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Juego Studios is a notable VR game development company in Riyadh offering impeccable virtual reality game and app design globally. We have experienced and trained professionals who create immersive VR experiences adhering to the highest industry standards in every aspect.

Our Clients

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Juego Studios offers end-to-end VR app and game development services using technology of the highest grade as per industry standards. Our team comprises top VR game developers in Jeddah, Riyadh Saudi Arabia who can seamlessly integrate the virtual and reality to create captivating designs.

VR Game Development Services We Offer

VR Game Development Services1
Full-cycle Game Development

Full-cycle Game Development

Our experts can provide full-cycle VR game and app development solutions starting from conception to post-launch support. Our team is seasoned with tools like Google VR, Unity, Unreal, and more that help them deliver the ultimate immersive experience for end-users.

Social Experience

Social Experience

Virtual Reality is steadily penetrating multiple business genres, making it a lucrative choice to simulate social experiences. Our trained VR game developers in Saudi can create unique apps suitable for amusement parks, movie theatres, and malls, that seamlessly blend reality and virtual.

Training Modules

Training Modules

Our VR game studio in Riyadh has seasoned professionals who can create immersive and accurate training modules for different professional fields like education, military, medicine, and more, integrating knowledge, spatial audio, and high-fidelity graphics.

VR Game Development Services1
VR Game Development Services2
VR Game Development Services2
Business solution

Business solution

Get customized and accurate representations of real estate, products, conference application, and more that is tailor-made as per the business needs. Our gaming company can create an immersive platform that has vivid visual depictions.

Marketing tools

Marketing tools

Showcase your products and services in a unique way that can effortlessly maximize your reach. Our team can create immersive experiences like walkthroughs for homes, live product demos, and more. Get comprehensive marketing tools that are visually appealing.

Live-Op Services

Live-Op Services

The top VR game developers can further improve the project based on real-time feedback and analytics of users. We ensure the application remains relevant and updated and has immersive content that enhances the retention rate of the application.

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What Our Clients Say


Well, I signed up to work with Juego Studio for a project and they really exceeded my expectations. The project was delivered on time, with no hiccups whatsoever. They are talented and professional game developers who get the job done without fail. I cannot recommend them enough!

Sam Anthony Gilfred

Sr. Project Manager


I was very pleased with the quality of the work we received for our project. They were delivered on time and with very minimal feedback from our team. Juego Studios is good company to work and will be looking to them for our future projects!

Paul Skinner

Wicked Witch Studios


Satisfying yet extremely accommodating software development studios in India, the team at Juego Studios are excellent partners to work with all thanks to the work ethic laid down. Had a wonderful time working with team who was always well versed with technicalities and precise with timelines, deliverables and project planning. Would love to recommend Juego to anyone without hesitation!

Jonathan Fitzgibbons

Project Manager


It's safe to say that most regular human beings would be shocked and daunted at the idea of having to do a high quality game for iOS and Android, within a deadline of few months. I can honestly say that this work not the case with Juego Studios. They responded reactively, calmly and productively, and ended up delivering a game that both myself, the LatAm team, and users, were very happy with. There is a calm and experienced professionalism to the Juego team, and I would not hesitate to use them again.

Josh Saunders

Senior Director,
Innovation (Warner- Group)


It was great working with Juego Studios on our gaming application. We truly appreciate the team’s efforts & their commitment to the project.

Mohammad Parham Al Awadhi

Vice President,
Group IT – Emirates NBD


We partnered with Juego Studios for the development of Munna Michael, a Bollywood based game & they did a terrific job. Our main concern was to develop a good game within specific timelines and they delivered a quality product. They also help us with theme/event-based updates on a regular basis.

Vaibhavi Parikh

General Manager,
Erosnow Games


The Juego Studios team was instrumental in developing one of our recent apps. We were able to supplement our small development team with several more developers that worked on front and backend features. They filled gaps wherever necessary and accelerated our time to market. After release, they continued to help us with new features and bug fixes. I would work again with them if needed.

Robert Baily

Director of Application Programming
JumpStart Games


I want to reach out Juego Team and thank you for all the great work on the SSCS mobile application. Its been a pleasure working with Juego Studios on this project and looking forward to partnering with team again in the future.

Mathew Butler

Mobile Center of Excellence,

Our Case Studies

Medals Of War

Medals of War is a strategy game with a military theme. Players command their own armies using different types of troops and compete against one another in PvP battles.

