Unity for Making AAA Games

By Juegostudio | Unity Game Development | August 10th, 2020

How Good is Unity for Making AAA Games?

A game engine is the creative eye of any game and every developer’s composure. They are reusable fundamentals that are used to develop a game’s framework. Games will take longer to be developed without the help of good game engines. They help developers to add inputs, scripts, AI, and much more without the need for separate and individual coding.

That being said, choosing a good game engine is no easy task, as there are a number of popular game engines available such as Unity, GameMaker, Godot, and much more. But the most popular among all is Unity and is widely used to create AAA games.

Why Unity?

The Unity engine is a well known third-party game development tool among developers and designers worldwide. AAA and indie are the biggest utilizers of Unity and have shown promising growth. It is used in creating various games, and applications and also provides solid support in every stage of the game. It is one of the best tools for developing multiplayer 2D and 3D games and is a perfect cross-platform game engine.

Key Features of Unity

  • The quick prototyping and improvement process, qualifies Unity as the best when compared to any other game engine.
  • Offers multi-purpose functionality such as graphics, editorial manager, scripting, designs and physics, and so on.
  • Portability to more than 25 platforms including VR, AR, and MR gadgets.
  • Provides support in documentation support, gatherings, resource store, and so forth.
  • Offers flexible monetization fitness for cell phones -Unity Ads

Check here for a few more major reason why unity 3D is the best game engine.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of using Unity in AAA games.

Advantages of Using Unity in AAA Games

  • A Perfect Choice for A Beginner

It is free of charge and very valuable for game designing aspirants and students. It provides complete support in 3D, thus making Unity a good starter.

  • It’s Rapid and Fast

The ability to be fast and agile is one of its significant strengths. Its quick iteration offers support in accomplishing new concepts. It either requires no coding or very simple coding and allows the designer to reach his goal in less time.

  • Portability Friendly

It helps a game gets launched on various platforms with its ability to get ported quickly. All this is concluded with just one click. Unity game engines support 25 platforms and emphasize the portability process as, ‘Simple’. For a gaming company like Juego Studios, which develops multiplatform games, the simplicity of the framework makes life easier for the developer.

  • Unity Has a Well Stocked Asset Store

There are around 1.5 million developers visiting the Unity Asset store every month to check out the availability of packages. Unity game engines always have well-stocked assets like plugins and important assets a game developer is looking for and these tools are well documented and supported. They can be found with an easy function. The tool once selected can be easily downloaded and integrated.

  • The Positive Good Community Aspect

Having a good community is very significant to game development, there is clarity on examples displayed on the developer’s website. Just in case the given description is unclear then a supporting team will step in. This advantage allows you to get familiar with the game engine easily.

  • Excellent Language Support

Unity provides support for two programming languages C# and UnityScript, C# is a very high level programming language that helps designers or developers to enter the process at ease. It provides automatic memory management, thus making it a perfect choice for performance driven games, unlike other games engines that are based on C++.

Unity Provides Simplicity in Building Your Own Tools

Unity not only allows developers to buy tools but also allows them to build their own without changing the fundamental structure.

Now that you are familiar with all the benefits of the Unity game engines, let’s see its contribution to AAA games.

AAA focuses on the budget more than anything else. AAA games are big budget games and require a big team to work on their graphics, scope, and overall polish. Unity does have options to build AAA titles with a solid rendering pipeline. The default shaders are good and an excellent graphics designer can develop them even further and go as far as they can.

Upgraded Unity allows excess loading so that the levels could be split up to match the standard workflow, unlike the older versions that had issues with team size and a number of assets. Unity supports the application of both large-scale AAA games and 2D mobile games. The 2D support in Unity was done recently, as the number of plugins required was more than the numbers available, for example: ToolKit The upgraded versions available help developers create games at ease and for many types of devices.

Thus, Unity finds itself in the top 10 game engines on google, these games vary from small size to regular size mobile games. Unity is a promising competitive engine with loads of advantages.

Advice for Unity Users

  • Create something, no matter the engine you use, it’s your vision that you need to achieve.
  • Build your own tools
  • Find your solutions by reaching out to the community.

Winding Up

Several gaming companies have curated Unity in their games. With the help of technology and the tools available, various stunning games have been created, especially 3D games. These games are built with the best audio and visual effects supported by Unity which helps to enable the game to be ported on various platforms. One such good gaming company is Juego Studio, they are a leading game development company that has worked with various reputed clients. They go the extra mile to create the WOW factor in your games.

Juego Studio uses Unity3D to create cross-platform mobile games with high-quality graphics without creating high demands on the mobile’s hardware. They have a team of highly accredited professionals who have designed a number of extraordinary games. If you want to develop a quick multi-platform game then Juego Studio should be your choice.

Games today are an irresistible force that inspires a generation.

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