We thrive in developing jaw dropping games and we are the most popular iPhone game developers in the world

We provide development services that are specifically tailored to iPhones and iPads. Through our user-centric approach, we have developed plenty of games with intuitive gameplay, amazing visuals, and engaging storylines. We have worked for several global enterprises, start-ups, and entrepreneurs from around the world. Our team works closely with all of our clients to get all the ideas in their minds. This collaborative approach has helped us create games that completely meet their expectations. Our team also keeps up with the rapidly changing technology environment. We follow the emerging trends within the industry and thus keep up with the best in the world.

We develop multi-player games in various genres like RPG, MMORPG, Casino, Puzzle, Action, Arcade and more, with Game Centre and 3D party servers like SmartFox, SocketWeaver, Photon, etc.

We are well-versed in the different monetization strategies prevalent in the industry. Through years of experience, we have gained knowledge of the best practices that will work on different audiences, and have helped our clients monetize their games, as well as submit the games to the App Store using our in-depth knowledge of the submission guidelines.


Juego Studios, has developed iPhone games across various genres.
Some of such genres:

  • Action games
  • Casual games
  • Kids & Educational games
  • Role Playing games (RPG)
  • Poker games
  • Casino
  • Puzzle
  • Arcade

Why Juego Studio is One of the Best iPhone Game Development Companies

End-to-End Development Services:

We have a 150+ team that contains experts from every department of game development, be it design, art, animation, programming, or testing. So we can develop your game from scratch, within a short time span.

Passionate Game Developers:

Our game developers love both technology and gaming. We keep up with the latest trends in both the technology and gaming realms to identify ways in which we can unify both of them to create amazing gaming experiences.

Efficient Communication Process:

We’ll give you regular updates on the project’s progress, as well as set-up weekly calls and sprint demos to gather feedback. This will help keep iterations to the minimum and speed up the development process.

On-Time Delivery:

We prepare a project plan with timelines set for each step in the development cycle well in advance, and we follow it closely and deliver the game on-time unless there are any changes in the requirements.

Highly Skilled Game Designers:

Being a top iPhone game development company, we always try to be innovative and creative. We will create unique storylines, game rules, characters, worlds, and maps based on your initial idea.

Expertise in Development Tools:

As a top iOS game development team, we have expertise in the iOS SDK and the best game engines. So we know the right tools and technologies to develop games for the iPhone quicker and better.

The Tools and Technologies We Use to Create Our Games





User Interface


Apps & Games



Years in Market





Poptropica Logo

Kids learning, Educational

html5 js kids learning web

Crazy cannon game


2d arcade html5 js mobile browsers web

Synchrony game

Promotional/ Branding 3D game

action brand promotion html5 js mobile running game web

Bubbleshoot game


arcade html5 js mobile web

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