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Top Gaming Companies in UK

With mobile, desktop, and video gaming taking the world by storm, you must be wondering about the top gaming companies you can check out in the UK. Now, before spending a fortune on a random pick, it’s wise to get a good idea about the best on the list. Be it a popular NFT game, a mobile game, or a desktop 3D game, it’s the user experience, the gaming engines, and the storyline that matters the most.

And only the best gaming companies can capitalize on all these and deliver the best output. So if you have a project in mind, it is better to opt for a top game development company in the UK and get it done according to your unique preferences.

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The State of the Gaming Industry: Illustrated with Some Stats

Before we delve into the gaming companies in the UK, let’s look at the gaming industry’s overall state. 

In terms of players and revenue, the industry has witnessed a massive boom, unlike before. For instance, take a look at the charts below. 

global gaming market report

This chart shows the overall gaming industry revenue and the split among different platforms. The overall revenue figure shown here is higher than any other entertainment industry.

game market value

This chart illustrates the massive growth in the number of players the gaming industry has witnessed since 2015. More and more players worldwide are now turning towards gaming and consider it a great way to pass their free time.

video gaming market in UK


Even if you just consider the UK, the gaming industry value has jumped by leaps and bounds.

So, here we have compiled the top gaming companies from the UK as per the review of their clientele, products, teamwork, and overall rating. Check them out to pick your favorite.

Top 10 Gaming Studios in the UK:

1. Juego Studios

This leading app and game development company has a diverse portfolio of cross-platform games. Apart from Metaverse development, Juego is into Art and Design, AR and VR, Technology services, and more. Their game development service includes Mobile, Console, Desktop, Web3 development, and NFT Game development. Immense experience combined with cutting-edge technological capabilities makes them top the chart.

Juego Studios has games spanning card slot, multiplayer, HTML5, Arcade, Hypercasual, and more updated ones. School of Dragons, Soccer, Adventure Quest, Medals of War, Virtual Sports, and Hobbit are some of their high-running games.  For instance, Bubble Shooter, a fast-running game from Juego, is an Arcade game built on HTML5/JS. The 2D cartoonish game is available on the web and mobile browsers. Powered by MPL, this game will keep you high while you play. Juego leverages Unreal, Unity 3d, Play Canvas, and Blockchain to craft cutting-edge games. Their customer support, agile methodology, and diverse portfolio made them to the apex. Check their website to explore such mind-bending and destressing games

2. Tripledot Studios

One of the fastest growing gaming companies in the UK, Tripledot is a class apart as industry veterans lead them. They work with the mission to get the knowledge and experience of top mobile game companies into a nice, tightly knit, collaborative environment. Currently, the team is deployed at the Apollo program of games to reach the best of what they do.

Talking about some of their unique games, Woodoku, a type of sudoku, needs special mention. Available on both iOS and Android, this mind-boggling game is easy to learn, but challenging to master. Solitaire is another pick, highlighting the timeless classic with surprising twists. The game, downloadable from Google and Apple play stores, is a beautifully designed one giving a smooth and intuitive experience to the user. Other special mentions will be PuzzleTime, WordHop, Blackjack, and more.

3. Marmalade Game Studio

Next on the list is Marmalade Game Studio which works toward creating a wonderful experience for game lovers. Their classic board games are overhauled in a way to transport you to an all-new world. The Game of Life, Battleship, Monopoly, Cluedo, and more are designed to run on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Their games are ranked on the top of the paid game charts of board games in the app store and Google Play. More so, their games come with lucrative features. For instance, you can enjoy Monopoly with in-game video chat, and different game mode options and you can invite your friends and family to in-app chats.

4. Bossa Studios

Fourth on the list is Bossa Studios in the UK. They have expert senior game designers, people partners, and DevOps engineers to make creative, engaging, and inclusive games like I am Fish, I am Bread, Surgeon Simulator 2, etc. Talking one of their leading games, Surgeon Simulator 2 is a physics-based upheaval. Well, this is an interesting upshot to the very authentic indie surgery sim from the house of Bossa Studios. If a medical facility interests you, then get ready for it for a totally fleshed-out sequel.

5. Outplay Entertainment

If you find puzzle related games fascinating, Outplay Entertainment certainly has a bunch of games for you. You can head straight into the universe of thrill and adventure, get your armies into wards, discover an immersive world, and more with this gaming studio in the UK.

Mystery Match Village, Crafty Candy Blast, Words Together, and Solitaire Together are some of their prominent games. The attractive gaming characters with unlimited fun make this gaming company rank at the top of the chart. The culinary genius game from Outplay Entertainment, Chef Blast, is a brain-training puzzle game. You can solve puzzles, earn 3 stars, polish your skills, make the best use of ingredients and be an amazing chef. Get this on iOS, Android, and Amazon.

6. ChuckleFish

As interesting as the name is, this Game Development Company came up with a highlight game called WildFrost last winter. Be it Eastward, Starbound, WitchBrook, or Loco Motive, Chucklefish games are very engaging. Not just their games are fun, but they have adventure games as well. The pathway is an amazing creation where you need to head into the wilderness of the 1930s great desert. You need to outwit your foes in turn-based combats, make critical decisions, and break-in mysterious tombs. You can pre order your favorite games over the Limited Run Games website.

7. 22cans

Coming to 22Cans, this was set up by an industry legend as well as the architect of the God game genre. The team of enthusiastic experts has beautifully designed games like the Trail, Godus Wars, Godus, Curiosity, and more. Godus has also received the Best Games of 2014 title and has been the Editor’s choice. You can get most of their games over Apple and Google Play stores along with the Steam store.

8. Two-Point Studios

The reason this gaming studio made it to the top 10 list is that they specialize in management sim games. The vibrant studio with enthusiastic developers is at an advantage because of the nursing veterans from UK’s top creative houses like Lionhead and BullFrog. One of their best games is Two Point Hospital where you can make it the way you want. Liven up the plentiful specialized treatment rooms and design them in optimal ways.

9. Fortune Fish

Get the magic of Augmented Reality with Fortune Fish’s Fashion AR. You get to deck up their amazing plethora of attractive 3D models anywhere anytime in the real world. With AR, they have taken fashion styling to an all-new level through this game. Founded by legendary veterans, this gaming studio creates games for all, equipped with trendy technological innovations.

10. Payload Studios

An award-winning independent gaming studio, this one has teams of passionate developers. Their games run on PC, mobiles, and consoles. Talking about one of their best running games, Terra Tech is available on Steam, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Switch. It’s a mysterious sandbox game where gamers can explore, create, design, and play across wide landscapes in a sandbox. You also get to create and design your own formations through battling, crafting, and discovery.

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With these carefully picked top 10 gaming companies in the UK, you have an exhaustive choice for outstanding game development across different platforms. All of these top-notch gaming companies in the UK have expert developers at the backend striving to deliver the best gaming experience for your audience. If you are still hesitant about choosing a gaming company, pay attention to Juego Studios, a game development company. Its feature is versatility – for years of work, it has formed departments of specialists for any game direction and task.

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