How AR & VR reality technologies will really revamp these domains?

INFO-GRAPHIC : 27 November, 2018

With increased adoption the technology will expand and improve and will include head tracking, improved motion sensing and with haptic feedback. Various industries will witness progressive shifts in their working processes with the increased use of AR&VR. When there is a critical mass of AR&VR devices then our schools, labs, surgery rooms also will be deluged with these devices and the world will bask in their benefits. That being said let’s go through 12 fields which will be reshaped through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technology.


AR apps in devices like tablets which use students use can be used to create interactive and immersive models for subjects. 3D models let them understand sophisticated information better. Google has come up with Expeditions which is a VR platform for classrooms which the users can use to take guided tours to cities like Rome, Paris, and even in space. In the higher education arena, Pomona Western University has introduced VR learning center for medical students. There are tools like zSpace which lets students wear 3D glasses and work on human parts. Reality technologies give a level of immersion which greatly helps in learning.

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Immensely popular movies like Insurgent, Jurassic World, Avengers: Age of Ultron all released VR&AR experiences to strike a craze among the fans. Organizations like NYT or Savannah College of Art and Design have pioneered the use of Google cardboard units to boost brand awareness. McDonald’s VR Happy Googles and De Beers AR My forevermark fitting campaign are all examples of reality technologies applied to marketing. Going forward AR&VR experience will be a must have for marketing purposes.

Real estate

Matterport and Youvisit used AR&VR to immerse themselves into the properties virtually. Instead of visiting sites and properties physically customers can experience the properties at their leisure. Through AR catalogs and boards can be printed and properties on sale can be geo tagged based on which the customers can explore for themselves. Static contact us and CTA buttons can be made lively through AR.

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Toyota uses VR to let users to realize the driving experience in their Toyota Comfort Ride concept car which is an autonomous vehicle running on Hydrogen fuel cells. Honda Lens is an AR experience through which the users can go through various car features without even looking into the hood of the car. Ford designs cars in VR before even making a physical prototype with the Oculus team. Ferrari and Audi are revolutionizing the dealership experience through VR. Their VR apps allow customers to modify the cars based on their inputs. In all these ways reality technologies will transform the automotive industry.

Space Exploration

Astronauts in International Space Station are using Microsoft’s Hololens and Onsight video platform to conduct exploration in space. NASA is virtually reconstructing MARS through VR. Researchers were better at determining distances and angles between specific Martian locations using VR than in a conventional manner. In this way space exploration could change considerably for good using reality technologies.  Here is the Portfolio on Elevator Game App lifvator on space exploration.


Reality technologies will immensely help those in manufacturing, logistics and skilled trades. AR is instrumental in superimposing holographic images on an individual’s real world perspective. This gives a real know how to the workers of manufacturing. An AR company Inglobe Technologies displays what all remains under a car’s hood which helps in engine repair. Rising automation will leave many jobless and this technology of Inglobe’s will certainly help in training employees in operations like plumbing, welding and electricity systems. Hence, AR and VR greatly helps in the development of manufacturing process.


Snow World aids burn victims deal with the trauma, rehab and wound care by subjecting them to a VR experience of snow world with penguins throwing snowballs to alleviate their mood. VR is also used in PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder), phobias, surgery training, surgery simulation with haptic feedback and much more. Know More about the uses of AR/VR in healthCare. AR has Accuvein to show an image of veins, bifurcations, valves over skin which lets the doctors operate on it easily. Video platform Viipar lets one surgeon put his hands over display of another surgeon’s Google glass in order to point and guide them in the right way.


NYT, Outside Magazine and others are using 360 video in VR to portray the situation in depth to users. NYT is also a pioneer in VR powered storytelling through NYTVR app delivering a million Cardboard headsets for it. AOL purchased journalism based VR startup called RYOT. Emblematic Group is focussed on immersive journalism through AR&VR. Users in the future could really experience the incident itself rather than consuming static photos and videos

Law Enforcement

Police forces in US are using VirTra to train personnel in simulated scenarios with visual, auditory and physical stimuli. The technologies help the police to deal with stress by scaling or descaling the trainees’ simulated interactions. Alabama University is joining hands with law enforcement officials to measure brain waves during VR training. Hence reality technologies are significantly improving the efficiency of law enforcement. Juego Studio has developed a FOTM simulation in VR as per Strongwatch corporation client. Click to know more about the Strong Watch


Llyods banking groups assessed the candidates in immersive VR group providing them with puzzles to solve. It is only a matter of time when the prices of VR devices will become affordable enough that they will deluge the world. Then even the standard HR recruitment will turn out to be in VR and AR.

Events and Conferences

VR enables individuals to be in in-person events. Jaunt released a 360 degree concert recording through VR which is linked to Google cardboard. Intel CEO let 250 people use VR to a live industrial inspection their 2000 acre solar power plant. VR can also be used for virtual conference attendance.


About 88% of shoppers prefer shop in-store for most purchases because of uncertainty. BoldMetrics is helping online fashion retailers to power AR/VR. Its technology makes use of highly advanced body mapping which allows customers to try on various clothes in 3D environment. Through Trillenium, retailers make the shoppers access their inventory in a more immersive way using AR & VR. Reality technologies can help businesses move through the purchase tunnel.

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