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By Juegostudio | Mobile Game Development | August 7th, 2020

Easy Tips for Mobile Game Development Using the Unity Platform

The realm of mobile gaming has been unique for each individual and with Unity Game Development the possibilities are endless. Unity3D Is one of the world’s most popular game engines, Unity 3D is phenomenal in reciprocating any virtual figure from its seed of an idea to reality. Fulfilling the most of creation, launch, and operation, this gaming platform allows flexibility and high-end visibility like none other. From Android to IOS, developers are at ease for mobile game development with unity, since it caters to their easy accessibility to modular tools and serves the purpose to reinvent solutions for both 2D and 3D gaming.

Why Do Developers Prefer Mobile Game Development with Unity?

Though there are no specific criteria that bring the Mobile Game Developers back to Unity, there is one significant inclusion that helps them structure a high-quality gaming experience and that is cross-platform benefits. Saving a lot of time and overhead costing that mainly affect the post-production or launching constraints. As its boundaries are not limited to application development, the developers can benefit from its rather extensive features that allow them to create a virtual universe. With Universal Render Pipeline, Prefabs for efficient workflow, and even cloud diagnostics that help them fix errors in real time, Unity has become a favorite among the Game Developers.

It is also not coding oriented. Only 20% of the game development process in Unity depends on coding. This is naturally creating grounds for beginners to try their hand in Unity and not indulge in high-level coding business. The gaming industry is highly functional and that makes it easy for a developer to access a free licensed platform like Unity rather than invest in expensive tools and modules at other platforms. Three are many more reasons, why unity is the best game engine for game developing.  Unity is not just popular in mobile game development but rather an assured choice. Now, let’s discuss a way how to create a game in Unity.

Advanced Tips that Can Help You to Create a Mobile Game in Unity

Even though it is considered that Unity is a platform that eases out the major problems for Developers. There are few tips that can help them amplify their existing skills.

1. Start from The Ground

It is allowed to get confused and get overboard with the idea of implementing every feature provided in the platform. If you are new to Unity, it is always advised to start from the basics. Learning from the bare minimum would get you a clear picture than leaping into something massive, at one go. Creating an environment that is easy to comprehend with simple gameplay and formal UI/UX, objects and profiling tools. So the entire animating and rendering time cuts down and helps you focus on other essential aspects of the game design and development.

2. Be Patient and Try Figuring out The Core Objectives of Error Messages

There are reasons for the messages. These are like alerts that help you figure out the potential errors that might have occurred while developing. Take help from the documentation provided to you at the platform and proceed.

3. Profiler for In-Depth Knowledge

The use of Profiler is to provide significant insights about the timing, statistical information, and memory of the blueprint. It also helps developers figure out a smooth run by detecting garbage and what is generating it, the cause of spikes, the time it would take to render a frame, and the information that helps you develop seamlessly without any obstruction. You also get to learn more about Game object Instantiate from the Profiler window.

4. TDD by Unity

TDD is Test Driven Development. It can be simply called the trial and error method to achieve the desired result. Generally, TDD is an extensive process that requires constant testing of scripts and writing to proceed ahead in the current direction. With Unity and its utilization of modern tools and features, testing has become extremely easy. You don’t have to wait for the result. A trigger mail is generated when a game has been passed through a test and is successful in it.

5. GIT Through Unity

It is a version control system that is meant for tracking changes in the source code of the mobile game. It is used to maintain coordination among the team and creates a layer that can be added or eliminated in later use. Unity uplifts the entire procedure and makes the production easy for Mobile game Developers.

6. The Use of Force Text

Asset Serialization is an essential component and force text helps in the runtime. It assists in resolving conflicts and prefabs.

7. Learning More About Interfaces and Abstract Classes

Some of you would find is relevant as a developer. It comes under the general issues of development like maintenance and code duplication. This can create havoc if not checked. In case, you have learned C# and have been utilizing these in creating a mobile game in Unity, having knowledge of interfaces and abstract classes will be useful to have a grip on these glitches.

8. Pooling and Approaches in Need

Development of a game takes a significant period of time and relying on creating a new environment and background through objects is time-consuming and efficient. It is a great idea to reuse what you have already made and allow it to blur into the story. Thus, pooling is a good option if you have not considered it already. Taking inspiration from resources.

Making mobile games in Unity 3D have a massive list of features and its flexible cross-platform nature makes it a favorite among both artists as well as AAA studios. While programmers love the C# scripting API, artists go for the empowered animation tools for both 3D and 2D platforms.  

As a game developer one needs to constantly upgrade one’s skills and knowledge to perform better in the field. Taking help from the game designing documents and tutorials available at the Unity website is a good idea. The developers at JuegoStudio regularly update themselves with valuable insights on the recent changes and up-gradations through the Unity website.            

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