will impact on how games are developed or played, read in full.

7 Ways A.I. Is Revolutionizing the Game Development Industry:

1. Games Are Becoming Smarter

Developers are implementing various techniques, such as reinforcement learning and pattern recognition. Using these techniques, the character within the game can evolve on its own. Whenever a gamer plays an A.I. based game, he’ll notice a significant change in the gameplay.

Artificial intelligence will make the games more interesting by giving them a human touch. A.I. can help you slow down the rate of the game according to your needs. This keeps the player engaged and keeps him glued to the game.

With A.I., you’ll also hear nonplaying characters within the game speaking to each other. This visual appearance and intelligence will change the way gamers look at a game. You can check the live implementation of A.I. in games like F.E.A.R. and Sims.

2. Games Are Becoming More Realistic

If you go into flashback and look at some old games, you’ll notice the difference. Now, developing games and implementing A.I. has become easy. It’s the reason why game developers are extensively working on Artificial Intelligence.

You can easily find games with 3D effects and other techniques that provide a real-world-like feel. Today, it’s mostly about the graphics which make the games feel real. But soon, you’ll notice games responding to and interpreting the player’s actions.

3. A.I. is Helping Game Developers Transform Their Skills

Game developers have to learn new skills to stay in the competition. And A.I. is one of those skills. By learning Artificial Intelligence in game development can enhance their level of creativity. This will further result in an intuitive gaming experience for gamers.

Game developers are now using A.I. to add a unique touch to their games. Even those traditional game developers have a good hold of A.I. All in all, developers are learning new skills to create an immersive gaming experience.

4. A.I. is Changing the Gaming Experience

Have you ever played FIFA? Well, if you have, you would know how realistic it feels. It’s the graphics that bring the game to reality. You can imagine how amazing it’ll be if A.I. is brought into such games. The experience will be even more realistic and immersive.

Game developers are now paying a lot of attention to detailing. Now, take Spider-Man: Miles Morales, for instance. It’s a PS5 game where developers have added ray tracing and shadow effect within the game. It means the gamer can notice shadows and rays of light once they hit an object.

Although you need a high-end device to run such features, it’s still worth it. It’s more than just the visual appearance and graphics. It’s about how the gamer feels while playing.

5. A.I. is Transforming the Mobile Gaming Industry

Mobile games have now become more popular than ever. Games that were released five years ago to what we have today can tell you how. Whether it’s the graphics or other aspects, mobile games have literally evolved. And with A.I., you can imagine the scope of mobile game development in the near future.

You can check an A.I. powered game crafted by google; Artie’s Adventure. It’s enough to show the potential of A.I. in game development.

6. A.I. is Helping Game Developers Add a Human Touch to The Games

As the gaming standards have risen, so have the demands of the gamers. Those days when generic gaming techniques were popular are long gone. Gamers expect a human touch in the games. And A.I. is lending fine support to the game developers in achieving the feat.

Game developers are crafting programs that can create the whole game environment on their own. You can cite the example of Red Dead Redemption 2. This game shows a variety of ways by which a player can interact with non-playing characters.

You’ll also notice features like wearing a hat or a visible bloodstain on a hat. Such features are adding a human touch in games using artificial intelligence.

7. A.I. Helps in Saving Time and Budget

Developing games using traditional technologies take a lot of time. And developing is just not enough. Before you roll out the game, you need to run hundreds of checks too. All in all, it’s both a time and money-consuming process.

However, with A.I. developed games, you can speed this process. Not only will it consume less time but less money too. You can create programs that can get the work done on their own. This will highly reduce the development time.

Also, you can outsource the A.I. in game development to some experts like the Juego studios. Professional developers will craft an A.I. powered game from scratch within a given budget and time.

What Are Some Common Benefits of A.I. in Gaming Industry?

Here is why A.I. is so prevalent in the gaming industry: –

  • User Friendly

The user won’t ever feel bored while playing an A.I. powered game. It’s because the game will adjust according to the user’s pace.

  • Better Games

A.I. helps developers build next-level and exciting games.

  • Unpredictable Scenarios Within Games

With AI, a program can run independently, developing new features without your knowledge. This will increase the surprise factor in the game.

  • Better Details

While you’re playing the game, you can get reactions, feedback and can even communicate using A.I.

Who Can Help You Build an A.I. Powered Game?

The answer is Juego Studios. Juego Studios is an international app and game design company with years of experience. Our developers have created many popular game titles like Cue-ball Pool-Game, Socio-World, Puma Gunners, and GPS Treasure. Companies like Flipkart, Amazon, and H.T.C are part of our clientele.

You can look at our portfolio here. If you want an A.I.-powered application worth remembering, contact us. For more details on how we use Artificial intelligence visit here.

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