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3D Game Development

Want to create a high-functioning 3D game with stunning visuals?
Juego Studios offers comprehensive 3D game development services for desktops, consoles, mobile and browsers. From classic shoot-em-ups to elaborate RPGs with VR integration and multiplayer support, we’ve worked on a number of amazing games with unique concepts. With years of experience in gaming, our designers and coders understand how to translate ideas into exquisite, immersive games that people can’t stop playing.

What makes a good 3D game?

A Compelling Concept:

The best 3D game developers understand the importance of building an intriguing theme and storyline that appeals to audiences and makes them want to play the game. Deciding on the type of universe, kinds of characters and main gameplay elements at the initial stages will create a roadmap for all teams to follow and ensure that the finished game is cohesive in all respects.

Great Graphics:

Beautiful visuals and artwork are a key component in creating addictive 3D game. With most games today leaning towards hyper-realistic graphics, there’s a lot of detail that goes into creating characters, environments, vehicles, objects, weapons and even clothing. This includes animations as well. The art pipeline for creating 3D games is elaborate, due to the level of complexity involved in asset production.

The Hobbit Game - Developed for a client in Los Angeles, One of the best Mobile Game Development Company in USA
Hobbit3: Action/Strategy Game Development

Addictive Gameplay and Level Design:

Level design for 3D games is a complex process. Levels need to be large to allow for flexible player movement, yet have a definite path so that players don’t get lost. Experienced 3D game development companies understand how to design immersive levels that enthral the player while taking into account important elements like navigation and visibility.

High Performance:

3D games also involve high volumes of data and need to be optimized for smooth user input and camera tracking. Models and animations need to optimized for consoles and mobile to ensure seamless transitions without lags. Our coders are experienced in iOS and Android 3D game development and understand that performance is vital to the game experience.

Vow Game Developed for a client in Boston, One of the best Unity3D Game Development Company in Florida, USA
VOW-Farming: 3D Simulation farming Game

What we offer:

End-to-End Game Development:

Juego Studios provides comprehensive design and development services for 3D including concept design, asset production, coding, programming and testing. Our developers work with popular game engines like Unity and Unreal to create high-quality cross-platform games.

Full-Fledged Art and Design Team:

We have an expert team of concept artists, modellers, animators, texture artists, riggers and lighting experts who can effectively convert 2D concepts into 3D assets. We work with a wide range of software tools to create detailed assets that are optimized for various platforms. Find out more about our art and design process.

Experience and Reliability:

We’ve created a number of exciting games, some of which have won awards. We take an organized, systematic approach to development to ensure best results. Clear communication, effective collaboration and complete transparency are integral to our work ethic.

3D Game Development for Mobile:

As smartphones and processors get more powerful by the day, more people play immersive 3D games on mobile devices.We create optimized high-quality games that perform perfectly on different platforms. Our services include Android and iOS 3D game development.

Ronnie Cop 3D Running Game Developed for a client in Los Angeles, California
Ronnie Cop: 3D Running Game

Juego Studios is a 3D game development company led by a team of passionate gamers and technology enthusiasts. Our team of 150+ artists, designers and developers have worked on numerous games for PC, consoles, web and mobile platforms. Based in India, with offshore offices in the USA, UK, UAE and Saudi Arabia, we’ve completed over 200+ successful projects for 80+ clients spread over 20+ countries.

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