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The Future of iPhone Games will Lie with its Story Content

The Future of iPhone Games

Some games are more engaging than others. Why? Because they are seen as a merchandise to promote a news story or an action flick or a romantic caper. Is the consumer ready to play a game to know more about a trending action movie or a political unrest in a part of the world?

There are games that people play in real life. And then there are games that people play on their smartphones-one is educative and the other is entertaining. What is your choice? It is hard to make a choice when one reads a story unfolding. Half way across the world a skirmish takes place. The fighter jets have located the place where the terrorist has hidden. The target is moving and has to be shot down so that the game is over.

Can there be a simulation game that brings one the real news and also allows the consumer to play the game at his own pace? James Bond and his latest franchise, bombings of 9/11 and Madrid, have all been themes for new games. Although there is no end to the limit of a Game Development Company for its new themes, some themes don’t resonate with people. Entertainment is fine but not education. And the future of iPhone games will lie in its story content and its theme. If it is political, military or terrorism then it may not be suitable as game apps for the new generation of phones.

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When Flash and Shockwave plug-ins came into the market they introduced browser games. These games just could be flashed out via the Internet. Many designers and game developers chose them to make new harmless games. But today the situation is different. A company looks at iPhone Game Development with much different concepts and ideas.

For instance iPhone Game Design Companies in India, have the ability to make iPhone Game Art at reasonable expenses. A studio that has facilities and well trained 2D & 3D iPhone Games, Cocos2D Developers they can make Top iPhone Games. Since they are based in India the iPhone Game Development Cost is not very high as compared to the ones made in other competitive markets.

Currently the device has a great number of apps that make it a value for many customers. Some of the games that have really become popular include Yogify, which can be played on Iphone and Ipad.

The other games include:

• The Sims
• Real Racing 3
• Monopoly hotels
• Solitatre Blitz
• The Simpsons
• Scrabble
• Madden NFL 13 Social
• Need for Speed Most wanted

The real test in the survival of iPhone Games will eventually lie in its story content. If the game does not appeal then it is likely to be a non-starter for both kids and adults who reach out to install the latest games apps.

The whole future of the iPhone Game Development will also depend on the how the handset will be made also. Innovation is a constant process and the new technological developments are likely to influence how the latest device will look and perform.

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