Top 5 AR and VR Trends to Watch in 2020

By Juegostudio | Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality | November 19th, 2019

Top 5 AR and VR Trends to Watch in 2020

We often tend to hear people talk about AR/VR, it’s market at present, and the scope of future an alliance with other industries other than gaming. It is true, that technology has made extensive improvements in the span of half a century. We look around today and see the sleek, modern, user-friendly models of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality mechanized systems. However, it was not that in 1838, when it all started with the invention of the Stereoscope, by Dr. Charles Wheatstone.

The basic difference between an AR and VR experience is, AR is all about adding virtual content to actual feeds and thus creating a comprehensive picture environment that becomes a part of your real world. However, VR can be labeled as something that creates an interactive 3D environment around the user, eliminating any association with the real world.

The Assistance of AR/VR for other Industries

If we look closely, not just gaming, but there are other industries that can find true value in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality industry. We can definitely find some significant solutions for the use of AR/VR, however, it is still creating an atmosphere for adaptability. This can change how we perceive, think, feel and even heal. The new age technology is growing exponentially and it is expected that by 2022, the AR/VR market will be reaching a $200 billion mark. Let’s take a look at the other industries that prominently enhance the future of AR/VR.

  • Healthcare– For medical research and analysis, patient care, education, and even better diagnosis.
  • Travel and Tourism- Take a virtual dip and experience scuba diving in Spain or help yourself find a way up the hilltop for an amazing camping experience.
  • Education– Turn those lectures into something fun and interactive with a highly responsive AR/VR environment for the students.
  • Real Estate– A huge scope of flourishing real estate, exists with the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The greatest boon would be client communication. It could be a reality that can undeniably bring sufficient revenue to the industry.
  • Marketing- The leading brands are already using AR/VR to boost up their marketing game. Creating a real-life setting for their customers that entices them to buy or use their service or product.

The trend of 2020, that uplifts the denotation of AR/VR

Nobody knows what is there in the future, though we can predict it through observation and analysis of recent trends and reading patterns. It’s always good to be prepared for what is about to come, good, bad or ugly. However, the ongoing trends put up a pretty decent picture of what is in store for us, in the near future. Let us hover over the happenings around Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

  • Training and Education– While the classrooms are being transformed, the minds are enriched too. Education is not restricted to the boundaries of a school or academic institution. With AR/VR, children are stepping into a world that is unlike others. Military services and many such trained and skilled services are upgrading to the use of virtual reality sessions to condition a person’s mental and physical abilities.
  • Solutions for business growth– Till present times, decisions are made by the authorities relying on the study of the market. It is estimated and only predicted. With AR/VR, you could create an eco-system that could give factual information. This is put to use by some companies and expected to reach many by the end of 2021. A Forrester report reveals that an estimate of 14 million American workers will be wearing smart glasses regularly by 2025.
  • Entertainment- The gaming arenas, movies, promotional campaigns, marketing, and sales. AR/VR is used and can’t be termed exclusively but most prominently for the purpose of entertainment. There are no bindings that are restricting the use of such technology in the entertainment sector. It became popular and known to the general masses through these sources and AR/VR is still ruling the entertainment industry.
  • AR aiding AI- A retail shopping experience along with AR. If combined together, these can be great for Point-and-shoot retail. Not just shopping but it can be used for everyday hassles. They both create an eventful experience for the user. Many companies have started using AI and Machine Learning. Coming 2020 might also showcase the blend of AI and AR together.
  • Navigation- One such example of AR used in everyday life maps. It has turned out to be a life savior. However, the recent trends suggest the use of AR navigation in indoor surfaces like airports and malls. Google is soon going to integrate this technology into its Google Lens.
  • Collaboration and Socialisation with AR/VR- Imagine sitting at your place and still interacting with others through AR/VR. Video conferences and meetings can now have an impression of personal presence. Companies are trying to create an AR enabled work environment for their employees that could felicitate even AR/VR devices.        

Though the future looks far away, it is not. Advancement in technology has been rapid and it is evident Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is going to take us places. 

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