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By Juegostudio | Video Games | September 16th, 2019

Sports Fantasy Manager Games for Mobile & Desktop

Though the sports season has no end, we get to watch live matches all through the season. We all love to watch and play at least one sports game be in real life or on our smartphones. We’re here with our list of top fantasy sports manager games for mobiles and desktops. Take a look.

If you’re a couch potato and don’t wish to break into a sweat, you can enjoy fantasy sports manager games by just sitting in your chair. No matter if you’re an Android or IOS user, our list has got you covered.

Football Manager Touch 2019

football manager touch


Without a doubt, Football Manager Touch is one of the best football management games so far. The PC version offers a lot more friendly take on with an interface specially designed for tablets. FMT 2019 is a cheaper and more accessible game as compared to others and it a must-have for all the football fantasy manager game lovers.

There are hardly any changes in the updated versions and the game is as amazing as either previous version. If you’ve played the 2018 version you might want to go back to it again.

Pro Strategy Football 2019

pro statergy football


Knowing the fact how famous the game is, Americans feel that it is quite underrated in games. You may come across a few arcade games and not forget the giant EA sports offering free-to-play is killing popular games like Madden NFL, but we hardly see any good quality management games so far.

Pro Strategy Football saga bounced back with a great offering in 2018 edition and now 2019 edition too, looks promising. The more you get into the same, the more you find it fun, accurate and realistic. The flexibility PSF offers in terms of a quick single match, or career mode, from playing on the field as a beginner to expert level, the game has got everything in it.

A good game for the beginners who love fantasy manager games and keen to learn how complex it can get at times for the hardcore players too who wish to control their team in every aspect.

Football Chairman Pro

football chairman pro

Football Chairman Pro offers an easy-to-play simulation giving you a pleasing experience. If you are looking for a quick play at work or traveling alone, give this game a chance, it will surely keep you engaged throughout. Build your team by raising funds instead of confined to a manager, fascinating right? If you haven’t hired a person ever in your life, you get a chance to hire and fire your team’s manager if you feel your team is not performing well. If you continue to make good decisions and manage to get sponsorship deals along with contracts, transfers and more, you will turn your team into an unstoppable force very soon.

It seems to be a quick play game but it takes the pace as you progress and it can go on for days and months. Being The Boss of the game, it gives you ample access and choices to make, you will surely enjoy the power and get hooked to it.

Cricket Captain 2018

cricket captain 2018


In spite of good reviews on the Playstore, the game has not managed to get a good fanbase, though it has been around for a couple of years now. Cricket is widely loved, played and watched as compared to other sports, but this is a must-buy if you love to hear leather on willow.

Cricket Caption 2018 offers quite accurate and complete simulations and we don’t see a tough rival for this game so far. 

We can say that it is a bit like Football Manager of cricket games with ample of features loaded, correct stats and strategic options that should keep virtual cricket captains happy for really long.

New Star Cricket

new star cricket

New Star Cricket is ideal for those who like to strike a willow on leather. You start your career with an amateur club in your most-loved cricketing country. You get to choose your play in 20 overs or 50 overs game, to compete with your opponent.

If you continue to excel well, the renowned clubs will make an offer or you might get an international call as well. There are few mini-games in order to improve your overall skills and have a significant impact on your upcoming matches.

The game size is not too big as it looks by the mammoth size of features in it. It offers smooth gameplay and surely makes it a must-have for all the cricket lovers out there.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3



With rich graphics and an abundance of features loaded, it is easy for Motorsports Manager Mobile 3 to be on the top spot. The game offers dioramic tracks which are quite beautiful to look at, overall we’re sure you’ll be in love with this game for its exceptionally good looking UI and gameplay. From developing top cars and investing in the facilities to recruiting expert drivers, the game is sure to keep you busy for hours. You can strategize on your race before you hit the track, like car setup, nitro boosters, tire change and much more.

Punch Club

Punch club


If you’re a fan of boxing then Punch Club might appeal to you. With its 80’s boxing-theme, you are sure to get nostalgic with every bell rung. When we talk about boxing, there is only one name that strikes a chord, Rocky. So you set up fights in Rocky-style quest, trying to balance your work and social life.  The game offers rich graphics and you’ll be doing much more than just boxing. Surely worth checking out.

Super Club Soccer (SCS)

super club soccer

Super Club Soccer (SCS) is a multiplayer turn-based soccer simulation game. SCS is a game that delivers its players’ unique experience of a soccer match played between a number of real players in real-time over the network, with a focus on tactical decisions and character management. The game allows you to substitute players and arrange a formation, you can go for a rematch, replay recorded video, customize your own character and much more. SCS also has a paid version that allows you to gain more control over the players.

That’s all folks! Get in touch with us if you’re looking to develop sports fantasy manager games for mobiles and desktop, fill in the contact us form and we’ll get in touch with you at the earliest.

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