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By juegoadmin | Gaming Industry | August 9th, 2021

How Do Game Voice Chats Help Amplify Gaming Experience?

Accomplishing unparalleled growth:

Communication is key they say; that holds well in the world of gaming too. There’s no doubt that the world has technologically transformed and so has the gaming industry. The world of gaming voice chat has grown seemingly large over the last five to ten decades.

The video games back then:

Earlier games were simple and either had very minimal or no communication. Even if there existed some sort of communication it was obstructed by computers and technology. Looking back fifteen years ago, several successful multiplayer games like Counterstrike, Starcraft, and World of Warcraft were played in such an effective manner through just text chat.

The gaming scenario right now:

Looking at the present scenario of gaming it has become almost impossible to play games without voice chat. Today Fortnite, Call of Duty, PUBG, and other bazillion games work only on gaming voice chat and this has created a great impulse amongst players and has brought together many people to talk and hang out while still battling other players in the game.

To add to that even Discord has been indeed a blessing for many players where they can text or voice chat in online gaming with several gaming communities around the world. These new additions have made gaming more intense and at the same time opened up horizons of gaming and made it more fun, relaxing, and lively.

Growing into a mandatory requirement now:

Communication has become almost inevitable in gaming today. The needs of players today also expanded in such a way that gaming voice chat has become almost a mandatory requirement. The gaming market is also expanding day by day and any game that is unable to meet the needs vanishes quickly from the market. We agree that building a game from scratch can be strenuous and that’s why many choose to outsource the entire framework of constructing a game and voice chat communication to specialists like Juego Studios.

Top five Reasons Why Gaming Voice Chat Communication are More Advantageous.

Read on to find out!

1. Brings in collaboration:

The whole idea of gaming is now focused on bringing several individuals together in one single game. Gaming brings in a collaborative spirit amongst the players and the voice chat feature has intensified real time communication. Every game that is out there today in the market be it an adventure game, puzzle game, or an action game, voice-enabled chat has led to increased competitiveness in the game. It has also enabled the formation of group players beyond geographical hindrances. Hence, voice chat has opened up arenas for collaborative gaming.

2. Forming new relationships:

The idea of gaming has always been to connect people but on the other hand, it also has received criticism that it inhibits the individual from acquiring social skills. On the contrary, voice chat enabled games have made gaming an interactive platform. With players having the facility to speak to each other they immediately establish a quick bond with them. Through voice chat, when they speak to other players through the course of the game they understand the strengths and weaknesses of each other and try to defend one another in order to emerge victorious in the game. Through games like Guild Wars 2 and ArcheAge, they form and foster strong relationships.

3. Learn new social skills:

Until now we have only believed that playing video games puts you into a dungeon and the individual is engrossed in the game and shuns the social world. Studies have proven that many players have found several friends online through gaming, and they have in fact created bonds that last. Especially through multiplayer games such as Identity and Wizard101, they understand the challenges faced by each other. They understand one’s strengths and weaknesses and uphold each other in the game in order to emerge victoriously. Several other skills like respect for each other, problem-solving skills, and empathy for each other are learned through gaming.

4. Creating a personalized experience:

Gaming voice chat integrated games give the player a personal touch. It is very difficult at times to design games that are preferred and liked by all. With voice chat integration, gamers today have a full time experience. They can either play individually or in groups or discuss the strategies of the game.

5. Expands realistic gaming:

Back in the 2000s gaming relied only on keyboards and communication existed only in textual form. This brought along a lot of hindrances to gaming. With voice chat enabled features gaming took a great reversal and enabled every player to have an immersive and real-time gaming experience. The voice chat feature has made gaming more personalized and has increased convenience and connectivity.

6. Increased opportunities for all:

The most underrated advantage of voice chat integrated video games is that you can easily improve the standard of the game. Existing games that have been developed without game voice chat integration can quickly enable voice chat irrespective of the platform they are framed in. Hence, there are a diverse set of opportunities and capabilities with voice chat communication features in gaming.

The scenario in the future:

Now that we know that games developed without voice chat features can lose the market quickly. We are quickly moving into a world where machines can hear, listen, respond and speak. In such a futuristic world, game voice chats will evolve further, becoming the mainstay of games. The gaming industry and the actors concerned will need to transition quickly. We cannot wait to see what the future of gaming looks like!

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