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By juegoadmin | App Development | January 21st, 2021

7 Essential Steps To Outsource App Development With Flying Colors

Outsourcing app development can be quite helpful. You can get quality work done quickly and at lower costs. Unless you’re prepared well enough, this is still in the realm of impossibility. There are certain things you must remember though before planning to outsource app development services. The app developers must follow a process for successful outsourcing.

Seven Basic Steps:

Want to outsource your app development without any hiccups, delays, and failures? Read further. You’ll find 7 basic yet important steps that’ll help you make outsourcing foolproof. If you’re curious, read this blog in full to learn these simple but essential steps.

Here are 7 Essential Steps to Outsource App Development without failing: –

1. Make Your Requirements Clear:

This is one of the first things people ignore while planning to outsource application development. Whenever you want to outsource your app development, you need to be clear of your requirements. Requirements can be the features you need, the UI or User Interface and UX or the User Experience, target audience, etc.

This will help the app development company create an application specific to your needs. You can pen down all our requirements for much-needed clarity.

2. Select the Outsourcing Type:

After your requirements are clear, decide which outsourcing suits you the best. Here are three outsourcing types to choose from:

● Onshore Outsourcing:

If you have a good budget, you can find local add development companies. It is known as onshore outsourcing. Here you can communicate well and discuss the details in person. However, this may sound costly.

● Nearshore Outsourcing:

If you hire an app development company from your neighboring countries, it’s nearshore outsourcing. In nearshore outsourcing, there’s no time zone or language barrier, but the costs can be lower.

● Offshore Outsourcing:

If you really have a budget constraint and need talented app developers, go for offshore outsourcing. In this outsourcing, there can be a time zone and language barrier. But this is something quite manageable if you have the right people.

3. Find an App Development Company:

Once you decide which outsourcing suits you the best, you should find a good app development team. “How can I find a suitable app development company?” you may ask. Well, it’s easy. IT directories and platforms like LinkedIn can provide you with the solution. Look for relevant information in the former and post your requirements in the latter. By doing some thorough research, you’ll find the app development company you need.

However, if you want to save the effort, try Juego Studios. Juego Studios is a renowned brand with headquarters in Kuwait, India, the USA, and the UK. You can go to Juego Studios, share the requirements and outsource app development to the industry experts.

4. Check for The Portfolio or Previous Projects Completed by The Company:

Once you’ve selected the app development company for outsourcing, check for the portfolio. This will help you determine whether the company is experienced or not. It will also help you check if the company can create what you want. The portfolio is usually given on the company website. So, make sure to have a look.

If you want, you can check out Juego Studios’ portfolio here. They have crafted numerous applications in different genres. Here are some examples: –

  • SUPER CLUB SOCCER (SCS) – Soccer-Manager with real-time multiplayer simulation gameplay.
  • Pool Game – Multiplayer Pool Game.
  • SPIRIT – Role-Playing game based on a TV show by the name’ Spirit’.

5. Checking with Previous Clients:

Now, this may seem out of the league, but it’s worth a try. What’s better if you could connect with a previous client of the company you want to hire? You can get to know how the app development company’s response to frequent changes or how fast was the delivery.

So, if you can, you should connect with previous clients and make sure that you’re choosing the right brand.

6. Pricing Strategy:

When you finally choose the company, define a pricing strategy to them. Following are the two pricing strategies you can choose from: –

● Fixed Price:

If you’re crystal clear about the requirements and specifications, you can choose this model. The fixed price model is suited for the projects which you believe won’t require any changes. It’s because if you want to make changes, there will be an extension in the deadline, and the costs will rise too.

● Flexible Price:

Now, this model depends on the time spent and resources used. However, this model offers flexibility during app development. If you believe that there can be frequent additions to the application, this model is perfect. Deciding a final price can be quite hard in this model, but the flexibility it offers is what makes this model effective.

7. Declare your Expectations and Deadlines:

Outsourcing your app development never means you can sit free. You need to decide which model you want the app development company to work upon. Here are the two most common models: –

  •  Agile:

This is a flexible methodology where you can divide the mobile game app development process into small chunks. With this methodology, you can divide the project into sprints, where functionalities are developed one after the other. The developers regularly test the created functionalities and add features according to the market needs.

  • Waterfall:

Now, this methodology will work fine if you have strict deadlines and fixed prices. You should know exactly what you need. Only then you’ll be able to follow this methodology. You also need to ensure there won’t be any significant changes while the app development is in progress.

Do You Want to Save Some Time?

If you want to work with experts working in a seasoned team, come to us at Juego Studios. We’re a highly rated game development company with commendable experience and skilled app developers. You can check our portfolio & reviews and determine how much people like us.

Our app development services are affordable, quick, flawless, and modern. We put nothing but our best efforts on all the app development projects. If you need an application that is future-ready and adheres to the market needs, contact us now!


Outsourcing can literally lower the burden off your shoulders. But the process is far more layered and complex than it seems. However, if you follow the above seven steps, you can most certainly outsource your app development without fail.

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