Game Art Outsourcing Companies in 2024

We are one of the top game art outsourcing companies, offering a wide variety of services that make your project stand out. Game art types like 2D, 3D as well as Low Poly, Cartoon, and Hand-Painting- our experts can create them all using tools like Maya, Blender, and others, resulting in tailor-made vivid visuals for the project.

Leading Gaming Art Outsourcing Studios

Game art is a crucial part of game design that can make or break the game project. With the help of top game art outsourcing studios, make the most of tools like Blender, Maya, Unity, and Unreal and create gaming masterpieces. The graphics play a crucial role in making the game engaging and immersive. Witness your dream project garner popularity with detailed graphics created using technology such as ray tracing and hyperrealism.

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Factors to Consider for Hiring Gaming Art Outsourcing Companies

There are several factors to consider while choosing a reputed game art outsourcing studio. The following are primary criteria that will help to filter the best developers for your project:

  • Adaptability- The team of specialists will be selected and designated for the project. These are skilled artists who can easily adapt to the requirements of the project. They have experience working with different teams which helps them adapt easily.
  • Cost-Effectiveness- Outsourcing the game art requirement can be cost-effective without compromising the quality of the service. The rates for the service vary from one location to another. Hence, outsourcing to a team at a comparatively cheaper location can significantly reduce the cost without affecting the quality of the service. It also helps clients recruit global talents without spending a lot in the process.
  • Experience and Specialization- Game art is a highly specialized skill with various sub-genres like concept art, 3D art, 2D art, texturing, character and game environment design, and so on. Outsourcing helps to access skilled artists who specialize in these sub-genres without having to hire them in-house.
  • Scalability- It is much easier to scale the team size by outsourcing the project to game art companies. As per the demand of the project, you can grow the team by simply outsourcing the tasks to a reputed game art company that has a notable bandwidth.
  • Time Efficient- Game art companies have the resources and tools needed to organize and quickly complete the task. As a result, it is easier to manage time-bound projects efficiently with the help of an outsourced team.
  • Past Projects- The past projects created by the game art outsourcing company will help to understand the service quality. It will also help to determine whether the business can tackle the stature of your project. Their past projects can also provide inspiration and reference points to discuss your project vision with them.
  • Process- It is crucial to determine whether the work process of the game studio is at par with your expectations. This would help to coordinate with the business better. The team size, process management system, transparency, and workflow are crucial factors that can affect your overall experience of working with the outsourced company.
  • Technical Expertise- Experienced teams are also likely to stay updated with the latest technology. You get the advantage of the best technology by outsourcing the tasks to a reputed company.

Top Game Art Outsourcing Companies

Juego Studios


Juego Studios is a top game art outsourcing company with a fully-fledged 2D and 3D art production department. Regardless of the scale of requirement, Juego handles the complete art production pipeline.

The art team at Juego consists of concept artists, 2D artists, 3D artists, and animators. Using industry-standard tools such as Maya, Blender, Illustrator, Photoshop, and AfterEffects, the talents design and animate characters, props, and environments, in different art styles.

Here are some of the perks of outsourcing your game art project to Juego Studios:

  • Use of the latest game art technology
  • Timely delivery
  • Wide variety of game art services that include game concept art, AAA art, asset production, character design, and so on.
  • Over a decade of experience in the gaming industry
  • Creative and technical support from 300+ professionals

Over the years, the studio has worked with top game publishers and Fortune 500 companies such as Sony, Disney, Wicked Witch, and so on. Juego’s projects traverse multiple platforms such as mobile, desktop, consoles, and web. Some of the notable projects include NBA2K21, Raids of Glory, GO Wars, and so on.



ZVKY is a creative game art studio. The team creates 2D and 3D game art based on project needs for clients.

The fully-fledged team at ZVKY visualized games in all their glory. The project requirements and the target audience are studied in-depth to finalize the art style. Then the entire team works together to bring out quality output.

The top game art outsourcing studio is also known for following an adaptive approach and tailoring the production process to the client’s requirements. The team is also a master of creative collaboration.

Room 8 Studio


Room 8 Studio is another top game art studio known for its high delivery standards. The company‘s creative team makes art according to technical specifications and project requirements.

The team’s domain expertise in this area extends to look development of games, characters, environment design, and concept art.

The team has worked on diverse game art projects. The artists at the company have also worked on multiple platforms.



N-IX offers 2D and 3D game art creation outsourcing services for clients.

In 2D game art, the artists at the company have expertise in creating 2D characters and environments, concept art, and game icons. In addition, the artists are equally adept at stylized and realistic art styles.

On the other hand, in 3D, the team can create characters of different human and non-human characters and props such as weapons and vehicles. Cartoonish and Realistic styles are equally suited for the 3D artists at the top game art outsourcing studio.

Cosmic Forces


Bon Art Studio is a game art studio made up of several industry veterans and young creative talents. The studio offers top-notch art direction and concept art services.

The trained artists at Bon Art Studio have executed numerous projects. As a result, clients from across the world prefer the team’s work and seek them out to manage the art production of their top-class games.

Melior Games


Melior Games is one of the leading game art outsourcing studios that can handle different domains within game art production.

The studio can create concept art for characters, environments, and objects in the game and visualize the primary look of the game. Based on genre preference and conventions, whether it be the bright colors of a Match 3 game or the dark environments of a horror-survival thriller game, 2D artists create the game in 2D art style. And the 3D artists at the company can produce both low-poly and high-poly game assets,

Melior Games has a global client base and a vast portfolio that spans numerous genres.



Nuare is a game art production studio with clients worldwide. The company also boasts a tried and tested production pipeline. The process helps them create the game art elements for their projects based on specific requirements.

Apart from characters and asset creation in low and high poly 3D, the team can create entire storyboards for games to serve as an initial game visualization.

Winking Works


WInking Works is one of the best game art outsourcing studios in the world today. The top studio has extensive experience working for top game publishers.

The team can create concept art for characters, environments, and illustrations in different art styles. 3D modeling in both hand-drawn style and AAA standards is also one of the team’s expertise. In-game animation for keyframe, spine, and rigged models is also one of the team’s key fortes.

Game Shastra


Game Shastra is a team of highly experienced game artists. The company provides world-class art outsourcing support for its clients.

The company has worked on both AAA games and casual games. For AAA games, the artists at the company have created assets with high LOD based on the story and genre of the games. For casual mobile games, the team has created fun and quirky looks that fit the aesthetic and suit the target audience’s preference.

The team prides itself on having worked on several award-winning games. The publishers they have worked with have cited them as crucial elements in the winning of the awards.



Virtuos is one of the world’s most renowned game art creators, being a well-known partner for top developers and game publishers.

The company’s chief strength is its top talent. The company has talents from all domains of game art production, be it concept art or animation. Each team member also is an expert at their respective art creation tools, having mastered the most advanced ones in the market.

The team can handle the entire art production pipeline with such a complete team. The key expertise of Virtuos within the pipeline includes the creation of concept art 3D modeling, and 3D animation. All three are executed diligently according to industry benchmarks.

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