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By juegoadmin | HTML5 Game Development | October 8th, 2021

What are the Various Ways to Publish HTML5 Games

Months and months of hard work, and you have attractive HTML5 games like 2048, Pac-Man, Gods Will Be Watching, etc ready. Now, the question is, where should you publish it? Most people would say, what’s the difference? One can publish an HTML5 Game anywhere he likes. But this is not the right approach.

The right platform plays an important role. Even if you have created an impeccable game, it won’t get exposure if it’s not published on the right platform. And you might end up screwing your entire project.

So, you must find good platforms to publish HTML5 apps/games. And this is what the blog below contains. We have a list of reliable platforms where you can publish HTML5 games. If you’re interested, read along.

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Top Three Ways/Platforms to Publish HTML5 Games:

1. Self-Hosting:

This is the most basic way/platform for publishing HTML5 games. Here, you need to upload the application to a remote server and host the same. In other words, you need to create a website and upload it there for others to view and purchase.

However, if your website doesn’t receive much traffic, monetizing the game can be an issue. So, make sure that your website has several visitors each day. And for this, you need to market your website pretty well.

2. Native & Web stores:

You can also publish your app/game on 3rd party marketing places or stores. Such stores are just like the Play Store for Android and AppStore for Apple products. One of the most amazing benefits of publishing here is the market. You get to display your game to millions of people across the globe.

For example, the chrome webstore hosts numerous HTML5 games such as:

  • Oh h1
  • Basketball GM
  • Tic Tac Toe Extended

3. Gaming portals & Platforms:

You can find hundreds of HTML game distribution portals online. Such portals allow you to publish your application/game at a minimal price. These distribution platforms are recommended because of the large user base. You can easily sell your game to millions of users who’re looking for HTML games.

Here are some reliable portals you can opt for: –

1. Softgames:

This HTML5 distribution platform can be your real buddy. Softgames allow easy monetization and has over 10,000,000 monthly users. Here are some highlights of this platform:

  • You can boost your user retention and engagement.
  • Numerous game distribution tools are available for adding games to your website.
  • Allows streaming.

Here are some popular HTML5 games on the Softgames platform:

2. BoosterMedia:

This platform serves HTML5 games/apps to consumers in over 50 countries. BoosterMedia focuses on cloud gaming and has also developed a social mobile gaming platform. The user base is quite large, which will give enough exposure to your app/game.

However, integrating the API can be hard, especially if you use Construct 2 or GameMaker Studio for HTML5 games. Here are some highlights:

  • Content management is easy.
  • Offers a white label tailor-made portal for your business.
  • Allows automated game feed.
  • Offers a custom look with technology integration.

3. GamePix:

GamePix is yet another reliable publishing platform for HTML5 publishing. This platform offers a simple game distribution channel to boost your reach. Here are some highlights:

  • It offers amazing ways to monetize your apps/games.
  • You can also experience real-time bidding for ads.
  • It allows you to interact/engage with your users and eventually improve the user base.

Here are some popular HTML5 games on the GamePix platform:

4. FGL, formerly Flash Game License:

It’s a reliable online marketplace for game developers. You can easily upload your games, ask for feedback and find sponsors too. FGL is a good distribution platform and offers monetization services for Flash, Unity, iOS, Android, and HTML5 games. Here are some highlights:

  • You can sell your released and unreleased game on this platform.
  • You can enjoy numerous monetization services.
  • Offers a good user base.

5. Market JS:

It’s an amazing platform for selling and purchasing HTML5 licenses. You can easily customize your business/brand and deploy the game on your server. Here are some highlights:

  • The platform is completely customizable, which is good for the audience.
  • Offers different ways of monetizing HTML5 games.
  • Allows users to chat, share messages and interact socially.
  • Market JS gathers data regarding the way your game is performing so that you can improvise based on the indications.

Here are some popular HTML5 games on the Market JS platform:

How to choose the right platform for publishing HTML5 games?

  • A good active user base:

What’s the motive of building a game? Maybe you want to sell it. Or maybe you want to put it on display to gain valuable feedback. And this is only probable if the user base is humungous in the platform where you post it. So, opt for a platform with a good user base. This way, your application/game will get more exposure.

  • Tools & Monetization:

Some platforms make it hard for developers to publish HTML5 games. And this is not the ideal situation for anyone. So, look for a platform that offers ample tools and offers easy monetization. This way, you can creatively present your game to your audience.

  • Feedback/Insights:

Feedbacks are quite essential when it comes to gaming. After all, what’s the use of a game that users don’t like? And whether or not the users like a game can only be decided with feedback. So, make sure to find a platform that allows users to leave feedback.

Also, certain platforms offer insights into the uploaded games. This way, you can improve your game and deliver better.

Need help to create HTML5 games

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