Platform Platform: iOS & Android
Technology Game Engine: Unity 3D
Genre Genre: Real Time Strategy
Technology Art: 3D

Genetrix - VR Shooter Game

Genetrix is a VR space shooter game which is set in a deep part of our galaxy with Sci-fi based futuristic game designs. Game-play revolves around the battle sequence in space, among asteroids, shooting down your opponents ships. Gamers will be piloting their spaceships, while exploring the futuristic feel of outer space.

Platform Platform: VR
Technology Game Engine: Unity 3D
Genre Genre: Space shooter game
Technology Art: 3D


Super Club Soccer (SCS) is a soccer video game with turn-based gameplay mechanics. Compared to traditional soccer games, the gameplay is more strategic. In addition, the game has club and player management features, multi-player gameplay options, and an intelligent in-game AI.

Platform Platform: PC, Stream
Technology Game Engine: Unity
Genre Genre: Sports, Simulation
Technology Art: 3D

Why Choose Us as Your VR Game Development Company in Saudi?

10+ years experience

10+ years experience

With 10+ years of experience in the game industry, Juego Studios has impressive previous VR projects designed for Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and more. It is one of the most reliable and reputable VR gaming companies in Riyadh.

In-depth Tech Know-How

In-depth Tech Know-How

We have top VR game developers in Saudi Arabia who are seasoned with tools like Google VR, Unreal, CryEngine, Blender, and more. They are experienced with enterprise-level as well as consumer-level VR application development.

Seamless Project Workflow

Seamless Project Workflow

We have agile project management to ensure a seamless yet flexible workflow to maximize productivity. Our VR gaming company in Riyadh maintains open communication about the project workflow with the client to keep them in the loop about the current progress of the project.

On-time delivery

On-time delivery

Get your VR app project delivered within the promised timeline, courtesy of the structured development process we follow. All the departments work in a synchronized manner to enable streamlined execution of the project by top VR game developers in Riyadh.

Updated Tech Stack

Updated Tech Stack

Our VR game developers in Saudi Arabia are trained to use the latest technology for the service. They are familiar with the changing trends as well as the technological evolution of the industry. As a result, they can create hyper-realistic projects that are feature-rich.

Flexible Customization

Flexible Customization

Our VR game developers in Saudi Arabia take into account the visions of the client in detail to create unique and customized experiences as per their expectations. We use diverse tools to integrate VR features for a unique and more immersive experience for end-users.

Recent Projects We Have Completed


Gaming Platforms


Gaming Platforms


Gaming Platforms


Gaming Platforms



Development Process We follow for VR Game Development



The team has several discussions with the client to understand the requirements and structure the game concept in detail. This ensures there is clarity about the game ideas and feasibility of the project.


Pre-production and GDD

Our team conducts extensive research to understand the potential user base as well as find reference points. A detailed GDD is created that is followed by the entire production team throughout the development.


Game Art

The 3D artists in the team create hyper realistic concept art, characters, environments, and weapons that are integrated into the VR application. Every art is reviewed in-depth to ensure quality.


Game Development

Our team started developing the game project using the latest VR technology. We integrate spatial audio, haptic feedback, and realistic graphics using tools such as Google VR, Unreal, Maya, Blender, and more.



Our expert VR game developers in KSA conduct extensive testing to ensure the game design is uncompromised. We ensure the project is ready to launch with an immersive and interactive design.


Post-Launch Support

Post-launch, the team checks the real-time feedback and analytics of the application to enhance the project further. The content gets updated and experts improve the application further to ensure playability in the future.

Advantages of

Frequently Asked Questions

Different software is used for VR game development to integrate high-fidelity graphics, various VR features, haptic feedback, and spatial sound. Maya is used for 3D animation and modeling for VR experience. Unity is useful for graphics as well as cross-platform development. Blender 2.80 is a highly flexible tool with built-in support for Oculus and SteamVR. OpenVR is another great tool for creating VR games and is supported by devices used for head-tracking, hand controllers, and room-scale VR.

The VR game developers in Saudi Arabia are in high demand as the service becomes popular by the day. It is crucial to choose the professionals carefully to make the most of the service. Here are a few things you can do in order to choose the top VR game developers:

  • Research the game development company, their services, and experience in the industry.
  • Look through the qualifications and specialization of the VR developers.
  • Only opt for companies that have earned a good reputation for their consistent service over the years.
  • Lastly, take into account the hourly rate quoted by the VR game developer and choose as per your requirements and budget.

One of the top VR game development company in Saudi is Juego Studios. This game studio has different game development and animation services to offer. The VR game developers in Saudi Arabia working with Juego Studios are among the most experienced and seasoned professionals who have a thorough understanding of the technology and relevant software. Apart from Juego Studios.

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