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Top Grossing iPhone games in USA for 2018

iPhone is one of the most sold phones. It is also one of the most secure devices owing to its affiliation with the iOS operating system. Newer and emerging technologies are being integrated into the iPhones like QR reader, AR functionality and so on. Games are also some of the most used apps in the iStore. From MMO sandboxes to arcade style fighting games, here’s the list of 2018 top grossing iPhone games in the USA:

1. Fortnite

A Co-op sandbox survival game released by Epic games, Fortnite is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game supports up to 4 players teaming up on missions to protect survivors, collect resources and build fortifications to combat enemies. Rewards from missions help upgrade .characters and weapon arsenals.

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2. Candy Crush Saga

The ever-popular match-three puzzle by King continues to top the charts on iPhones in 2018. Players by swap colored pieces of candy to make a match of three or more of the same color to clear boards and complete levels. The game is free to play with optional in-app purchases.

Candy Crush Saga Game


3. Roblox

Developed by Roblox corporation, this is an MMO game creation platform that allows players to create and share their own games. Games and assets are built by using “bricks” Players use the programming language Lua to create customized games with virtual items. Games can be advertised on the website via bidding.

Roblox game


4. Candy Crush Soda Saga

A variant of King’s original 2012 game, Candy Crush Soda Saga is a match 3 puzzle where players clear the grid by swapping rows of colored candies. This game includes new modes too, such as“Bubble Bear,” “Frosted Bear,” and “Honey Bear,” where players are required to free gummy bears from sticky substances.

Candy Crush Soda Saga Game


5. Pokemon Go

Niantic Inc. 2016 hit continues to attract users this year too. The free to play location-based augmented reality game involves locating, capturing and training virtual Pokemon which can be used to compete in team events. Players earn XP from in-game activities and tournaments.

pokemon go game


6. Clash of Clans

Supercell’s fantasy-themed multiplayer mobile strategy game involves players building their own town using resourced gained after battling rival players. Players can team up and create groups or clans of upto 50 people to participate in clan wars. The game also includes a single-player campaign.

Clash of Clans Game


7. Clash Royale

This freemium game by Supercell is a combination of the collectible card, tower defense, and multiplayer battle arena genres. Players level up their trophy count by upgrading cards and unlocking achievements. The game includes 12 playing arenas and 13 player levels.

Clash Royale Game


8. Marvel contest of champions

This is a mobile fighting game by Kabam set in the Marvel Universe. Players must build a team of Marvel characters and pit them against each other in combat. Each character comes with custom classes, movements, traits, abilities, and special moves. Players can compete in the standard quest mode or battle against other opponents in the games versus mode.

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