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Juego Studios is a leading VR game development services provider that offers expert services to our clients. Our VR game developers excel in making games of all types and maintaining the highest quality. Choose us to develop amazing VR games that meet your needs.

Virtual Reality is one of the biggest developments in technology in recent years and is now seeing widespread adoption across various sectors. Developing any virtual reality applications presents a number of unique challenges since VR is a highly specialized niche requiring an in-depth understanding of various platforms. As one of the more experienced virtual reality development companies, Juego Studios provides customized VR development solutions for a range of applications in the entertainment, healthcare, real estate, education, technology and military sectors.


We design and develop virtual reality applications for:

VR game development services we provide you


Being a highly rated virtual reality game development company, we provide complete design and VR app development services for immersive virtual reality games for various platforms. Our team comprises some of the best VR app developers in the industry.

Social experiences

Virtual Reality is all set to be the next big thing in VR entertainment. Partner with us to design and develop highly unique and creative social VR experiences for amusement parks, malls and entertainment centres.

Learning, training and development modules

We develop VR applications that replicate real world scenarios for immersive learning and training solutions. We have developed these modules for academic educational purposes, skill training in manufacturing. It can also be used to develop applications for retail and enterprises, or even for specialized use in the military and healthcare sectors such as training for combat situations and emergencies.

Business and enterprise solutions

We build customized VR solutions that address specific requirements for your unique business needs, such as simulated environments to simplify design and manufacturing, virtual conferencing applications etc. VR is very good for data visualization where complex data can be easily grasped through vivid imagery and virtual visualizations.

Marketing and promotional tools

Want to explore new ways of showcasing your products? We leverage VR technology to take marketing to the next level and engage customers like never before. From realistic walkthroughs of homes, buildings and apartments to live product demos for experience centres and exhibitions, the possibilities are endless.

Services offered by VR game development company


Our VR game developers work with an array of development and visualization tools including Unity, Unreal, Blender, Maya, Revit, and others to create VR applications for the most popular platforms like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, Sony Playstation VR, Google Cardboard and Daydream View.


Our Experience

Juego Studios has successfully created a number of VR game apps for platforms like Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard & HTC Vive. We’ve extensive experience developing both enterprise and consumer-level VR applications. If you’re looking to hire VR app developers that already have products in the market, you’ve come to the right place.

Technical know-how

VR is a rapidly growing field with new tools and products hitting the market every day. Our core team consists of passionate technology enthusiasts with an in-depth understanding of the industry who can help you choose the right target audience and platform for your VR product and build a VR experience that is both functional and profitable.

Project management

We believe in a collaborative approach to application development for best results. With an organized methodology for project planning, scheduling, tracking, execution and resource allocation, we ensure complete transparency, a smooth development process and timely completion of all projects.

Solutions offered by VR game development company

Industry expertise

Our VR developers are aware of the latest developments in VR technology and understand the controls and inputs native to different VR platforms. With a thorough understanding of the potentials and nuances of each platform, we’re experienced at creating superior VR experiences and high-quality products.

Creative solutions

We provide full-scale design and development services for Android games including concept art, level design, UI design, coding, scripting, and programming. Our team includes experienced VR game developers in India who will work with you to understand your target audience, analyze your competitors and develop a monetization strategy that works well for you.

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Why choose Virtual Reality App development

  • One of the fastest growing emerging technology
  • Tailor made for Agile methodology
  • Aesthetic graphics rendering capabilities
  • It is projected to exceed the television industry in the next 10 years or so. Therefore VR apps and games will deluge the app stores and there will be a huge market to them.
  • Well suited for simulation based apps & different genres of games
  • It is going to revolutionize the education, gaming and medical fields.
  • It is also a major disruption in the tourism industry.

