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Interactive Content

Juego Studios, with its combination of services and solutions, integrating art, design and technological expertise, creates interactive content for the education industry. We cater to all types of content ranging from eBooks to educational videos, from VR based training material to interactive AR content. With content being the focus point for most of the companies and educational institutions, it becomes imperative to offer content in the most intuitive and effective manner. This is where our content based services and solutions for the education industry came into play.

Intuitive Training

At Juego Studios, by integrating gaming elements in training session, we revamp the classroom into a more interactive session for students. On the other hand, with gamification, we help to improve the behaviour of students in classroom by rewarding them with badges, rewards and ranking. This enables in transforming a simple chapter into a gaming event that offers a better learning experience to students and also helps to improve the quality of education. Educators can also assess and help in enhancing learning abilities of students.

Educational Games from Juego Studios, App Developers in USA

Engaging students in classroom is the most monumental burden for teachers. Integrating technologies in education such as Virtual reality, Augmented Reality and gamification helps to reshape the education system. VR and AR solutions help to uplift education & training sector to next level by integrating these technologies in training session to confer wide range of benefits for academia and the industry alike.

Educational Games

Play to learn! It has become a common statement, as recent studies say integrating game as a tool of education serves deeper learning. With a team of experienced game developers, designers and artists we create beautiful, attractive and engaging educational games that help kids and students to learn or study in better and fun-filled way. Some of our popular kid’s games created by our team include, Ready-K, Hopster, Math Me If You Can, Sudoku Sensation, etc., of which Hopster has been featured by the Apple store recently.

Educational Games from Juego Studios, Top App Developers in UK

Student Engagement

One of the crucial elements of game is visual progression that helps to develop student engagement. Students love to know results of their work immediately rather than collecting report card at the year end. With gamification we facilitate to provide immediate progress of students with instant feedback. On the other side, Virtual Reality in learning provides 3D immersive visualization to a learner which automatically grabs the attention of students. For an instance, you can transport to Jurrsaic world or the land of desert in Egypt or can create virtual laboratory at any place virtually.

3D Visualization

By implementing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Juego Studios offers an immersive learning process. The scenario of second world war or the visual representation of any place of geograohy or explanation of any chemical reaction can be experienced practically in real life at any time, that aids a better learning process. VR and AR turn real world into virtual world attracting the attention of students.

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