Trends shaping up gaming industry of 2017

Increasing rate of adoption of smart phones and tablets has transformed the model of gaming industry. Study says, annual sales rate of smart phone will reach units of 1.57 billion worldwide and according to Gartner the growth of mobile game market will grasp the hike of 19%. Gartner also adds, “Games for smartphones and tablets(…)

Gaming Events Calender

Whether you are a game developer or dedicated fan or simply curious about game industry events, you’ll surely find an ideal gaming event for you in the following list. In the past, we have attended a few gaming events and we are attending more this year. We certainly like to stay connected and meet other(…)

10 Great PlayStation Video Game Heroines

Since we are into game development, Juego Studios continues to push the envelope of the video game industry in terms of storytelling, gameplay, and graphics. While developing the video games for Playstation, The most compelling part is the character. Whether it is a hearty plumber or battle worn grunt, the colorful stars of video games(…)

Benefits Of Game Art Outsourcing

Developing lucrative video game can take several years, and it requires a lot more than just game concepts development, scripting, programming, character design and creation, animation, level creation and testing. Through outsourcing, game developers can cut down the time required for developing any game as well as reducing the costs too. While a wide variety(…)

10 Best Mobile Games Of 2016

In 2016, the App Store has flooded with a ton of mobile games across all genres. 2016 brought us all a bevy of mobile titles that featured addictive gameplay and excellent mechanics. Here’s a list of top 10 best mobile games of 2016: 1. Pokémon GO Release date: 6th July 2016 Publisher: Niantic, Inc. Genre:(…)

Unboxing the Oculus Rift Consumer Version – A Sneak Peak

Virtual Reality! We have been dreaming about it for at least 20 years and for decades we have been wondering, can it be real! Finally, it has arrived with Oculus Rift. Replacing the real world with a virtual one is a neat trick, and Oculus VR’s Oculus Rift has done proper judgment with it, turning(…)

Best Sherlock Holmes Games That One Must Play

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s brainchild, Sherlock Holmes, the master detective is one of the most famous fictional character in English literature. Sherlock Holmes’ avid readers help to create the very modern practice of fandom. BBC’s Sherlock is one of the best ongoing TV series of recent days portraying Holmes’ intense crime stories. With the release(…)

Nintendo’s new ‘Fire Emblem: Heroes’ Released on Android on February 2nd

After the launch of Nintendo Switch earlier this month and the initial blockbuster success of Nintendo’s Super Mario Run, Japanese gaming company has announced its second mobile game named Fire Emblem: Heroes (Fire Emblem series). This is the second attempt of Nintendo with an original mobile game and launched on Android on 2nd Feb, though(…)

Augmented Reality Trends, What’s Next?

It is not surprising to see the consumers using smartphones while walking around but it certainly draws attention when they are running around trying to capture some Pikachus. Pokemon Go, an augmented reality (AR)-based game, has received a huge hit and has shown the potential of AR to the world. The game has sent an(…)

Surprise Release Of New Pokémon Game Named Pokémon Duel

Six months after the release of Pokémon Go, The Pokémon Company has come up with a new strategy board game today, Pokémon Duel, without any promotion. Last year, in March the game came out in Japan as Pokémon Comaster but nobody had any idea that it will be available worldwide until today. The game has(…)