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Accomplishing your desired business objectives and interacting with your audiences requires an out of box concept to engage their attention. You have to come up with ways beyond traditional PowerPoint presentations or videos. If you prefer to extract the competitive and sporting spirit from within, then it’s time to look at gamifying your interactions with your stakeholders and staff.

  • At Juego Studios, one of the top game development companies in India, we offer total solution for numerous industries including education, banking, oil & energy, pharmaceutical, heavy and automotive, by gamifying the whole process or content that turns boring subject into an interactive material.
  • As a game development company, we implicate the Gamification service in much broader way than mobile B2C check-ins.
  • When it comes to service providers, we cater from explicit Gamification (the strategies which utilize the game-like applications, where users need to opt into playing) to implicit Gamification (this strategy makes use of design techniques which doesn’t show signs of game).
Gamification Services From Juego Studios, one of the best gamification company in India, UK & USA

Key elements of Gamification

  • Levels: Levels reward those acquiring points and reflects the user’s improvement to show the desired behaviour.
  • Progression: This indicators help users to understand their position and how much farther they have to go to reach the next reward.
  • Leaderboard: Leaderboards list up top performers in different areas. It shows relative positioning of users in the system which helps users to understand their capability among fellow players.
  • Virtual economy: Creating virtual economy, allow people to spend their virtual currency on real or virtual goods. The more time they spend on the game, the more currency they can earn.
  • Story: Storyline is one of the important things when we talk about Gamification. Gamification strengthen the understanding your story by involving users. Creating a story that blend into the purpose behind Gamification is an added advantage to motivate the players.
  • Social Network: Playing alone is fun, playing with friends is double the fun. Hence we offer social network integrations that will enable the players to connect with their friends without much trouble.
  • Random rewards: Motivating the players by giving random gifts based on their performance is another important factor that inspires players to get back into the game.
  • Appointment Dynamics: Everyone loves gifts. ‘Daily bonus’ is an attractive Gamification factor that will motivate the players to visit the game at least once everyday.

How does our Gamification solutions increase your business

  • The solutions we develop are tailored to meet your business objectives exclusively. With a close eye on the intended results, we develop and deploy Gamification solutions that turn out to be riveting and hold the participant’s attention from Chicago, Seattle and New York.
  • We keep in mind your existing technology setup and make sure our solution integrates well into your current systems. This lets you cut down on overheads arising from integration issues.
Gamification Apps for Business From Juego Studios, one of the top gamification companies in India, UK & USA

Benefits of Gamification in business

  • Engagement: Gamification is one of the common terminologies regardless of what industry you belong to. It helps to create super-engagement project. Notably, when engagement goes high, constantly the rate of some other important metrics like, unique visitors, page views per visitors, time spent on site, frequency of visits, participation and conversation go up as well.
  • Feedback: Feedback shows people how they are doing. For an example, in most corporate training programs, users don’t receive any real-time feedback, but with Gamification you can provide your learners instant gratification with points or badges that gets updated as they start playing. Then importantly, showing learners their progress spurs them to work on their flaws and flaunts.
  • Solving complex business problems: Collecting the feedback from the users actually helps to solve the business issues. It helps to figure out where you are lacking in your business.
  • Loyalty: Integrating Google analytics into a gamified app will help any game development company to understand the retention points in the app and add more flavour into those points. Google Analytics calls this a user that returns with great frequency. Loyalty can mean many things. In Gamification, it refers to users constantly picking your brand over a competing brand.
  • Raise productivity: By gamifying your system based on specific activities within your business module, employees get encouraged to accomplish those tasks in your desired order.
  • Positive ROI Impact: Since Gamification can lead to behavioural change, it can build performance improvements that impact ROI for organizations.
  • Fun: Though it is not easy to measure, but it is one of the key benefits of Gamification. The idea which is as simple as fun, is the easiest way to grab people's attention.
  • Motivates everyone: Employees can get recognition based on their improvement, be rewarded for completing gamified training tasks, and many more. The important point is Gamification can provide clear progress reports to everyone.
  • Examples: The simple example of this project you can see in Facebook having lots of games in its platform and Nike also built Nike+ platform to engage more fitness enthusiasts in an appealing form.

Benefits of Gamification in business

  • Gamification in Banking: We gamify the whole banking process in an attractive way for the students.
  • Gamification in Oil & Energy: We have created the safety security system with Gamification for the employees of oil industry.
  • Gamification in Pharmaceutical: We have made the whole process of making of capsules with Gamification for pharmaceutical industry.
  • Gamification in Education:By gamifying, we turn boring training into an interactive session. This motivates the students to learn by using video game design and game elements in learning environments.
  • Gamification in Real-Estate: Through Gamification, we offer full 3D simulation for retail buildings, residential properties and hotels. This includes 3D Architectural Rendering, Animation, Exterior, Interior, Floor Planning and Video Production of a building.

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