Virtual Reality Development

Virtual Reality Development

The best simulator for spacewalking is underwater - it allows full visuals and body movement in 3D. Virtual reality is good, too, and has some advantages, like full Station simulation, not just part. Like all simulators, they have parts that are wrong and misleading: an important thing to remember when preparing for reality.-Chris Hadfield.

Extend your perception with Virtual Reality games and apps

Virtual Reality specifies the high-end user interface that involves real-time simulation and interactions through multiple sensorial channels. To proffer the straightforward meaning, we can say virtual reality technology as a virtual environment where users can feel the digitally created space.

  • Virtual reality games & apps are instantly getting popular these days because of the expansion of VR gadgets. VR games represent now a breakthrough technology just the way computers did decades ago for us.
  • We at Juego Studios, create sophisticated design for VR games an also applications for various sectors including real estate, education, military, medical& entertainment. We also provide 3D VR simulation.
  • By integrating human perceptions with technology, our VR experts are helping users gain thrilling real-life experiences in virtual environments.

Software we use:

  • Revit
  • SketchUp
  • 3ds Max
  • Unity3d

Devices which are supported by our games & apps:

  • Goole cardboard
  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Rift
  • Samsung Gear VR

What makes us different?

  • We have already developed multiple successful VR apps on various platforms such as Samsung gear VR, Google cardboard & HTC Vive.
  • Understanding the specific features of Oculus devices like Gear-VR & HTC-Vive happens to be a tedious task. The device offers umpteen opportunities, if used in the right manner. At Juego Studios, we offer the best design innovations, conceptualization, and integrations for creating virtual reality application with our services.

VR sectors analysis

VR games and applications are getting constant attention in both consumer and enterprise domain. Some of these sectors who have already outset their applications with VR are

  • Gaming: With Virtual Reality game development, you can create games with real-life effects and allow the most rewarding experience for the gamers. As a game player, you can interact in more immersive way as compared to traditional gameplay. Like, while playing action game, you donít have to shoot your enemies with typical keyboard control. You can just shoot a man down by simple gesture like a gun man. At Juego Studios, our game developers are developing games with this feature like Temple Run.
  • Real Estate: What if, you run through a palace or building, that doesnít even exist. Application of VR in real estate makes that possible. This enables the potential customers to check exterior, interior, floor planning and every single detail about the flat before buying it and before construction too.

    We have already designed a full apartment with every single detail with VR.

  • Education: VR apps help students (from school to college) to visualize every lessons.
  • Automotive Industry: The automotive industry is going through a time of enormous change. The role of VR in automotive stands beyond style and design, and deep into the worlds of safety. On other hand, with the help of VR technology, the concept of buying car has been evolved too.
  • Entertainment:The entertainment industry is one of the most fanatical chunks of Virtual Reality. It includes areas like Virtual rollercoaster, Virtual interactive performances and many others.

There are many more industries where this impressive VR can be used. Experience the Virtual world away from flat 2D screen.

What we are best at:

  • Creating immersive designs: We know the art of leveraging human perceptions to deliver highly engaging VR games.
  • Gearing up for the process: You can now have the best experiences with your latest 3D displays. We build VR gaming applications for several devices.
  • UI design: User Interaction is an inseparable part of VR game development. VR is no exception, and there is a need for creating interactive and intuitive UI designs.
  • Support and maintenance:Our gaming gods are extremely responsible. If your VR games fail to offer you the desired experience, our gaming experts will be right there beside you.

Our Clients

client 20th century FOX - Development - Mobile Games
iPhone Game development platform - client WB
Game development on Android - client Animoca
Client The Project Factory - Work - Mobile Game development
Client Mentez - Work - Android Game development
Client Lions Gate - Work - Unity3D Game development
Client ILKA Technologies - Work - Desktop Game development
Client Fun & Games - iOS Game development
Client Puma - Developed - Android Game
Client Coco Cola - Developed - Mobile Game
Client Disnep - Development - iPad Game
Client Johnson & Johnson - Work - Game development on the Android platform
Client Bikini Pig - Work - Mobile Game development
Client  Colorado Timberline - Work Android Game development
Client Emirates NBD - Work - Game development on iPad
Client Ferrero -Work - iOS Game development
Client Games Workshop - Work - iPhone Game development
Client Raj Channel - Work - Game Developemnt on the iOS Platform
Client SSBS - Work - Mobile Game development
Client WEIR - Work - Game development on iPhone Platform
Client - Zombie company crusade - Work - Android Game development

Our Latest Work Yep, and we're proud !

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Why select Juego Studio?

We, as a virtual reality development company,are committed to serve you the best businesses services.

  • We primarily focus on providing technology solutions to enterprises.
  • We deliver the solutions with competitive prices with transparent & affordable estimates.
  • We are always on time in delivery and collect feedback and suggestion from clients.

Make the move

The demand of VR is increasing day by day. Thus our prime aim is to provide you the best VR applications for your business. If you have been looking for the most reliable, efficient, and creative VR service provider, then you are on the right page. Get in touch with us.VR will be the future technology. Itís important to be ready for future technology at this moment.