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Get all-around full-cycle game development services when you choose the top gaming companies in Los Angeles for your project. The expert game developers in Los Angeles have the experience and skill to design games of every stature. From AAA games to indie game development- make your project a reality with the help of suitable companies.

Top Gaming Studios in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the home to diverse entrepreneurial ventures including some of the top gaming companies. Irrespective of the game type, by choosing the right gaming studios in Los Angeles, make the most of the latest game technologies.

From mobile games to PC- get multi-platform development to balanced game mechanics by investing in services from experienced game developers in Los Angeles.

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Factors to Consider for Hiring Gaming Companies in Los Angeles

There are several factors to consider while choosing a reputed game studio in Los Angeles. The following are primary criteria that will help to filter the best developers for your project:


The years of experience of the game development company in Los Angeles is the first important factor to consider before hiring them. This would mean they will have a diverse portfolio, and handle projects with professionalism.


Another important factor to consider is if they provide cost-effective game production services. Game development cost in Los Angeles differs for game genres and other factors.


A company’s portfolio provides various information such as the type of games they have made, the services they provide, case studies, and the process and techniques they follow. It gives an idea of the kind of services you can expect.

Post-Launch Support

Even though the game goes through multiple tests before the release, there will always be issues of bugs and errors post-release. The game development studio you hire should provide post-launch support.


PC, console, Android, and iOS, are some notable game platforms. But if you are looking to create games for platforms like Steamdeck and Amazon Firestick, you need experienced developers who can create games successfully.

Top Game Development Companies in Los Angeles

Juego Studios


When it comes to hiring for app development and game development, Juego Studios automatically turns into a favorite. With seasoned professionals who are experts in Unreal, Cocos2d-X, PlayCanvas, Blockchain frameworks, Game Design, and Metaverse solutions, Juego Studios provides end-to-end solutions across native and cross-platform.

Juego Studios has evolved from a game design firm into a full-fledged technology enterprise that focuses on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Artificial intelligence, as well as other new technologies. Their team comprises the most talented AR/VR specialists, game developers, designers, illustrators, animators, and technology gurus. Some popular games created by Juego Studios include Adventure Quest Battle Gems, Super Club Soccer, and Multiplayer Pool Game.

Elodie Games


Elodie Games is responsible for developing social games which are currently among the most well-known in the world. The company was one of the first to develop gaming applications for mobile devices. It released thirteen game titles on the first day when the Apple App Store was accessible to the general public. Ever since they’ve released many entertaining titles.

PlayerFirst Games


The Playerfirst games app is an indoor training platform that brings together runners and bikers worldwide. The company gives users the ability to ride or run through virtual worlds with a community that encourages and inspires them at every mile. This is accomplished by combining the intensity of instruction with compelling and interactive gameplay. Their motto is that innovation is the most important factor in developing successful products.

Mythical Games


To capitalize on the developing trend, Mythical Games is working on a series of games that make use of blockchain technology. These games will enable the creation of “player-owned economies” within the game itself. Mythical is a new-generation game development studio. According to Mythical Games, a new generation of games will be out soon as a result of the integration of secondary markets, verified scarcity, and true sovereignty of digital assets. Digital ownership will enable gamers, developers, & content creators to become more intimately connected to the games they enjoy.

An experienced team of developers is at Mythical Games’ disposal. They’re eager to bring new ideas to market. Create world-class solutions that foster user adoption of distributed ledgers via gaming.

Cosmic Forces


Cosmic Forces is a game developer that creates technologies for conditional prizes. Users are matched with prizes that can be redeemed through an application, making for a more engaging gaming environment thanks to the software.

Players of Versus can select their awards, which can range from downloadable material to actual cash, according to their age and area. As the industry leader in software development, the company is passionate and enthusiastic about experimenting with the latest emerging technologies.



Fungi is responsible for creating some of the most imaginative and enjoyable mobile and PC games that are now available. To provide players with the most enjoyable gaming experience possible, the developer works hard to incorporate innovative concepts, user-friendly interfaces, and exciting gameplay into each new title.

They make it a goal to integrate creative vision, technical expertise, and project management capabilities to guarantee the satisfaction of clients. House Flip is a popular game of Fun-gi.



Rogueco is an independent mobile gaming studio with locations in both Santa Monica and Helsinki. The Best Friends series, and also Best Friends STARS, are primarily responsible for the majority of the company’s success. Seriously, which was bought by Playtika in 2019, takes pride in creating free-to-play video games that are appropriate for players of all ages.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox, Homebody, Super Mega Zero, Cookie Cutter, and Highwater are some of the popular games created by Rogueco.

Paradox Interactive


Paradox Interactive is responsible for the production of captivating video games & television storytelling series. Their first franchise, “The Dragon Prince,” was nominated for an Emmy. It captivated many viewers on Netflix. The Wonderstorm staff is now laboring over the development of a video game that will share the same setting and aesthetic sensibilities as the animated show.



Students in high school and college can compete in esports events that are designed and built by the team at SMGstudio. It is a platform that the team designs and produces. Esports teams can streamline their competition and improve their chances of winning more recognition by using their whole array of gaming products. This includes stats tracking and coaching tools, including support available around the clock.



Mobcrush is a video streaming service. Mobcrush provides its users the ability to watch, broadcast, and chat in real time while they stream and play their favorite games. Mobcrush is an app for live streaming any mobile games from your iPhone or iPad. Live stream your favorite games like Vainglory, Fortnite, and PUBG Mobile through Mobcrush.

You can easily Connect XSplit, OBS, any RTMP encoder, or Elgato to stream to Mobcrush. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Mobcrush has been able to secure 4.9 million dollars from investors.

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