By Juegostudio | Gaming Industry | December 9th, 2013

India Ready to Become the Hub of Game Development

India’s gaming industry is ready to step into a bigger and better arena. Today the country is a game content programming and development nucleus for several western countries. This prominent trend has been observed both in the mobile and online gaming sectors. There have also been strides in original Indian content in recent years to add a new dimension.

With a drastic fall in the prices of Android and iOS interface based handsets and tablets, gaming has become inevitable, especially amongst youth and yuppies. This has proven to be a great boon for Game Development Company India! These advances in the gaming industry have been motivating for game designing and development as a lucrative career option in the country.

Being an IT hot bed, the Silicon Valley of India’s south, has been able to support gaming needs at a mass level to a global clientele. A strong creative department, comprising of designers, 2D /3D graphic artists, coupled with technicians and programmers have given India, a credible market name in iOS gaming market. A lot of international branded games with regard to iPhone Game Development and iPad Game Development happen in the Bangalore region. They have also created intricate computer gaming for Mac laptops and iMacs. One such powerhouse churning out outstanding games is Juego Studio. Based in Bangalore the studio has been producing quality games since the days of simple Java games itself. Today, they have upped their own game to reach new heights!

The Cocos2DX developers at Juego Studio have devised ground-breaking games for diverse platforms. This includes the competitive area of Android Game Development. This platform is different from iOS. The operating system developed by Google has versatile functionalities. The Android SDK and AVD Manager knowledge is important for working in this platform. Of course there are games developed which can be supported across platform with specific versions. Juego Studio’s portfolio includes groundbreaking games such as Bankers vs. Humans, Snake XT, Zerg Invasion, Defend the N, Lost Monster, Blast Angle etc. The company has emerged a winner as an outsourcing giant and indigenous content provider in Game Development. With an efficient end-to-end approach, including code modules for common types of games like platform, racing, fighting, skill, puzzle Juego Studios offers swift and reasonably priced game development.

Local Indian content is also steadily picking up pace. Indian online gaming portals like Indiagames, Zapak and Games2win dominate the current scene. Simultaneously, an ever rising number of locally developed games by indie game developers are sourcing backers at app stores and at industry summits. For example if a gaming app costs $1 at the app store, the developer would get a cool 70%. All this and more, create great optimism for the Indian gaming bandwagon.

By 2016, Asia is poised to become the world leader in the gaming market with power houses like Japan and China spearheading the way. India too is not far behind in commanding a lion’s share as per the recent results and forays across multiple platforms. There is immense potential and scope in the iPhone Game Development, iPad Game Development and Android Game Development segment in the country.

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