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By Juegostudio | Video Games | November 12th, 2020

Video game live streaming: An Idea Whose Time Has Come!

If you’re a big fan of online video games, you would have definitely watched a live stream video of some popular games. The fact that video game live streaming is out of scope is a thing of the past. Because earlier, people were busy playing single-player offline games.  

Change that was around the corner:

But now, the times have changed. With live streaming platforms like Twitch, the gaming industry has transformed significantly. You can live to stream anything from cooking to playing guitar, and of course, video games too.

Twitch has helped gamers globally transition from lone gamers to playing it for an audience. Now, gamers can live stream and interact with the audience with ease.

Amazon acquired Twitch in Aug 2014 for $970 million, which was formerly known as Since then, it has only grown its fan base. Although YouTube works fine as a live stream platform, Twitch is the best and more appreciated by gamers.

When did people realize that Live Streaming has gone mainstream?

Have you heard of Twitch Plays Pokémon or TPP? It was a general live stream campaign launched by Twitch, which went smashing viral. The participants of the live stream performed actions using simple chat commands even to move around.

The Twitch Plays Pokemon was started on 12th February 2014, which garnered around 55 million views by 1st March. It was so big an accolade that Twitch was awarded a Guinness World Record for “most participants or players on a single-player online video game.”

Is video game Live Streaming worth a try?

Have you heard of Daequan, Ninja, or Markiplier? If not, these are some of the most famous gamers who have become high earning celebrities (using Twitch) by video game live streaming. And this has motivated millions of other gamers to try their luck in live streaming to make a fortune.

Gamers who have a unique way of playing a game or achieve big in esports games like Dota 2 or Overwatch earn a better number of subscribers. And, hence they can earn more. If you have more subscribers, you can incentivize your live stream by asking for donations or selling merchandise, etc.

Different gamers have different tactics. But in a nutshell, the more unique or better you play, the more subscribers you have. And, more subscribers mean you will earn more. So, yes, video game live streaming is worth a try.

Some of the best live streaming platforms:

There are tons of live streaming platforms available out there to help you stream activities. However, it depends on what you need. If you’re a hardcore gamer and want a specific audience for your live stream, Twitch has simply no competition. There are several other options such as: –

  • Facebook Live
  • YouTube Live
  • Periscope
  • Younow & more

Benefits of video game Live Streaming:

Although video game live streaming has been there for quite a while, its popularity has risen recently. And there are practical reasons behind the same. Here are some benefits which make video game live streaming popular: –

Game Preview for Potential Buyers:

Whenever a costly or popular game is released, high-end gamers are usually the first buyers. And when they live stream the gameplay, viewers or potential buyers can check whether or not the game is worth the hype and worth your money.

One would never want to spend money on a game just to discover later that it’s not their cup of tea! So, video game live streaming acts as a kind of product review that helps you decide better.

Live Casino Games:

Did you know it’s possible to play a new type of live casino game with live dealers and participants? The rise in live streaming has made it all possible. The gameplay is quite similar to common games, but it offers a richer and life-like gambling experience.

It’s because you get to deal with live participants and dealers you can view and interact with. And, all this is can be availed from the comfort of your home. It’s another great benefit of live streaming, which has significantly affected the generic gaming industry.

New Product Revelations & Announcements:

Tech giants like Microsoft and gaming brands like Playstation, Nintendo, and EA Sports frequently use live streaming platforms to reveal new products. You can witness some of their live streams on either YouTube or Twitch, the next time giants like these release a much-awaited title.

An Invisible Push to buy the game:

Big Time Gaming, a giant innovator in real money gaming, deals with some of the most famous casino game live streamers. The company allows such streamers to play a casino game before the official release. It’s more of a game preview, which can act as a reality check for people.

No need to register. You just need to visit the streamer’s channel and look for his latest stream. As a potential buyer, you can check for the layout, design, user interface, and experience.

Such live streams also tempt potential buyers to wait impatiently for the official release of the game if the streamer continues to win using the latest version.

Earning decent money:

Video Game Live streaming has made people extremely rich! The essential condition is: you need to be exceptionally well at playing the game or be entertaining. Gamers and even viewers record their Let’s play videos on YouTube and eventually turn into live streamers.

There are hundreds of gamers out there working hard to earn subscribers and earning tons of Money through Twitch. The gamers simply live to stream a video game to increase the customer base. It involves a commentary that excites or interests the spectator.

The spectators who watch the video game live streaming buy merchandise or donate money if the content is entertaining. And this is how numerous gamers earn a living out of video game streaming.

Final Word!

In a nutshell: Video game live streaming is an idea whose time has come! It has taken the industry by storm and has changed the gaming industry. People are inclined more towards live streaming as it offers entertainment and an opportunity to earn.

The live streaming trend is believed to be elevated to stratospheric heights in the coming future. After all, it has brought together various innovations in information technology, gaming, and the internet and has encouraged game developers to create games where one can interact with other players on the go.

The fad brought on by Video game live streaming has resulted in the formation of a global gaming fraternity that stays connected while playing and entertaining the spectators!

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