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By juegoadmin | Video Games | August 16th, 2021

Top 6 Virality Features to Design in Video Games

You can think of virality as a referral mechanism. It aims to let the existing users of the game bring in more users via referrals. This is mainly done to keep the user acquisition costs low and increase the viral coefficient (the K-factor).

But virality features of video game design must be natural, captivating, and rewarding. Otherwise, why would someone invite another user to play your game, right? If you want to learn to make the best use of virality, read this blog in full.

Why are most game developers never able to achieve the desired virality?

Here are some factors that decide the fate of your game: –

  • Storyline.
  • Scope.
  • Characters.
  • Difficulty.
  • Graphics.

Let’s suppose your game has an equal proportion of everything mentioned above. Still, if it fails to achieve virality, the issue is related to the referral mechanism. Some game developers keep it subtle and achieve the desired results. While others over-complicate the things which prevent them from achieving the vitality they want.

If you want to improve the virality, read along.

Top 6 Virality Features to Design in Video Games:

1. Create an easily discoverable sharing mechanism:

When you’re creating viral video games design, you need to focus on the sharing mechanism. The sharing button or option should be easily discoverable. Some developers hide it somewhere in the menu or settings. And this brings down virality. It’s because the users are lazy. If something takes too much effort, it’s likely that they won’t do it.

Here is how you can increase the invites your users send to others: –

  • Make sure that the referral program or button is easily visible.
  • Give as many options for sending an invite as you can. It’ll make the process easy for the user.
  • Incentivize the process and explain the benefits clearly to the user.

2. Timing & wow moment:

Why would a user feel the need to share their game with others if it’s not enjoyable? It makes sense, right? So, make sure that your game has something that makes the user happy. It can be anything like clearing a challenging level, killing the boss, unlocking rare items, or achieving significant progress.

Such things make the user content and satisfied. And this is the time when you should come up with the referral options. You can allow the user to share the progress on social media or something similar. It’s highly likely that the player will respond positively when he’s happy.

3. Offer more than one platform for social sharing:

Never limit the user according to what you think. Offer multiple options for social media sharing. It’s because both the sender and receiver have to be on the same platform for sharing. And if you offer one platform, it may limit the user.

And for the better virality of video game design, the user onboarding must be smooth. Integrate those platforms which are used by the maximum number of users. This will increase the probability of the receiver and sender are on the same platform.

4. Optimize regularly:

You cannot create perfect virality features of video game design in one go. You need to optimize regularly, track the progress, and tweak the settings. You can use metrics to track these things in your game. This way, you can check whether or not your methods are working.

Here are some things you should consider: –

  • How is the user interacting with the share button? Or is the button placement correct?
  • How is the user responding to the incentive?
  • How is the user responding to the referral message?

5. Add Unique Features:

You should know that virality is not just about referrals. It’s about how you draw the user to the referral program or button. And for this, your app has to have some unique features. A boring app with commonly available features is least likely to be shared.

Think of what you can do to grab the attention of your users? Let’s take the examples of Nimses- a game that went viral in 2017. The gamer had a concept where it converted every mixture of your life into currency(virtual). This feature is interesting in itself.

You can add some hidden surprises within your game that intrigues your users and compel them to share the game with others.

6. Offer rewards or gifts to the users.

Sometimes, you have to lure the user into making him do what you want. Making the game exciting and unique is different. You need to take it one step ahead. Users love it when you reward them. Some games offer extra coins when you invite a new user, and he signs up with the application.

You can do something similar. This will give a reason to the user to market your game. Make sure that you offer some valuable rewards or incentives to the user for referring the game to others.

Who can help you create viral video games?

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