Today Android is by far the most widely used mobile OS, used by over an estimated 1 billion devices including smartphones and tablets worldwide. This makes it an important platform to focus on, whether you’re a publisher or studio looking to create a mobile game for profit or a brand or company creating a game for promotional purposes. Here’s what you need to know about creating, developing and launching an Android game.

Selecting a genre:

Choosing the right genre needs an understanding of current trends and popularity.  it can The potential and popularity of a genre could be a likely indicator of the most profitable type of game that you can develop at a particular point in time. Studying player trends allows you to develop a product that is likely to have a good audience in the near future. According to a 2017 study, casual, puzzle and arcade genres are doing well on the Android.

Coding and Development:

here are a variety of tools and technologies used for creating Android games including Unity3d, Unreal, HTML5, Corona SDK, C#, Visual Studio, Xamarin. ARCore is a platform for building augmented reality games on Android. Given that Android apps are now being ranked on the basis of performance, it’s best to hire a game development studio that has experience creating and optimizing games for Android.

Android game distribution:

Android games are converted into APK (Android Package Kit ), the file format for installation and distribution. You can distribute your Android game in multiple ways :

App Markets:

The most popular method for mass release is to choose an app store like Google Play, Amazon App Store, 9apps and others. Google Play comes with a licensing service to protect your game from unauthorised replication and distribution.


Email distribution is a good way to test your game with limited users. However, in this method, your game is not protected from piracy since people can just forward the link to others.


Android games can also be distributed via your website. This is a good option for brands and organizations using gamified apps for learning and promotion. The APK can be hosted on the website for users to download via a link.

Android Game Development Services

Generating revenue from Android games:

Most people who make games are looking for ways to generate revenue and profits. However, the most popular games are usually free to play. Here are three ways to monetize your games :

In app purchases:

Include premium content in your games that can be purchased using cash, such as extra lives, character avatars, weapons and other features.

Ad integration:

You can also generate revenue through ads integrated in your game. You can integrate banner ads (ads that periodically appear during the game and take up a small portion of the screen), interstitial ads( ideally placed when there’s a pause in the game flow) or video ads that provide the user with currency or extra lives after viewing.

Integrating real money:

Games that use real money like casino, card and table games can be good revenue generators. However, many countries and app markets have restrictions on games that use real currency.

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