Apple plans standalone AR and VR Headset

By Juegostudio | Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality | March 30th, 2020

Apple Plans to launch Standalone VR and AR Gaming Headset by 2022

Apple initiates the idea of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as the current norm and contemporizes this existing idea with a new concept: The 3D sensor system. Many in  the virtual world are gradually gaining access to this new protocol and are achieving momentum with the understanding of this new system. To position the system in the most device friendly way possible, the newest iPad Pro model release will be revealed with a dual camera presence, one being the ordinary lens and the other specifically serving the 3 Dimensional purpose. Once applied in real life scenarios, rooms, objects and display models can be viewed and manipulated on a 3 D platform.

The plan does not cease here, as Apple does not seem to hit the brakes at iPad’s and is extending it further into iPhones with a 5G broadband network, says sources.

The specifics:

The headset that the the brand is working on is an amalgamation of both AR and VR, offering the features and benefits of both, creating a wholly immersive and lon fantasized experience. The glasses won’t only be dually functional, but it’s physicality would be built with ease and convenience since the makers have constructed it with the most precise lightweight elements, to aid in its slender and manageable structure which is predicted to come out in 2023. The prime release date was planned in 2020, but apple employees altered this information and postponed the announced date by 2 years, pushing the availability of the glasses a year later in 2023.

Apple’s devices have been imbibing the lime light with it’s recent Face id technology and customers have shown immense support and resonated with the personalized security and access it has empowered them with. CEO Tim Cook has transcended this recent release and has swiftly moved to the next topic; 3D sensors which may cause a similar rush in its users. The interaction of Apple devices that may go further beyond iPad, iPhone, the Watch and Augmented Reality development is the next big hit in the industry and the success of this partnership is strongly identified with the 3D sensor system.

The basic ideas of AR, being the virtual systems and reality functioning in unison and Virtual Reality, pinning the human mind with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headsets with a High resolution lens that peaks the quality of videos and gaming are being applied with precision to the advanced apple devices that are already equipped with evolved features.

The work and its progress:

The current iOS system has a hybrid version dubbed as rOS, on which the manufacturing and technical team of iPhone and iPad have been working on which would smoothly support the advanced and immersive technical connections of the AR and VR headsets. The team working on this new operating system as well as the group responsible for the development of this new partnership consists of over a 1000 engineers working individually on the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Development headed by Mike Rockwell(Bloomberg tv), Apple’s engineering segment which has a diverse team working on multiple disciplines and approaches of the device’s performance and tests. The team is well acquainted with the gaming and software system based on earlier experience and is solidly based with a graphic team, game developers and even engineers who have previously worked for NASA. The team works close to the apple’s headquarters to aid regular updates, supplies and information.

To think of Apple’s existing wearable segment is to associate its every characteristic with a maturing fetus, its growth and product count largely expanding at an unstoppable pace. The following advent of the headset and the glasses will be mostly added to this collection, pounding the growth of this sphere overlapping the current width with a foreseeable surprise. The Watch, Airpods, Headphones, being the current heroes of this collection will be additionally accompanied with glasses and headsets aiming to create an experience beyond reality, beyond imagination. The sales rate and revenue generation in the iPhone unit has risen according to predictions, with the new AR/VR headset and glasses idea and is already a business booster. Apple users and fans are counting the days ever eagerly before the final announcement for the release and the new technologies may create a future for Apple that exceeds the expectations of the team.

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