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Advantage of Unity 3D Game Development

Advantage of Unity 3D Game Development

Posted by juego_admin on Feb 17, 2020

Category : Unity Game Development ,

Game Development has significantly advanced in terms of graphics, network, technology augmentation, and real-time performance. There are now several players in the market, who are looking to take game design and development to more users and across wider platforms. Having said that, one game engine that stands out among the rest is Unity 3D. It […]

Reasons to Choose Unity 3D to Build Cross-Platform Apps

Reasons to Choose Unity 3D to Build Cross-Platform Apps

Posted by juego_admin on Feb 07, 2020

Category : Cross Platform Games & Apps , Unity Game Development ,

If you are a developer, why would you hassle yourself with creating apps and coding individually for every platform? It’s an age of being street smart and there’s no way one can afford to live in those times when each app needs to be built intensively, being within the boundaries of the specific platform. Though […]

Unity Light Baking

Unity Light Baking

Posted by juego_admin on Jun 05, 2018

Category : Unity Game Development , Virtual Reality ,

Baked lighting The following write up is about Unity Light Baking for realistic output which can be mainly used for Virtual Reality based products that work on Oculus Rift based apps.

Develop Realistic Mobile Games With Out-of-the-box Functionality of Unity

Posted by juego_admin on Aug 04, 2015

Category : Juego Studios , Unity Game Development ,

Unity game development is all the rage today. A large number of mobile games developers are now adopting the advanced and avant-garde features as well as functionalities of Unity3d game development technology. Games developed using Unity engine allow the end users to have an amazing experience of mobile games while on the go. Behaving similarly […]

Ways Unity Can Helps in Building Quality Games

Posted by juego_admin on Jan 19, 2015

Category : Game Design , Game Development , Unity Game Development ,

Unity is a platform which enables developers to execute their vision perfectly well. It assures developers that the game they have come up with can be used across several platforms. Using right tools and resources is key to build quality games with the best graphics and functionality. The game development industry is growing by leaps […]

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