Computer Games Are Still Popular among Gamers

By juegoadmin | Game Development | July 30th, 2021

Top Reasons Why Computer Games Are Still Popular Among Gamers

Modern-day consoles and our mobiles offer a cool gaming experience. You can simply immerse in the gaming world and feel that you’re within the game. But still, people are inclined towards playing Computer games. Do you know why?

Well, if you don’t, and want to know the reasons behind the demand for computer games, read in full. In this blog, you’ll find the top reasons why computer games are still popular among gamers. So, let’s start: –

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8 Top reasons why computer games are still popular among gamers:

1. Better Customization:

If you buy high-end mobile devices and consoles, you can get great specifications. But what if you want to further improve the performance? Is it possible? In most cases, no. You can buy a new device with more features, which will definitely cost you more.

However, PCs offer cool customization. If you’re tired of playing Grand Theft Auto/GTA San Andreas on your PC, you can still play GTA5 on the same PC. With some modifications, of course. A computer offers lots of customization. You can add a graphics card, SSD or even upgrade the processor. It’ll help you customize the system as you like.

2. Better Graphics:

It’s not that console games or mobile games offer poor graphics. You can get amazing 3D graphics quality in consoles and mobiles. However, you can increase the graphics performance on a PC. You can certainly not install an additional GPU in your mobile or PlayStation, or Xbox. But you can install a GPU on a PC.

Also, game developers are putting more effort into developing PC games with better graphics. And it’s because of the increasing demand and wider audience. You can check out Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey or GTA V and find how high-end graphics the games feature.

3. More Lifelike Experience:

If you compare mobile games with PC games, gamers prefer PCs. It’s due to the screen size. You can connect a 42-inch 4K display with your PC. However, this is not what you can do on a mobile. Also, the latest GPUs support real time ray tracing and shadow effects. These features help in making the gaming experience real on a PC. Mobile games offer good graphics, but unless you use a VR headset, it all feels unreal.

4. More Games to Play:

Computer games come in bulk. You can play thousands of games on mobiles and consoles. However, PC games are a step ahead. You can find online stores such as Steam, Epic Game Stores that specifically produce PC games. And sometimes you can even play console or mobile games on your PC.

For playing console games on a PC, you can use an emulator. And to play mobile games, you can install blue stacks on your PC. It’s the reason why there are tons of games to play. And gamers these days love variety.

5. Better Backwards Compatibility:

Xbox and PlayStation have somewhat improved the backward compatibility. However, it’s nothing as compared to PC games. If you have a PS5, you can use it to play PS4 games only. It means PS3 games are long gone for you. Also, mobiles have this constraint too.

Let’s say you use an Android phone with Android Jellybean. Now, if you want to play new games, you need the latest version. And not all mobile devices allow users to update. However, PC games break this constraint. You can play the older era PC games on your PC right now.

It means you can play both old and new PC games whenever you like on a PC. It again increases the number of PC games you can play.

6. Better Investment in the long run:

You may think building a custom PC is way costlier than a console or mobile. You’re right, partially, though. If you play console games today, you won’t be able to do that with the same machine after ten years. The same is the case with mobile games.

However, if you invest good money in your PC, you can enjoy games for way longer than a decade. It’s because customization is so easy on a PC. It means even the latest PC games will be playable in your ten-year-old rig. And this is what makes computer games popular among gamers. 

7. Better Control:

The gamepads or on-screen controls on mobiles offer limited control—also, it’s quite hard to practice. And when there are too many functions to control, it creates a mess. However, PC games are easy to master because of the mouse and keyboard.

Some games like Dark Souls & Assassin’s creed are controlled better by a gamepad. But you can easily connect a joystick with your PC and play the same game on your PC.

 8. Free Games:

Console games usually are pretty costly. You’ll feel the same if you go for premium mobile games. However, thousands of PC games are available for free. You can buy premium games at discounted prices when the sales arrive. It’s another reason why gamers prefer PC games over other types.

Will Computer games remain popular in the years to come?

PC Game Development Company like Juego Studios, Creatiosoft Solutions, and Electronic Arts are vigorously building PC games. And with time, the games are becoming more versatile, immersive, and interesting. It’s mainly because of the large audience that plays PC games.

There were almost 1.3 billion PC gamers in 2020, according to this report. And this indicates nothing but the bright future of the PC gaming industry. So, yes, computer games will remain popular in the years to come.

Who can create PC games for you?

It’s wise to develop a PC game with so many advantages at hand. However, you’ll need an expert in the gaming industry like the Juego Studios. The PC game developers at this company use the latest tech and create praiseworthy PC Games. Here are some PC games crafted by the company: –

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