ZipLine, VR Game - Developed by Juego Studios in Bangalore, India


ZipLine is a Virtual Reality-based application in architecture space. The objective of this app is to showcase clients' architecture in digitalized form in virtual reality, where player can roam around the building and its surroundings to witness the look and feel of the building. The app is developed in Unity3D for PC, Mac (with support to Oculus Rift) & Samsung Devices (via GearVR).

This was the first project we built in Virtual Reality platform and in spite of not having required devices to test it, we made such a Oculus build that client rewarded us the GearVR support tasks (post launch of GearVR) and he even presented us GearVR as it was not available in India that time and today it works even on HTC-Vive & Occulus smoothly with better controls.


Touch devices controls are different from the desktop controls. In GearVR theusage of tap, swipe or gestures and usage of Joystick on Vive are more easy & natural instead of keyboard & mouse.


Unity3D,   C#.


ZipLine is kind of a simulator, and we can control the player through the controller in the Samsung gear VR or HTC Vive. ZipLine is an added feature in the app, where the user can play the game of ZipLine once he'll reach the top-floor (which was accessible via stairs & lift).


  • VR implementation
  • Controls


ZipLine was our very first project on VR platform. The basic problem was that, we didn't have enough documentation about it and not even the required devices to test as well. After a lot of research, we came out with proper implementation and optimization techniques which helped us to resolve the problem regarding implementing VR in ZipLine.

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