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By juegoadmin | App Development | September 16th, 2021

Eight salient reasons why startups should reckon HTML5 for mobile app development

Are you a startup focusing on mobile app development? Do you want to produce amazing mobile apps/games quickly? If yes, you must consider HTML5 for game development. HTML5 is often underrated. However, it’s one of the top languages for game and app development if you look closely.

If you are willing to discover more, read along. Below, we’ll talk about eight reasons why startups must consider HTML5 mobile app development. So, let’s begin.

What is HTML5?

HTML means Hypertext Markup Language. And HTML5 is the updated and fifth version of HTML. It’s a programming language that not only enables structuring but also helps in presenting content on the web. You can create games/applications that run on browsers.

Now, as every mobile, computer, Laptop, regardless of the OS, comes with a browser, HTML5 apps run on all of them. It means HTML5 is a cross-platform app/game development language. Let’s learn why as a startup, you should opt for it.

Popular 2D games developed using HTML5:

  • Runfield.
  • Angry Birds.
  • Emberwind.
  • Fieldrunners.
  • Sumon.

Popular 3D games developed using HTML5:

  • HexGL.
  • CrossCode.
  • Sketch out.
  • Treasure Arena.
  • Bejeweled.
  • Missile Game.

Top 8 Reasons Why Startups Should Consider HTML5 for Mobile App Development:

1. Learning Curve is Easy:

As a startup, you need to deliver quality at a faster pace than others. However, this is not possible if you choose a complex programming language. It’s the reason startups prefer HTML5 for mobile app development. You can easily master HTML5 and get going with the development process.

The easy learning curve helps in creating & delivering html5 mobile apps quickly. So, you can be ahead of others for eternity.

2. Low maintenance required:

Updating mobile apps using Android Studio or XCode and then posting them on the respective stores is a complex task. Also, this task is time-consuming. And it requires great effort as well. However, it’s not the case with HTML5 games.

HTML is an open-source language. Also, most developers out there already know its basic usage. So, pushing an update becomes quite convenient in this case. Furthermore, you need not republish the app on the store.

3. Apps are available for offline use:

Most applications require an active internet connection to be operable. It’s also true for HTML5 mobile apps, but not in all cases. With HTML, you can store the content and code of the application locally. It means the users can still access the web application despite the lack of internet connectivity.

4. It can be updated remotely:

Introducing updates can be a tough task when it comes to hybrid or native games. It’s because you need to roll out a new update for every operating system.

However, the scenario is dissimilar to HTML5 applications. You just need to introduce the update on the remote server, and you’re done. Whenever the user comes online, he’ll get to see the updated version. Yes, it’s that easy and less time-consuming.

5. The App development process is cost-effective.

As a startup, you may have a budget constraint. And traditional app/game development processes are quite costly. However, with HTML5, you can always stay within your budget. It’s because you don’t have to do too many modifications or code from scratch for different platforms.

You just need to code once, and with minor changes, your app will function on multiple platforms. This is an amazing benefit that comes with HTML5. Not only does it help save money, but it also saves time and effort.

6. Supports cleaner coding:

It’s always good practice to write clean code. It helps keep everything organized. Also, it helps the new team members master the code much better and more swifter. Earlier it was an issue but not now. With HTML5, you can practice clean coding.

You can cleanly write the semantic and descriptive codes. You can separate the code from the style conveniently. And this will enable you to realize cleaner code.

7. A convenient option for the users too:

Yes, the game developers enjoy the remote updates. But the remote updates seem to offer dual benefits. HTML5 mobile apps are similar to web apps or websites. Whenever a user visits the website, what he sees as the latest available version.

It means the user need not go through a tedious process of updating the app manually. And this is going to make the app experience flawless for the user. This is how it benefits both parties, i.e., users and app/game developers.

8. Cross-platform support:

If you ever developed different apps for different devices, you would know how hard it is. You would need a different code and UI. And after that, you would need to tweak the UI for different screen sizes.

However, HTML5 makes it uncomplicated. HTML5 backs diverse devices running on distinct operating systems. It means you can use an HTML5 app on a Blackberry, iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone, Laptop with minor changes.

Now, some might say, developing a cross-platform app with HTML5 takes time. Well, it is not true. If you had to create an app natively for different platforms, it would take way more time than HTML5. So, for cross-platform app development, HTML5 is the best choice to make.

Should you choose HTML5?

From the advantages mentioned above, it seems like an ideal choice to develop html5 mobile apps. Features like geolocation support and offline usage make it more captivating. But it’s recommended that you list down your requirements before development. If your requirements resonate with what HTML5 has to offer, only then should you opt for this.

Who can help you with HTML5 apps/games?

A two-word answer would be Juego Studios. With a vast experience of over a decade, Juego studios can help your HTML5 game development and app development. The company features talented developers, designers, programmers, and testers from across the world. So, you can expect great results from us.

Here are some captivating HTML5 apps developed by our experts:

Here’s our entire portfolio for your reference. So, if you need the best HTML5 experts, reach out to us now.

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