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React is a web development library which focuses on creating web components using HTML and subset of JavaScript called JSX. Unlike Angular, React is a component development library. It is suitable for developers who intend to wire up their own application platform from the best of APIs. There are libraries for state management like Flux and Redux, libraries for form management, routing, and many others.

Our services in ReactJS

  • Web app development
  • React JS migration services
  • ReactJS app development
  • ReactJS native app development
  • Interactive ReactJS UI development
  • Custom ReactJS development
  • Enterprise ReactJS development
  • Application maintenance and support
  • Portal development
  • Ecommerce development
  • React front end development
  • ReactJS template creation
  • Social and interactive apps
  • Ajax development
  • Plugins and components development

Benefits of Using ReactJS

  • One may wonder why to use React at all. One may be using HTML for web pages along with Angular, Ember, Knockout to get the dynamic functionality. The following points may make it clear as to how important React really is.
  • If one is familiar with the ubiquitous Javascript framework then one needn’t put much effort in learning React. If one is familiar with React and Javascript then he can be designated as a full stack developer.
  • One just needs to learn the framework once after which it can be used to write everywhere. When one wants to transition into the world of mobile one still has to learn Swift, Objective C or Java depending on the various plugins that go into it. What’s more is that those frameworks are building to a web view that’s housed within a native application. So the rendering is somewhat hindered by the processing power of that web view. But with React you’re actually building the native components. So you’re using the native rendering engine on the device itself which keeps your UI and Javascript separated. What’s advantageous in this setup is that even if you have a blocking operation in your code it’s not stopping you to scroll through UI and still have a good experience.
  • React native is very widely used to build mobile app for android and iOS. It has proved its worth time and again. In fact the Angular team met the React team to discuss how they could implement React native themselves.
  • Popular users who use React include Yahoo, Netflix, Instagram, New York Times, Facebook Chat, Khan Academy among many others. All of it started when Facebook open sourced the framework in 2013. The trend is only going to spread and therefore community support will be bettered. Previously jQuery used to be the technology for web development and front end positions. Now just search on Indeed for these positions then you’ll know ReactJS has taken on that mantle. As per Statista, 45% of websites are powered by ReactJS.
  • One can render React on the server side. This has a pronounced effect in increasing the speed of the Javascript application.
  • Has inbuilt SEO features.
  • Gives out of the box developer tools.
  • It is easy to test and there are tools like jest which you can use to integrate it with.
  • As React is only a view layer one can use it with frameworks like backbone.js angular.js.
  • React is based on components and each component has its own logic and controls its own rendering. It can be reused wherever one needs it. Code re-use has its advantages in making apps easier to develop and maintain. They also give a consistent look and feel across the project hence code readability is the obvious benefit.
  • Using Virtual DOM, React keeps its own copy of the DOM and keeps track with what the user is doing, what’s changing and what’s remaining still. Instead of re-rendering the entire page only the individual components are re-rendered that have a state change. When multiple visual elements are simultaneously happening this kind of functionality is especially helpful.

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Why one should consider Juego Studio for ReactJS development?

  • We have undertaken challenging React applications and our developers have essentially aced the art of developing React front-end applications.
  • We use the most efficient coding standards and development methodologies. We can accurately understand as to what functionality an app should exhibit from the requirements of our clients. We optimize and try to improve upon our builds with inputs from our clients and have efficiently internalized the scrum methodology in our development style.
  • Using React native we have developed stellar mobile apps. We imbue complex components in our applications that work equally well on both iOS and Android.
  • As we started as a gaming company we know the importance and have extensive experience in providing good UI. We have poured out all such experience and expertise in ReactJS development as its core functionality lies in providing UI.


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