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Make your game concept stand out and become a profitable and engaging project by hiring the best game developers in San Francisco. Experts use Unity, Unreal, Godot, Phaser, Pixi.JS, and similar software to deliver engaging games. Animation, game monetization, and concept art are some of the top services any reputed company would provide.

Top Gaming Studios in San Francisco CA

San Francisco is one of the prominent players in Silicon Valley. They are known as the innovative hub for startups, venture capitalists, and technological companies. Not surprisingly, the gaming sector in San Francisco is vast and thriving. From startup game developers to established game development companies, you find everything here. If you are planning to make a video game, it is the best place to look for a good game development company.

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Factors to consider for Hiring Gaming Companies in San Francisco

The most reputed game studio in San Francisco can provide all-around game development assistance for all types of projects. The following are a few important criteria that should be considered when trying to hire the best game developers for your project:

Innovation Hub

San Francisco has been one the important places in the USA that has contributed to the growth of technology and innovation. The city provides many growth opportunities for startups, manufacturers, tech companies, and venture capitalists.

Access to Top Talent

The city is home to some of the reputed and established game development companies and educational institutions. So when you choose San Francisco, you have access to many talented game developers and veterans in the industry who have much knowledge and experience in making games.

Networking Ecosystem

The city provides a myriad of opportunities for game developers by conducting many webinars, conferences, gaming events, and meetups where the game developers can collaborate with industry veterans, technology experts, investors, and resource persons.

Access to Funding

Many game development companies get the monetary resources for their game from funding. In this city, many angel investors and venture capitalists are interested in funding for developing video games. So, this place opens up easy access to game funding.

Collaborative Environment

San Francisco has extended opportunities for game developers. The city fosters an innovative and creative environment for game developers by facilitating collaboration between creative artists, startups, and tech firms, which is beneficial for game developers to develop innovative games.

Top Gaming Companies in San Francisco

Juego Studios


Juego Studios is a leading San Francisco gaming company with 10+ years of experience and has completed 500+ projects. The company has vast experience in making games for multiple platforms such as PC, console, mobile, tablet, and web browsers. Their specialization lies in making metaverse games, AR/VR games, web3 games, blockchain games, and NFT games. From Fortune 500 companies to mid-level and small enterprises, they offer game development services for everyone.

In the year, 2021 they have been featured in Forbes India Marquee Entrepreneur Special as one of the best and fastest growing companies in India. Additionally, they develop custom-made games for their clients and have also worked with some of the iconic brands like Disney, Warner Brothers, Amazon, and BullsEye Studio.

Some of their best games include the Medals of War, Hopster, School of Dragons, and ALF Evolution 2.

Revolving games


Being one of the most trusted game development companies in San Francisco Bay Area, Revolving Games provides game development services on multiple platforms. Yet they specialize in making games for the web3 platform and focus on providing an awesome web3 gaming experience for their players. Their talented team of game developers focuses on making use of cutting-edge technologies to make innovative and fully decentralized games such as metaverse games, NFT games, and Blockchain games.

Some of their popular games include Skyborne Legacy and Battlestar Galactica.

Flying Wisdom Studios


Flying Wisdom Studios was founded in 2009 in San Francisco, California. Starting from making mobile and tablet apps, they have come a long way in making their mobile app management platform to support the GaaS (Game as a Service) model. They focus on providing high-quality video games on mobile platforms. With many years of experience in game development, they specialize in making games in specific genres such as karaoke, racing, 3D shooters, etc. They have worked with many iconic brands such as Nickelodeon, Yahoo, National Geographic, Lady Gaga, and SONY.

Some of their notable games include Spongebob Moves In, Star Wars: Brisksaber, and Star Wars: Imperial Academy.



Mark Pincus founded Zygna Games in the year 2007 initially to launch poker games on Facebook. Later the games were released to third-party developers. Zygna is one of the leading game development companies in San Francisco USA, having made some of the best mobile games in the world such as Farmville, Words With Friends, and The Wizard of Oz: Magic Match. Zygna has more than 183 million monthly active users and has won many honorable awards. Moreover, they make games in multiple genres including casual games, puzzle games, poker games, card games, and strategy games.

Some of their notable games include Empire and Puzzles, Farmville 3, Merge Dragon, and Toy Blast.

Fifth Column Games


Fifth Column Games was launched in 2011 in San Francisco and is one of the best video game development companies in San Francisco Bay Area. They have a talented team of game developers who collaborate to provide innovative and realistic gaming experiences to the players using cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, they provide full-cycle game development services to various platforms such as mobile, Facebook, console, web, and PC.

Some of their notable games include Ancient Aliens: The Game, Pawn Stars: The Game, Duck Dynasty: The Game, NBA 2K MyLIFE, and Top Shot: The Game.



Niantic is very well-known for developing augmented reality games for mobile platforms. They are founded in 2010 and has their headquarters located in San Francisco. Their team of researchers, game developers, and AI scientists work together to provide an amazing Augmented reality experience to the players. One of their main goals is to make players socialize, interact, and move. With the help of their technology, they have managed to build a vibrant community and also have initiated community day to bring people together.

Some of their notable games include Pokemon Go, Ingress Prime, Peridot, Pikmin Bloom, and Monster Hunter Now.

Pocket Gems


Pocket Games is a reputed game development company in San Francisco that has nearly 14 years of experience in developing mobile games in various genres including real-time strategy games, storytelling games, and interactive games. With the help of their innovative technologies like Mantis Engine, they make visually stunning 3D games for mobile devices. Their games were widely recognized by people around the world and it has gone over 325 million downloads. Moreover, they have a vast and engaging gaming community for their mobile games.

Some of their notable games include War of Dragons, Episode, and Episode XOXO.

Glu Mobile


Glu Mobile is one of the top game development companies founded in 2001 and its headquarters is situated in San Francisco. They also have other offices located in various cities in different parts of the world such as Hyderabad, Foster City, and Toronto. Creating original and licensed IP titles, they aim to provide an interactive gaming experience to the players worldwide. Moreover, they specialize in making role-playing games. Glu Mobiles has been highly recognized for its games and has won awards for its awe-inspiring and engaging games.

Some of their notable games include Covet Fashion, Deer Hunter, Design Home, Diner DASH Adventures, and Disney Sorcerer’s Arena.

Wildlife Studios


Wildlife Studios is one of the best video game studios in San Francisco, having made nearly 60+ games in multiple genres. The company was launched under the name Top Free Games in 2011 and has office locations in 8 places including Argentina, Brazil, Ireland, Israel, and USA. With 800+ employees they have made some of the top games in the world that went over 3 billion downloads worldwide. Using high-end technologies they make awe-inspiring and immersive games for their players.

Some of their best games include Zooba, Sky Warriors, Snipper 3D, War Machines, and Tennis Clash.

Free Range Games


Free Range Games was launched in 2009 and is headquartered in Sausalito, California. Their talented team of veteran game developers, game designers, and artists have hands-on experience in creating fantastic games in various genres. Apart from providing game development services for others, they also release their titles such as Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. They offer end-to-end game development services on various platforms including web, mobile, tablets, AR/VR, PC, and console.

Some of their popular games include Spelldrifter, Oddworld: Swordstorm, and The Callisto Protocol.

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