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Digital transformation in pharmaceutical industry is not new. The industry has started evolving from long back with the advancement of technologies. With gamification and IoT solutions, pharmaceutical industry has been improved in terms of manufacturing process, supervisory control of any process, training system etc. Juego Studios provides gamification and IoT based solutions for pharmaceutical industries from last six years.

VR technology in Pharmaceutical industry

What We Do:

  • To tackle the challenges related to digitalisation, Juego Studios work closely with its clients to convert static content into interactive applications and gamified solutions which increases the employee’s learning curve in less time and also provides real time assessment reports for the trainers.
  • Juego Studios offers interactive applications and gamified solutions to its clients’ sales team, employees and customers.
  • Juego Studios’ technical knowhow in digitalisation helps to create general and unique solutions for each functional department which also helps to increase the sales performance, productivity and hygiene in production site.


Physicians are shifting to more convenient and flexible channels for interaction like Mobile Apps and Web apps which enable content availability anytime with updated information. Juego Studios develops interactive mobile applications and web portals which help in accessing content for physicians and pharmaceuticals sales executives on the go. Since end users are not usually the decision makers it’s always important to keep in touch with the influencers i.e. the physicians. Our mobility solutions help in bridging this gap and enables pharmaceutical companies to interact with the physicians in a more connected and efficient way.

Cloud computing & Big Data:

Juego Studios helps to optimize complex processes by adopting cloud computing to streamline the process and reduce costs. The advantages provided by the cloud include low capital investment, low running costs, quick access to the information and cross platform support. Implementation of Cloud Computing and Big Data in pharmaceutical industry means improving the quality of data to support sales and providing practical ways for clinical trials to communicate across wide geographic divides and easier for teams to merge without the problems and integrating applications with big data from public and private sources and applying analytics.

Internet Of Things (IOT):

Enhancement of technology has made changes in the way we live. The regulations surrounding the pharmaceutical industry are more stringent and need thorough vigilance. The next phase of growth for pharmaceutical company will be driven by the application of Internet of Things (IoT).
IoT helps to provide more visibility on quality control, monitor the manufacturing plant, eliminate counterfeiting of drugs, distribution, track drugs demand and maintain a healthy supply chain. Not only this, IoT is also being increasingly used by pharmaceutical companies to engage their prospective customers and investors by making them aware of what they do.

Why You Should Consider Juego Studios?

Juego Studios has worked with the leading pharmaceutical companies across the globe. We provide a complete range of services for digitization of the content. We provide an environment to enable creative, connected and innovative solutions. We have delivery centres at offshore locations thereby providing cost advantage and also engagement and innovation centres onsite to enable better communication.


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