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Augmented Reality With The iPhone X

The biggest obstacle for AR app developers has been technology – consumer adoption of AR tech has largely been slow due to the low number of smartphones that can support AR experiences. However, all that is set to change with the slated release of the iPhone X, Apple’s latest and perhaps most eagerly awaited smartphone. The iPhone X is specially designed to bring augmented reality to iOS devices like never before. Here’s a look at some of the AR-ready features of the iPhone X.

Augmented Reality features with iPhone X

Improved display:

The iPhone X is Apple’s first smartphone to switch to an OLED screen which is ideal for vivid, realistic images. This, along with the use of HDR, TrueTone and bezel-less design (a higher screen to body ratio) essentially translate to more immersive experiences with AR.

Upgraded hardware:

The iPhone’s new mobile computing A11 chips are geared to improve the performance of AR apps. The smartphone also features an upgraded accelerometer and gyroscope which improves on the precision of the existing sensors in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

Gyroscopes and accelerometers are essential to motion tracking, a standard feature that is necessary for most augmented reality mobile app development. Improved motion tracking lets developers construct more immersive and realistic augmented reality experiences.

Improved Cameras

One of the iPhone X’s stands out features is its enhanced dual camera setup. The front-facing 7-megapixel TrueDepth camera that allows for precise exposure control and auto image stabilization. The front camera also uses facial geometry to track the user’s features and expressions. The new and improved cameras bring with them the potential to create immersive AR games, apps, and experiences. Both camera sensors are horizontally positioned to suit landscape orientations, which is typically how most AR app users are likely to use cameras.

What does this mean for AR app developers?

With the release of the iPhone X, the market for consumer AR applications is likely to expand. Using ARKit, Apple’s custom software development toolkit, it’s now easier for AR app developers to build augmented reality apps with iPhone X. The iOS 11 update ensures that even other versions of the iPhone including iPhone 8/Plus, iPhone 7s and iPhone 6s will be able to support AR apps. Here are some of the types of AR apps that could appeal to users:

Augmented reality indoor navigation apps
Augmented reality social games
Augmented reality shopping experiences
Augmented reality food apps

At Juego Studios, we design and develop fun and exciting augmented reality apps with iPhone X for Android and iOS. If you’re looking for ARKit developers with experience in reality technologies and game development services, get in touch with us for a quote today.

By Archana Rajendran

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