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By juegoadmin | Game Development | July 20th, 2023

Top Video Game Developers In Virginia

Virginia is one of the prominent states in America known for its scenic Blue Ridge mountains and iconic Atlantic Ocean beaches. It is a place of historical importance and has many prominent architectural sites. 

Being the twelfth most populous state in America, Virginia has huge labor potential. This might be one of the reasons for its diverse and rapid growth in various sectors from manufacturing to research. Not surprisingly, the state is the home to some of the established game development companies in USA.

Why Hire Game Development Companies In Virginia?

When you are planning to hire a game development company in Virginia, you need to know why it is beneficial for you. 

Let me tell you the benefits of hiring a game development company in Virginia.

  • Extensive Industry Experience

Virginia has a growing game development sector, with experts and established gaming studios. If you hire a game development studio in Virginia, you can get top-notch guidance from experts who know the gaming trends, technology, and best practices for developing quality games.

  • An Abundant Pool Of Talent

As Virginia is home to several talented game artists, designers, and developers, the game development companies here hire from the talented pool of game developers with the right skill set and experience. If you hire a game developer in Virginia, you get access to this talented group of developers.

  • Nurturing Atmosphere

Virginia has so many opportunities for game development, providing a supportive environment, the right initiatives, and resources for developing games. Apart from that, they conduct conferences, meetups, and seminars to talk about recent industry trends and best practices.

  • Educational Organizations

Many educational institutions in Virginia have courses on game development. The established game development companies in Virginia partner with these institutions to hire talent. By hiring a game development company in Virginia, you can tap into the fresh talented pool of game developers.

Top Game Development Companies in Virginia

Here, we have given a list of top video game companies in Virginia.

  • Juego Studios

Juego Studios is a leading game development company founded in 2013. With more than ten years of experience in game development, they have made more than 500+ games in multiple genres and styles. Their expertise lies in Metaverse games, AR games, VR games, and NFT games. They have a diverse clientele in creating games — from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

The company provides end-to-end game development services across various gaming platforms like consoles, PC, tablets, Android, and iOS devices. They have won many awards and recognitions for their expertise in making immersive and exciting games using innovative technologies like Unity, Unreal, and Play Canvas. Concept art, 2D and 3D art, asset production, UI/UX design, environment design, animations, and visual effects were some of the art and design services provided by them. 

Juego Studios have developed some interesting games like Medals of War: WWII, AFL Evolution 2, Hospter, Royal Dragon Saga, and Hello Kitty Orchard.

  • Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore

Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore formerly known as Day1 Studios is one of the popular gaming companies in Virginia. They have more than twenty-six years of experience in developing video games. They specialize in making massively multiplayer online games (MMOG). More than 160 employees work in this company. creates games for PC and gaming consoles including PS and Xbox. 

Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore created some of the notable titles which include World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes, and Master of Orion.

  • Capital Games

Located in Fairfax, Virginia, Capital Games is a part of the famous gaming company Electronic Arts Studio. With an experienced team of developers, artists, and designers they strive to make innovative games for mobile devices. They make games in various genres but their expertise lies in developing role-playing and real-time strategy games. Moreover, they offer live game services, improving the gaming experience of the players. Capital Games also collaborate with other EA studios and work with external developers to provide quality high-end graphics and immersive gaming experience. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a popular mobile collectible RPG game made by Capital Games.

  • Stardock Entertainment

As a notable gaming company in Virginia, Stardock Entertainment is emerging as a leader in the PC gaming industry. The company develops and publishes video games optimized for PC. They also work with independent developers assisting them to publish their games. Galactic Civilizations and Ashes of Singularity are two of the famous titles produced by them. Not only game development, they have also extended their services to software development, specializing in desktop customization tools.

  • Schell Games

Schell Games is a full-service video game development company in Virginia that is widely acknowledged for making educational games. The company was founded in 2002 by Jesse Schell, a veteran game designer. They have experience in making various types of games but specialize in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality games. Their team focuses on delivering educational games in an enjoyable way. 

I Expect You To Die, Happy Atoms, and Until You Fall are some of the games developed by Schell Games.

  • Battlegoat Studios

The company was founded in 2000 by George Geczy and David Thompson who are highly passionate about strategy games. They founded this company especially to make in-depth strategy games. Battlegoat Studio specializes in making geopolitical and military strategy games. 

They develop engaging games for PC. Their online community helps them to actively engage with their players where they collect feedback and make constant updates and new features to their games. The Supreme Ruler Series is one of the popular game series released by this gaming studio. 

  • Filament Games

Filament Games is an award-winning game development company who are very much popular for their educational games. The company was founded in 2005 with the goal of improving people’s lives. 

Filament Games makes educational games for children using cutting-edge and innovative technology. They have actively built 400+ games and worked with some big brands like Amazon, National Geographic, and even the US Department of Education. 

Titans of Space, Robo Co, Cell Command, and Crazy Plant Shop are some of the educational games made by them.

  • Fantasy Flight Games

Since its foundation in 1995, Fantasy Flight Games is a leading developer of thematic board and card games. They are famous among the people for their unique components, vibrant themes, and immersive gaming experience. Fantasy Flight Games create games in multiple genres including board games, card games, miniature games, and role-playing games. Additionally, they have released their games in more than fifty regions and made them available in nearly thirty languages.

Fantasy Flight Games launched some popular titles such as The Lord of Rings: Adventure Card Games, The Elder Sign: Omens, and Battle Lore: Command.

  • Zenimax Online Studios

Zenimax Online Studios, founded in 2007 is extensively popular for their massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). Their game Elder Scrolls Online has become an instant hit and received many awards and recognitions. The game alone has a massive player base of nearly 13 million players. The goal of the studio is to provide an immersive and engaging gaming experience to its audience. Apart from that, they collaborate with other external developers to make innovative games.

  • Firaxis Games

Firaxis Games was a pioneer in the gaming industry which is widely famous for making strategy genre games. The company was founded in 1996 till continues to develop classic and legacy games that are loved and enjoyed by a wide range of audiences. They have a talented team of artists, engineers, designers, and testers who have many years of experience in creating interesting games. 

Firaxis Games have developed some of the best games such as Civilization Series, XCOM Series, Sid Meier’s Pirates, and Starships.


In conclusion, hiring top game development companies in Virginia can provide numerous benefits and ensure the success of your gaming project. Virginia boasts a thriving game development industry with a range of talented and experienced developers who can meet your game development needs. 

If you are still confused, contact Juego Studios for any inquiry regarding game development. We have a set of experienced game developers who are happy to help you clear your doubts regarding game development. 

Our company has extensive experience in making various types of games including Metaverse, AR, VR, and NFT games. We provide full-service video gaming services for multiple platforms from initial planning to post-production.

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