Why work with us

  • Team of certified VR App developers.
  • Worked with ranging startup to Fortune 500 companies.
  • As one of the reputed VR game development company, we’ve created spectacular mobile games & apps for iOS, Android & Desktops.
  • Some of our apps have gained wide recognition.
  • Apps & games have been featured in Apple & google stores.
  • Our standards are at par with the best VR app development companies in the industry.
  • We strictly follow the scrum development process through which our development process has become very seamless.
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What Type of Games can be Developed using Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming provides players with an immersive experience and first-person perspective of game action. This gaming includes a new generation of computer games with virtual reality (VR) technology. Players enjoy this unique game environment through various VR gaming devices like VR headsets, gloves, controllers, and much more. A VR development company has to look into multiple criteria to satisfy its players. First, there are different kinds of games players can play through virtual reality. A VR game developer must be skillful in building various VR games. For example, there are online, multiplayer, and individual VR games. In addition, there are multiple categories in VR gaming that depend on the computing device used. Here are some of them. 

Game types that are developed using Virtual Reality:- 

Virtual Reality games on Laptops and PCs:- 

These are the games that gamers play on high-end computers that provide them with the most detailed game options and virtual environments. VR games on laptops generate captivating graphics, and rapid frame rates support them in producing realistic virtual worlds. These games on laptops facilitate today’s advanced VR games to play. In addition, they support complex VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The advantage of VR-ready gaming laptops is that they are portable. But as compared to a PC, VR gaming laptops have to fit all their components in a much smaller frame. So, such laptops might rarely support the fastest processors and GPUs. 

VR-ready gaming PCs support the latest, sophisticated and immersive VR environments in VR games. These PCs support VR-compatible chips (CPUs and GPUs) to run smoothly. In addition, they offer additional ports so connecting the VR peripherals is not a problem like in a laptop. But at the same time, VR gaming PCs are less easily portable than laptops. It will always have an edge in gaming as these games can upgrade graphics cards with higher frame rates per second. PC VR games are the favorite of all VR games for gamers due to their availability and customization options. 

Virtual Reality games on Game Consoles:- 

These VR games are very similar to those played on PCs. But these games work only with game consoles from specific manufacturers, for example, the PlayStation VR headset/ platform. Console VR is yet to hit the market, unlike PC VR. However, gaming consoles such as the XBOX and PlayStation have made consistent splashes whenever they were released with every system. 

Virtual Reality games on Smartphones:- 

Smartphone manufacturers are now introducing headsets, controllers, and games (VR, AR, and MR) for mobile VR gaming. Samsung Gear VR, one such headset/platform, is an example of this gaming. Any VR App development company collaborates with mobile phone manufacturers to provide VR gaming services. Virtual reality gaming on smartphones is the VR of the near future. This mobile VR turns a smartphone device into a VR peripheral. Placing the phone into a VR viewer, a separate device with lenses cradles the phone. Mobile VR has the power to scale. VR experiences on mobile can come from native apps or the web, and such a wide net of distribution creates a path in building a dominant culture of VR. 

What are some frameworks for VR development?

Players enjoy having an immersive game experience while playing VR games using VR equipment. They stay in such a gaming environment by manipulating the web pages. Users find it enthralling to be in that gaming environment for a long time, primarily because of the design involved in VR games. Take any VR development company; they have to pay attention to these specific technical aspects to attract gamers to play these VR games. There are several powerful frameworks to choose from when designing games for virtual reality. Here are some commonly used VR frameworks helping VR game developers build websites for VR gaming.  

Frameworks for VR game development:- 

Let us know some of these frameworks:- 

Mozilla A-Frame:- 

The Mozilla VR team has created Mozilla A-Framework. It is made to initiate the WebVR ecosystem, powering the web VR developers in building VR & 3D worlds. A-Framework can be used for platforms such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear. WebVR is quite simple, and the A-Frame handles the 3D. The lead to the frame is accessible to everyone since the A-Frame is used from HTML. This framework offers superior performance and has the cross-platform ability. 


The main aim of WebVR is to make VR experiences easy for everyone, irrespective of what device one has. An open standard that makes it possible to experience VR gaming in your browser is WebVR – bringing virtual reality to the web. 


