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By Juegostudio | Cross Platform Games & Apps | January 9th, 2020

Top 9 Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools for 2020

The cross-platform app development tool listed below are the recent and current tools that are in the limelight in the cross-platform mobile app development sector. Save energy and valuable time by simply reading through the segments below and discovering the tools of the millennial in developing cross platform mobiles. There existed a time when apps were a mere source of entertainment when only the elite or a certain part of the tech-savvy population could hold access to them. 2020 dives deep into the well-known fact that apps have transformed into the norm, into a necessity and cross-platform apps, created to invite a larger audience are an even more challenging feat to master and create.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools for 2020

Since cross-platform mobile game development offers a plethora of benefits, its need in the industry is expanding with the added requirement of smooth operation on all systems. Hence, creators are using fluent and reliable tools that aid in the building of impressive apps. Cross platform apps can help cut the expenditure by generating apps similar to native apps.


Speaking of saving costs by creating native apps on various platforms, xamarin follows the exact idea which can be applied to delivery, testing performance, monitoring, and testing virtual features. The same language as the native app can be applied when designing a cross-platform version. The tool works generously with Ruby and C# and the designers can additionally save time by sharing code. Its credibility is validated through its employment by known firms such as Microsoft and IBM.

Adobe PhoneGap:

The working and approach of this app in cross-platform development tool are majorly based on Apache Cordova. The tool is advanced and exquisite with its precisely built features and it functions with the support of the cloud, which mitigates the general challenging procedures that act upon other tools. Code translation from a diverse range of language types such as Javascript, HTML5, and CSS and multiple operating systems support the tool with optimal functionality.


If efficiency and speed are important criteria for the developer, then this is the app to pick. Coding has never been made easier since it is a mimicked version of cloud performance. Platforms such as Blackberry and Hybrid apps that do not fall under the commonly preferred category along with ones such as HTML5 are well supported by the tool. The app isn’t just generous in its platform choices but also the devices it functions on, being built to work on over 2000 devices.


The tool is suitable for creating multi platform gaming apps for a number of devices starting from smartphones to desktops and the entire translation occurs using a solitary codebase. Its programming language Lua enables one to change code speed, facilitate immediate and regular code updates, and changes that are being tracked can be displayed instantaneously. This efficiency makes it appropriate for the construction of good quality and virtually swift graphic speed on a 2D platform.


The app uses a single code in all its improvisation of app quality and creation of user interface apps and the changes being applied are automatically applied and generated. Coding takes place in C++ and users are given the benefits of checking the multi-platform app skills before applying them so the accuracy and success rates can be relatively profitable.

Sencha Touch:

This cross-platform app development tools work adequately with HTML 5 and it’s centered around customizing themes. App information can be consistently tracked without sweat through its data visualization feature.


This cross-platform app development tool is highly used in the official and organization sector since its specifics revolve around securing data for employee usage. Javascript and HTML5 coding is used in iOS and Android applications. Company based organizing skills in the HR department can be replenished with the documenting and simplifying ability of this tool and its compatibility with both Apple and Android systems makes it a business favorite

Unity 3D:

The major benefits of this popular tool are to create breathtaking quality in graphics the exporting of games and their data and simultaneously sharing apps across major social platforms. Its popularity has bought it a thriving community that can instantly connect users in doubt with the developers, making game-related queries easily manageable.


What is the main agenda of creating a cross-platform app development tool? The user-oriented efforts should finally cultivate a global revelation and recognition and every tool must be used in a manner to achieve this. The above tools are currently being used by flourishing business developers and their credibility cannot be easily disintegrated.

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