Virtual Reality in Education: New Frontiers for Learning

As we near the end of 2017, there’s been much debate on whether virtual reality has lived up to the hype. While virtual reality games have become extremely popular, there’s still room for growth in other sectors, especially in academics & learning. However, there have been proponents for the adoption of virtual reality in education.(…)

Augmented reality with the iPhone X

The biggest obstacle for AR app developers has been technology – consumer adoption of AR tech has largely been slow due to the low number of smartphones that can support AR experiences. However, all that is set to change with the slated release of the iPhone X, Apple’s latest and perhaps most eagerly awaited smartphone.(…)

How to make a Mobile Game App

The best mobile games combine engaging game design, mechanics, and performance with good retention strategies. Here’s a beginners’ guide explaining how to make a mobile game app.

A Quick Guide to Android Game Development

Today Android is by far the most widely used mobile OS, used by over an estimated 1 billion devices including smartphones and tablets worldwide. This makes it an important platform to focus on, whether you’re a publisher or studio looking to create a mobile game for profit or a brand or company creating a game(…)

7 Common Misconceptions About Game Art & Design

When you think of your favourite game, chances are that the first that comes to your mind is the visuals. Creating artwork and visuals is a massive, important part of the game development process. This is why it’s best for game developers to opt for services from an art and design company that is experienced(…)