The framework, which is an immersive gaming environment for web browsers for both mobile devices and desktops, is Primrose. In this environment, web developers are the applications enhancing users’ support on various factors, such as high-end VR headsets. It is straightforward to use Primrose to make web applications. In this, the simple concept is to create an Environment that is around a typical Three.js scene. The environment created must handle the interactions of a scene, for example – UI (user interface) for entering VR mode, enhancing between mobile, desktop, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. So this framework is a rapidly prototyping VR application in your browser. 

React VR:- 

This framework uses only JavaScript and lets you build VR apps. React VR uses the design, letting you create a rich UI and VR world from declarative components. 

Daydream VR:- 

This framework works with mobile phones only, and it is for mid-range VR. 

Unity VR/Unreal SDK:- 

This type of framework is for high-end headsets such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and HoloLens (AR). 

The world’s largest technology companies are investing billions of dollars into VR development technologies as the age of VR is rapidly booming. This VR revolution will be more enormous than the mobile phone revolution, and the companies designing the consumer-based virtual reality product will win massively. When creating VR games, you must develop and match as much as capabilities of the system and people as possible. These steps are crucial for any VR game development company. So understanding your users & their issues and incorporating the frameworks for VR will improve users’ VR gaming experience. Hence designing VR games is highly critical considering the market and the considerable interest of users in this new immersive 3D content. 

How to choose your VR game development team?

Since its inception, Virtual Reality has been attracting the attention of tech enthusiasts. This evolving technology has taken all over the world by reaching new heights. Top tech giants are attracting consumers by conquering this market by conceptually designing new VR devices to make VR hardware more affordable. For this, an excellent VR game development team with accomplished VR game developers is required to make all these possibilities happen. Here are a few essential factors to consider. 

Factors to consider in choosing your VR Game Development Team:- 

These are the key factors to understand and consider while choosing your VR game development team:- 

Look for a team with Game development experience:- 

VR game developers have a significant role in a VR gaming team, so you must choose developers with solid experience in making VR games. When they have an outstanding experience, they will be familiar with the nuances & technologies of the VR sphere. The tech stack is similar for virtual reality solutions as in game development. While choosing a team for your project, have the following specialists.  

The team must be good at handling and using game engines such as Unreal, Photon, and Unity. The artists must have experience in Substance Painter, Substance Designer, 3ds Max, Zbrush, and Photoshop. You also need to have a VR environment design specialist – an expert in analyzing the details of the VR game experience you want & make it feel great in VR. The above factors are highly critical as such expertise is required to build VR solutions with the best experience in the VR sphere. So choosing a VR development team with a vast experience in this field is a big plus. 

Your team must be familiar with the Latest devices & Content creation:- 

Every other day in the market, new releases of different versions of VR headsets are coming up and improving the user experience. So the developers need to build more realistic environments in line with these new advancements. The team you are looking for must be equipped with developers who keep updating themselves about the latest releases and technologies, helping them understand how the content they create will be perceived on various devices. In addition, they must have sufficient knowledge of the platform suitable for your case. Virtual reality is impossible without a headset, so the team you choose must be aware of the latest happenings of VR devices to create engaging content. 

Collaborate with the specialists who can provide active support:- 

It is vital to have a team that has enough resources so that they can provide you with seamless support. Because there might be many situations at every stage of your project where you need updates, fixes, and some installations. The team you choose should be there for you when you need the above technical requirements, new assets, and features for upgrading the VR experience. 

We will see new wonders of this innovative technology in the future with the advancements in this field. So if you are planning to make VR games, having a great team is essential to make a mark in this thriving and developing VR market. 

How Realistic are Virtual Reality Games?

Virtual reality is an exciting technology that seems like we are magically getting transported to an unimaginable creative world. So why and how does it seem so realistic? We get carried away and enjoy that world without even being aware of the amount of time spent on it. Some incredible concepts and techniques are making VR so convincing to be realistic. VR mimics the experiences of real-world qualities that we encounter, so when we simulate it through three-dimensional scenes using stereoscopic vision in VR makes us feel like we are in a different world with a realistic feeling. Here are some ways VR tricks us into making us believe that we are somewhere in a fascinating world. These are important for any VR development company to implement while creating games.  

