Designing an iOS/Android game

By juegoadmin | iOS Apps & Games | November 16th, 2021

A Guide to Designing a Successful Game App for iOS and Android

There is an incalculable number of fantastic game apps like Alto’s Odyssey, Blek, Brawlhalla, Genshin Impact, and Fortnite out there. So, how can you ensure that your game will make it large? Well, many will say, clean programming, new features, or maybe great graphics will help. But you know what? That’s what is done by the majority.

So, what can be done differently to make your game app stand out? Well, this is where designing a game app comes into the picture. If you want to know why designing is important and how you can start designing an IOS/android game, read in full. The below article has all you need.

Why is Designing Important?

A great application is not one that is perfect and unique from all angles. An application with a soul/great design is what we call great.

Okay, answer this question: What do you see before installing a mobile game on your mobile?

 You’d most probably look for the screenshots and check out the design, characters, plot, etc., right? And in case you don’t like the design, you might not install the app. Now, this is how important designing is.

What can you expect from an application with a better design?

If you design the game well, it can:

  • Keep the gamers glued to your game for hours.
  • Motivate gamers to wait for further updates and thus earn you money.

How to Design a Game App for Successful iOS/Android Game?

Make sure to know that designing a game app doesn’t mean just the UI/UX design. It includes everything from research, storyline, plot, idea, platform, technology, etc.

Here are some common steps you need to follow for designing an IOS/android game:

1. Understanding your organization

You need to get an understanding of your organization. For example, you can ask yourself the below questions:

  • What’s the USP of your organization?
  • What’s the motive for you to make a game?

This will help you realize your purpose clearly, which will further help you create a better design.

2. Market research

You need to invest in market research even before you commence. For that, you can check out what popular gaming studios are doing and what customers are interested in.

3. Idea

You need to have an idea. It’s because your idea is one of the most critical things for your game’s success. And for finding this unique idea, the above step(marketing research) will help. For further help, you can ask your team to come up with a thought-provoking idea keeping the audience in mind.

4. Story

A story is an inevitable part of a game. If you create a story and introduce new characters, levels, rewards, etc., you instantly improve the chances of your games’ success. A story is what makes the game complete and appeals to the users. So, make sure to have a fascinating one.

5. Eye-catching design

An eye-catching UI and UX is another important thing you need to take care of. Although it may be a bit complicated, it is worth the time. Your design team needs to bring the characters, the world, and the overall graphics to life. After all, no one likes bland graphics, right?

6. Identify the platforms

You need to know what platform you’re building the game for. It may be Android, iOS, or even a cross-platform gaming app. This way, you can look out for compatibility issues and use the OS-specific features to the fullest.

7. Monetization

If you’ve invested a lot in the game and are using paid services, choosing a monetization model is a must. Here are some common models you can choose from:

● Ads

Pay-per-click revenue model is quite common. Basically, whenever the user clicks on the ad, you get paid. However, make sure to choose the places to display ads wisely. It’s because showing ads while the user is playing might be a bad experience for the user.

● Premium version

First, you can provide a demonstration that comes free for the users. Once the users are done playing with the initial version, you can ask them to update to a paid version.

● In-app purchases

This model is also known as the premium model. Here, for skipping levels or gaining an advantage, users can purchase items from within the app.

8. Choose the Technology

After you’re done with the story, idea, design, monetization, and platform, you need to select the technology. It includes everything from programming languages to the tools you want to use. So, for example, if you are creating an iOS game, you might want to use:

  • Swift – Programming language.
  • Xcode – (IDE).

For Android, it’ll be:

  • Java or Kotlin or Flutter – Programming language.
  • Android Studio – (IDE).

For web apps, you might want to use HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, etc. There are also some common game engines like Unity3D that top game development studios use, like Juego Studios.

9. Look for a reliable app development company.

It won’t be wrong to call this step the most important. It’s because without reliable app/game development, creating a popular game/app isn’t possible. So, you need to look for a good game development company.

Let’s save you some time here. You can reach out to Juego Studios for app/game development.

Juego Studios is a reliable full-service game/app development company. With more than a decade of experience in the mobile gaming industry, Juego Studios can meet all your gaming needs. Here are some Android and iOS games created by developers from Juego Studios:

Juego Studios can help you with design, programming, development, testing, and deployment too. Also, developers make use of the latest technology and tools to ensure the finest outcome. So, you can trust Juego Studios for a popular Android/iOS game.

Wrapping Up

Designing a game app is not as easy as it seems. But it sure is important and rewarding. And if you follow all the steps mentioned above, you can easily get it done. Also, you need to have a strong development team like Juego Studios to ensure success.

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