Android Based Hyper Casual Game in 2021

By juegoadmin | Gaming Industry | November 29th, 2021

The Thirteen Most Popular Android Based Hyper Casual Games for in 2021

Hyper casual games are real fun and time killers. Well, anyone could play hyper-casual games without needing any tutorial or instructions. If you’re up for killing some time on your Android mobile, read along. It’s because we have a list of 13 best Hyper casual games for android in 2021 down below.

About Hyper-Casual Games:

They, as the name indicates, are games with the following characteristics:

  • Are easy to play.
  • Are free to play.
  • Don’t have any tutorials or instructions.
  • Have minimalistic features.

Let’s talk about some of the best hyper casual games for android.

Best Hyper Casual Games for Android in 2021:

1. Rider

Just like you would expect, Rider is an addictive game that is easy to master. With over 32 levels and 100 challenges, you can enjoy your time on Rider. As the name indicates, you ride a bike and collect diamonds that are scattered across the route.

2. Fit

Fit is a fun puzzle-like game. You just need to place the pieces where they fit in. And that’s it. There are no coins or any unlockables. Just pick your phone up and start playing.

3. Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

Here’s another addictive and music-based game. You just need to confirm that the ball is landing on the correct tile which is in sync with the music. And if you miss the tile, the game’s over. However, you can start from where you left. This game might look easy but requires concentration. So, good luck playing Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

4. BLUK – Physics Jump Adventure

Well, this hyper-casual game is similar to the iconic Angry Birds Game. You need to slingshot blocks across different pillars while ensuring that that block lands at the center. Now, this game requires some skills. Undershooting or overshooting means game over.

5. One More Line

This game garners over five million Play Store downloads. Although the game is pretty easy to learn, you might have to spend a lot of time mastering it. You need to latch on the pivot by holding and pressing the screen. However, while latching, you must not touch the boundary, or you’ll lose. The game’s quite addictive, and you might feel like coming back to it frequently.

6. Okay?

Okay, it’s a bit similar to BLUK – Physics Jump Adventure? Here you need to slingshot a ball in such a manner that it clears and touches all the tiles on the screen. The game is both challenging and relaxing at the same time.

Early levels are simple. But as you advance, the levels become hard, and you might crave one last chance to clear the level you missed.

7. Twist

Twist has crossed the ten million mark in downloads in the Play Store. It’s another hyper-casual game based on a single tap. Tap on the screen to fend off the ball from dropping off the tiles. There are not any bells and whistles in this game. So, you can kill a few minutes peacefully.

8. Rise

Although not as much popular, Rise is a great hyper-casual game. You need to stop the dropping objects from coming into contact with the major object at screen’s bottom using a circular shaped shield. It looks easy initially, but as you advance, the game becomes more challenging and harder.

9. Phases

This one is another best hyper casual games from the creator of over two dozen hyper-casual games: Ketchapp. You have to control a white bouncing ball to prevent it from touching any black object that comes at it. Screen’s left end can be deployed to move the ball backwards and the right side to move ahead.

10. Sky

The sky is one of the best hyper casual games in terms of designs and UI. It has 5 million-plus downloads and is pretty addictive too. You need to tap on the screen and make the yellow block to jump over the obstacles that come your way. Similar to Rise, Sky seems easy at the beginning. But as the levels increase/rise, so does the difficulty.

11. Stick Hero

Now this one is a real-time killer and additive. So, if you have some important tasks to be done, complete them first.

You have a character in the game who wants to go to Point B from A. Press and hold the screen first. Then draw a line over which the character can pass. However, make sure that the line is neither too short nor too long, or the character might fall.

12. Ballz

Here’s another Ketchapp classic. You need to shoot a ball or balls and clear the blocks on the screen. The blocks are numbers, so clearing a block with a larger number will require more balls. However, after every shot, the blocks move one step down. And if the blocks reach the bottom, you lose.

13. Bottle Flip

As the name says, you need to flip the bottle. However, you need to ensure that the bottle always lands straight. You can choose from 4 modes: Stacking, Bowling, Speed Run, and Classic. You need to press and hold on to the screen to flip the bottle.

However, pressing it for too long can overshoot the bottle, and releasing it quickly might lead to an undershoot. So, be aware of that fact.

Wrapping Up

Hyper casual games are really fun. Whenever you want time out from a hectic schedule or are bored from playing those games with heavy graphics, hyper casual games are the best. They’re easy, fun, and work on almost every Android device.

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