Different ways how VR games provide a realistic gaming experience:- 

Immersive VR feel:- 

VR has been incorporated with immersion technology simulating how we sense and perceive the world in our day-to-day lives. These virtual reality environments are designed to be as realistic as possible, giving an immersive virtual world experience similar to our real-world experience. The technology behind VR is designed to make us feel that we have left a place and have been transported to another place with a more convincing feel. So the basic concept here is our brain is being tricked into sensing that we are doing a lot of activities in this virtual environment despite knowing that it is just an illusion. Virtual reality appears enjoyable when the virtual world behaves like the real world. 

VR tricking our Brain:- 

We experience the world through different senses, such as vision, hearing, touch, smell, and others. Our brain needs first to bring this information from sensory organs to give us a sense of the world. After the information is transmitted from sense organs to the brain, the brain interprets the data letting us understand the things happening in the environment. Finally, the sensations all come together through perception to give us an experience. Now this interplay of our sensation (vision, hearing, etc.) and perception (the brain’s ability to interpret this information) creates an experience of reality in virtual reality gaming. 

Technical ingredients in VR that give us a realistic gaming experience:- 

Such an experience to take place, there is a need to build a specific feeling into the environment, known as stereoscopic vision. This vision is created through a VR headset that tracks the movement of the VR-wearer’s head. So knowing how close or far away things are depends partly on our binocular vision, and this type of vision means our right & left eyes see things from different viewpoints as they are located on different sides of the face.  

Furthermore, it means that our brain has to merge this information from these two perspectives through stereo-psis. Hence, stereo-psis will create the illusion of being in instead of just looking at it, as seeing in stereo allows the human brain to decide whether an object is close or far away. Finally, it is how virtual reality will enable us to merge various single environments allowing us to move around to different vantage points to perceive three-dimensional depth just like in real life. 

How do I make a VR game?

Virtual reality games are conquering the gaming industry and will gain tremendous market share shortly. It is due to the rise of things such as an innumerable variety of headsets like Oculus Rift & other headsets from VR companies. You might be interested in becoming a VR game developer to try your hand at making these VR games. If you are interested in making breathtaking work of VR gaming, you need to start small first. A basic foundation will help you create VR games without any hindrance. Proficiency in an extensive background in VR game development and computer programming is a must, as it’s not easy to make a VR game. You will need impressive knowledge to create high-end PC virtual reality games that are more difficult than VR games for iPhone. 

Steps to make a VR game:- 

Set up the scene:- 

Setting up the scene is where all the action will take place, and it is also the place where all the game objects and assets are. You can go to the file, build game settings, and switch the build platform to either Android or IOS. Now you can delete the directional light from the scene and create a 3D object, a plane. By dragging the silver texture from the game assets folder onto the plane, you can choose the floor, a normal map that gives the illusion of depth. 

Game Assets:- 

Game assets are the things that populate the scene of your game. These assets are things ranging from light, props, characters, and more. 

Game Behavior in VR:- 

It is where the game’s behavior needs to be defined with how the various aspects interact and react with one another. Some math knowledge of yours comes in handy at this place. The x, y, and z axes are the foundation of your VR game orientation. The game should be set at 0, 0, 0 for all three, determining where the main point of origin is for actions. 

Details of the game in VR:- 

Within the game assets of a game, these are the more specific details. For example, these details are – textures, bump mapping, and meshes are involved in this. 

Completion of the Scene:- 

After adjusting all these technicalities, a plane is to be created by adding the brick texture & brick normal map to it. Transform controls are used to rotate the plane until the brick pattern faces it in the right direction. You need to copy & paste this to make all the walls. Then, by selecting all the floor planes, move them all up at the same time. Next, create a 3D object, a cube, add the wooden texture to it, and later scatter a few around the scene to complete it.  

Bake navigation mesh & add Coding:- 

Finally, our scene in the VR game is set up, and now we need to bake a navigation mesh to know what areas can move and cannot move through. Go to a window, navigation, and click bake in a new window. Now you can add your characters with some animation. In the end, coding is crucial to be done for your VR game to finish. 

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