Unity 3D is the Best Cross Platform App Tool

By Juegostudio | Cross Platform Games & Apps, Unity Game Development | February 7th, 2020

Reasons to Choose Unity 3D to Build Cross-Platform Apps

If you are a developer, why would you hassle yourself with creating apps and coding individually for every platform? It’s an age of being street smart and there’s no way one can afford to live in those times when each app needs to be built intensively, being within the boundaries of the specific platform. Though the industry is still divided about their opinion about native and cross platform game development. There are numerous benefits that cross platform app development offers that no one can deny. Out of those, the most prominent ones are:

  • Cost effectiveness and code re-usability: Both are interdependent. Since the developer doesn’t have to code again and again for various platforms, it is cost effective and also helps to save time by reusing.
  • Cloud integration: Inserting it in a network that is safe, secure and easily accessible is an added advantage with cross-platform development.
  • Simple hosting: No hassles of hosting apps over popular platforms like the play store or iOS. Genuine adaptability can be received from ends with cross-platform development.
  • Powerful performance: Much more advanced in performance with the finest graphics and design.

Why is Unity 3D development considered the best to build Cross- Platform Apps?

Whether best or not, Unity 3D game development is the most popular built-in integrated development environment. Being a free, versatile engine for app development, it’s lauded by the app developer community because of its brilliant features, exceptional adaptability, and intense graphical interface. Among other major reasons for its credible source of prominent elements, let’s discuss the reasons why Unity 3D for cross platform app development, what it stands for today?

  1. Easy to learn: Unlike any other, Unity 3D has been widely accepted because of its easy to learn component. You can use Javascript or C# to work in it. It provides you the liberty to make complete use of it minus all the fuss. Also with the help of video tutorials and guidelines, it is easy for a developer to be a Unity3D developer in less time than usual. It has a low learning curve against many others. Here is a brief summary of how to make a simple game in unity.
  2. Development friendly: It also allows alterations, edits, and modifications in real time in various models of UI/UX for a pragmatic sense. As in, the developer is certain about its characteristics and can choose rapid debugging and live testing features consecutively. The developers need not bind themselves to technical checks but freely contribute to the development of the app.
  3. The aid of social media integration: The master stroke the engine provides is social media integration with API or HTTP requests through SDKs. This has made sharing and other vertices profiting over social networking platforms.
  4. Shrinking development time: An elementary feature needed for the unity developers to build apps seamlessly. So, there is more work done in a specific period of time.
  5. Multi-lingual in nature: Engineering an app can be a workload if the engine supports a set programming language. It is time consuming for the developer to learn other languages to build an app over Unity. the engine supports languages like C#, Javascript, C++, Boo, etc through XML.
  6. Incredible graphic support: Unity has the ability to support intense real-time graphics rendering, meant for creating the best graphics and visuals in an app.
  7. Multi-platform: Unity 3D supports multiple platform execution, almost to 17 different platforms, thus elevating the substantial access for engineering apps for android and ios devices. It is a luxury that is offered by Unity and the developers are well endowed with it.
  8. Testing in Unity3D: The complexity of testing in unity 3D is close to zero and none. The entire process is problem free and deals with a rational interface rather than getting a QA team on board for checking and assessing.
  9. Optimizing scripts: Based on the troublesome code execution of the rest, Unity 3D has devised a well-thought phenomenon that executes codes faster and effortlessly.
  10. Easy Development: It doesn’t take much effort to push in the code and build something over the Unity 3D environment. The creation process is simple yet effective and does not require a pain striking path to be led under. If development is a task and cutting down the development time could save an hour, Unity 3D is the harbinger of modern app development.
  11. The asset is known as Unity Asset: Unity Asset is a boon to developers that they could insert in their unity projects, even build outside Unity. Anything under the sun, built separately in a different environment like textures, models, and animations. Meant for the ease of developers to create freely.
  12. Easy hosting: Hosting can be a task, however, with Unity 3D, the apps can be hosted and distributed at various places like the play store, apple store, etc. Though UDP (Unity Distribution Portal) distribution is easy and efficient.
  13. Enables LAN gaming: Develop LAN gaming apps successfully with Unity 3D. The LAN Host allows this and makes multiplayer game development possible through the network manager.
  14. Transform single player games to multiplayer games at ease: With a slight change in coding, the developer can transform single player games into multiplayer games. Saving both the cost and time.

Unity 3D has taken over the market and only for good. It has changed the trajectories of building cross-platform app development. Soon the parameters would be changing as per the engine and significant changes can be measured effortlessly. While Unity 3D has already become the developers’ favorite, the company is going beyond the gaming industry and aiding the technological aspects of other industries like architecture, automobile, transportation, animation, cinema, and much more.

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