Android vs iOS Battle in 2021

By juegoadmin | Gaming Industry | November 26th, 2021

Android Vs iOS: Who is Winning the Battle in 2021?

Android and iOS have been an everlasting battle. Those who already own iOS devices are always in favor of iOS, and those having Android favor it more. Android has many popular apps like Genshin Impact, GRID Autosport, and Level head while iOS has many popular apps like Oceanhorn, Grindstone, and Tiny Wings. But which one’s the best? Well, this is what the blog is all about. So, if you’re ready, let’s begin.

Who is better, Android or iOS?

Below, we’ll consider some important factors for comparing Android and iOS. Here we go:

1. Number of Applications

According to the recent statistics of 2021:

  • There are over 1.82 million iOS apps on the Apple App Store.
  • There are over 2.7 million Android apps on the Android Play Store.

Although numbers tell the difference, it isn’t a fair comparison. After all, our tendency is to use the finest apps on both these platforms.

Earlier, iOS was more lucrative as a platform for developers. And this is why new apps appear on the App store more routinely. However, because of the ever-expanding Android market, this is changing.

You may find iOS leading as a platform for developers in the US. But, on a global scale, more and more developers are moving towards Android.

As per the above statistic, Android apps outnumber iOS apps. But, the popular mobile games in iOS outnumber Android. So, even if there are more apps on the Android Play Store, iOS still remains ahead. After all, quality beats quantity.

Winner: iOS

2. App Stores (Usability & Content curation)

When it comes to organizing millions of apps, neither Apple’s App Store nor Android’s Play Store does a great job. However, the App Store still offers a better browsing experience and also offers better results as per your recommendations.

Conversely, the Play Store is easier when it comes to searching for apps. Also, you can queue app installation from your laptop or PC to your mobile.

Coming to security, Apple is a bit strict about what apps you can upload on the App Store. This is why one will not discover that many spammy apps on the App Store. Although, the Play Store is a bit lenient. Although thousands of apps are removed from Play Store every year, Apples’ App Store still has the edge over Android.

Winner: iOS

3. Sideloading apps and alternative app stores

When it comes to sideloading, Android is lenient. You can easily sideload apps by enabling a feature (“Allow installation from unknown sources”) in the settings. Also, you can find several alternative app stores other than Play Store. But this can also escalate the probabilities of you installing a disguised virus/malware unaware of it.

However, in this case, Apple is a bit strict. You can find alternative stores, but you need to jailbreak your iPhone to sideload the apps.

Winner: Android

4. Maps

Apple Maps kind of sucked during the beginning. But in recent times, Apple has improved the Maps a lot. For example, now you can download offline maps, get accurate estimates based on traffic along with turn-to-turn directions.

Earlier, Google Maps were declared a clear winner without even comparing. However, now Apple Maps act as a close and sole competitor to Google Maps. Although we all prefer using Google Maps, choosing Apple Maps never means you will get poor quality.

But because of the large business and review database, Google Maps have the edge over Apple Maps.

Winner: Android

5. Customizability

Customizability has always been a strength of Android. As a user, you can change the layout, theme and arrange the widgets as you please. Also, you can entirely change the User interface by installing launchers.

iOS earlier offered way less customizability in their devices. But in the recent releases, Apple has introduced widget customization, which is great. However, it’s still no match to Android, which allows you to install 3rd party apps for customization.

Winner: Android

6. Development Time and Ease

When it comes to developing apps/games for iOS devices, it’s relatively easy. It’s because of the programming language, which is Swift. Swift has easy readability. It requires less code writing than average. So, this saves time and makes the development process quick.

However, for Android, it takes developers 30-40% more time to develop an app/game. And this, again, is because of the main programming language, which is Java. Now, Java has been there forever, but it necessitates a lot more code writing. And this takes more time which makes the development process both hard and long.

Winner: iOS

7. The Burning Question: Who is better?

Comparing Android and iOS is practically impossible. It’s because there are more factors into play than you think. For example, Apple controls its entire operating system while several other companies like Xiaomi, Oppo have released their own versions of Android.

So, ideally, the answer to the above questions hinges purely on your distinct requirements.

If you can spend good money, want a stock operating system with limited customization options, better security, iOS is what you should go for. If you need amazing features, more and more apps, better customization, and have budget constraints, you should opt for Android.

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