Virtual Reality in Remote Working

By Juegostudio | Virtual Reality | October 1st, 2020

How Virtual Reality is Driving Seamless Remote-Working

Virtual Reality is helping employees and businesses to work remotely with ease


It must be the pandemic season that brought the possibilities of remote-working into a full-blown reality.  Today’s reduced hardware costs, widening e-literacy, increased internet speed and reliability make remote working a plausible choice, for both businesses as well as the employees.  However, the prospect of long-distance, convenient work-from-home is often marred by concerns like reduced service quality of remote workers, employee isolation or demotivation, or more prominently, losing on a real face-to-face interaction, etc.

One of the primary hurdles in remote-working is this limited scope of personal or team interaction. But VR is changing the frontiers of remote-working in a fast-paced evolution. Travel, Retail, Entertainment, Healthcare, Architecture, Construction, Space exploration, Gaming, Marketing, Journalism, Education, etc., are some of the frequently cited areas of work where Virtual Reality has deduced tremendous results in terms of efficiency and business growth.

Challenges in Remote Working

Though the technology-driven way to work has started pervading all sectors of the economy, yet it is far from becoming the new normal. This is driven by several factors like:

– Lack of face-to-face interaction

– Difficulty in collaboration and communication (laterally and vertically)

– Difficulty in tracking work progress

– Personal/Home distractions

– Synchronizing different time-zones and work cultures

– Employees get lenient and complacent at times due to the lack of physical oversight

– Feelings of isolation, alienation, claustrophobia, or detachment among employees

Virtual Reality to the Rescue!

Face to Face Interactions

In a world where handshakes affirm deals and subtle non-verbal cues initiate the progress of a business proposal, a video-call never substitutes enough. Face-to-face interactions are an essential component in business meetings and dealings with clients, teammates, or superiors. VR is smoothening the ruffles by activating virtual locations, exchange of documents, a real-time walk-around of a new building to inspect the design etc.

Immersive Work Environment

Virtual Reality is the flag-bearer when it comes to hands-on or experiential learning. Training employees using a mobile or laptop video-call might cover the agenda, but it is nowhere near being fruitful as when carried out physically. Virtual Reality has the potential to create an all-immersive free-of-distractions environment for a trainee, facilitating enhanced retention and learning efficiency.

“Anywhere” is the new office space

From the increasing population, decreasing space, shooting real-estate prices, low budgets, frequent travel, etc to personal reasons like taking care of family responsibilities, say,  of children or old parents, back injuries, etc are some of the common reasons in work that make a conventional office space hard to get or adjust to.

Virtual Reality truly empowers you when it enables Office-Portability. It allows you to work from your home or garage while sitting on a couch or recliner and even while on travel.

Virtual Work Environment

Virtual Reality can foster effective communication, collaboration, and team-playing as it makes virtual side-by-side sit-ins and meetings a reality. Being in a Virtual Reality room is similar to being in a physical room in an office filled with colleagues and clients.

All Work and No Play

Remote working has a crucial negative impact on work-place bondings, water-cooler moments and social work events. This can easily alienate employees, lead to their isolation, and reduced internal communication networks.
Virtual Reality can let businesses organize social events and gatherings effectively. It is an effective way to infuse a lot of fun to remote working.

Transportation, Savings, and Pollution

Work to home distance, especially in a big metro city is an important factor in consideration while an employee chooses his/her living arrangements or when an employer decides on travel allowance.

Working remotely will save on transportation time and costs, reduce traffic jams, and ultimately help curb city pollution levels. Virtual Reality can be the ultimate weapon in technology’s arsenal to make the shift from twice-a-day travel to no-travel seem seamless.

Outsource Talent from Anywhere

Long gone are the days when an employee had to shift his entire life to another country for landing the new job, or when the business had to bear hefty travel costs for their employees across the globe.

Virtual Reality lets you hire the best talent across the globe. Additionally, businesses can now engage themselves with partners and programs spread across the globe without ever leaving the comforts of their chairs.

To Each His Own

Virtual Reality can also help employees and employers work with more vigor, energy, and focus as they will be able to tailor their workspace, conference rooms, etc., as per their needs [With no alarming renovation costs on either one’s end]

Enhanced Collaboration & Visualization

Sharing data, editing group notes, explaining numbers, etc, can be done easily with the help of collaborative Virtual Reality tools.

Team size

The pillars and roof provided by Virtual Reality empower you to grow your team size exponentially. This number would have been constrained by limitations of a physical space crunch and other infrastructural inadequacy.


Virtual Reality is gaining acceptance and traction worldwide as a key game player to iron out the issues involving remote working, and help make the transition smoother. We have glanced through some of the major areas where virtual reality has the most potential to significantly impact remote working.

Even before the pandemic struck, “remote working” was being seen as the ultimate working paradigm for the future. Virtual Reality can help you grow your business by ensuring that the services are delivered, and products are shipped on time.

If you are looking to swim along with the latest trend, Juego Studio has some great insights into the field and can help you ride the ‘Virtual Reality-Remote Working’ tide. They are a battle-tested software solutions company, which can help you in ways more than one when it comes to developing and delivering world-class software solutions.

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